The Evil Empire of Everything-Welcome to Tory Britain

There’s a point in Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons where Dr. Manhattan (the naked blue superhero) has left Earth for Mars and left his home planet to a probable nuclear destruction because as a near godlike figure he can no longer see any worth in humanity as they’re a selfish, thankless race who will be replaced on Earth by whatever evolution decides to be top of the food chain after nuclear Armageddon. He’s convinced by Laurie, his former girlfriend and former superhero, that there’s something in humanity so that each life is a small thermodynamic miracle.



Laurie reminds Dr. Manhattan of the uniqueness of us all. We are all in our own way miracles and our lives have value beyond comprehension because at some level we all hold the potential for something. We don’t know what, let alone we might never reach that potential for greatness but at the moment here where Alan Moore has Dr. Manhattan stare aloofly at the pale blue dot in the sky from his refuge on Mars, speak to the last human that meant anything to him and at this moment he remembers the value of life. It’s an amazingly uplifting and positive bit of writing which reminds us of our humanity.

Lately though in the real world it seems losing your humanity is par for the course for people like David Cameron and George Osborne, who seem to be able to tell us the price of everything, but have no comprehension of the value of life. The British state values itself and it’s more powerful supporters more than anyone, or anything else, just look at Michelle Mone, an unelected business woman that sucked up campaign to keep Scotland in the UK and is now a lawmaker in the House of Lords. Just look at David Cameron sucking up to the Chinese president as thousands across the UK lose their jobs in the steel industry.

To the Tories, human life is valued only by how much it’s worth to you, and of course, if you’re one of them. So people like Mone become allies and even though not one single person has never voted for her, she has input into how laws affecting you and I are written. Palms are greased, favours are done and the powerful rewards those that help keep the establishment safe.

Take Iain Duncan Smith, He famously had an epiphany over a decade ago when as Tory leader of the opposition he visited Easterhouse in Glasgow and saw the poverty people endured day-to-day first hand for himself. He pushed the idea of ‘compassionate Conservatism’ and some thought this was the man that could bring people out of poverty. In fact he’s driven people further, and deeper into poverty, plus his policies are driving people to the last, and worst option as they’d rather take their life than live on in a country run by Iain Duncan Smith and his like.

People live in the sort of deep, grinding poverty that in the UK in 2015 is Victorian in scale and effect. Don’t believe me? Read this New Statesman article about Easterhouse now reflecting on Iain Duncan Smith’s visit. These people have been disregarded, and in some cases, dehumanised by government policies designed not to help them, but attack them and to punish them because the Tories don’t see people on benefits in poverty as having anyone to blame but themselves.

In today’s Tory Britain people are ‘strivers’, they’ve become ‘hard working’. They’re constantly described in language that means they ‘aspire’ to something else, but the people that fall through the cracks are disregarded. All the disabled, unemployed, poor and the most vulnerable are described as ‘scroungers’, ‘leeches’ and have to be forced in the eyes of the Tories to become a real person that strives and aspires.For these people though every single day they strive for better and they work hard just to survive but for the Tories (not to mention those that support them) they’re somehow not quite as important as anyone else because in the eyes of a David Cameron, George Osborne or a Iain Duncan Smith they’re just there to be exploited as any other resource.

For Tories there are no thermodynamic miracles. Unless you’re rich or powerful enough to matter. Then you’re on their radar. Humanity is to be used to make corporations money because once you’re in debt, you’re able to be used by those predatory companies that see people not as individual human beings but Money Generating Units.

I’m done with that all. I’m done with a supine Labour Party opposing the Tories when it suits them, even under Corbyn their opposition has been flaky at best. I’m done with a media in thrall to the establishment and I’m done with  endless faceless Tory drones laughing inside when they hear of someone killing themselves because they didn’t want to make that choice between heating or eating anymore. I want a better world where each person, each thermodynamic miracle can reach for their potential without having to worry where they went to school, or how much their folks earn, or who they know to help them get into the positions of power.

The next five years are going to be brutal for people in places like Easterhouse all over Scotland and the UK. People are going to die because the government of the day have decided to rule over them like an evil imperial power splitting people into ‘strivers’ and ‘wasters’ therefore deciding who lives or dies. Who suffers in abject poverty or who has a comfortable life where the next meal isn’t something days away.

So we need to remember we’re all the same. We’re all deserving of the same chances. We need to fight the Tories with every single breath when we can because if we don’t the UK isn’t going to be a place worth living in for many people at the bottom of society in five years and for many of us, there’s not going to be a chance to achieve any of our dreams and hopes because thanks to the Tories, the act of survival will be paramount as a dystopian future is created for one group of people and bread and circuses for the majority.

Unite to fight the Tories. That’s all that matters now.

What I though of ‘Whipping Up A Storm’ by Natalie Rowe


Natalie Rowe is a Bradford born dominatrix who had some very interesting clients in the 80’s onwards, and Whipping Up A Storm is her story from a wee girl in Bradford dreaming of fame and fortune, to a head of an escort agency called Black Beauties who would service the needs to the rich and powerful in London, and indeed, in other parts of Europe. In the UK she’s famous for causing a bit of a stir about her relationship with current Chancellor George Osborne, and this picture of her and Osborne at one of her parties in her flat in London.


The book tells Rowe’s story in more or less sequential order from her youth in Bradford through to her moving to London in the 80’s, then her success in building up her business selling sex to the rich and powerful and ends at some point in the 90’s where to say the very least, she’s lived a life and a half by then.

Throughout the book Rowe does make you confront your feelings about prostitution as it’s the case her that I never get the impression 99% of the time that Rowe is being exploited by anyone. She comes over far too strong a person for that, and the argument is that she and her agency provided a service which a variety of customers more than glad use, and it’s these customers that provide some of the humour of the book as frankly, some of them are powerful, but pathetic figures desperate to relive some of that domination they had in the places likes Eton where they grew up. I’ll not reveal too much but my personal favourite is Mr. Twist, and although his personal peccadillo made my eyes water Rowe makes one particular story of him leg-crossingly hilarious.

But the money shot of this book is George Osborne, the man it seems is destined by the Tory Party to succeed David Cameron as Conservative leader, and he hopes, the next UK Prime Minister. Even when she first meets Osborne as part of a group of three exceptionally posh, not to mention wealthy friends she’s wary of him, and although she indulge in a bit of S & M (on a professional level) with him (he likes dressing in rubber pants) she feels he’s not an especially nice, or indeed, a decent person.

Osborne frankly comes over badly as a spoiled, entitled rich kid that thinks he’s destined for big things but fails to relate to the working class of poor because as a good Tory, these are not Osborne’s people. He also comes over as a damaged person but almost psychopathic in his dealings with people which is something that even a casual observer can see. Then there’s the drugs and there’s a lot of drugs (he calls them ‘naughties’) consumed by Osborne in the course of this book.

If you like political gossip, biographies and a big chunk of social comment (which runs through this book whether Rowe meant to or not) then Whipping Up A Storm is an essential read. Yes there are problems with it. A good editor would have tightened up the narrative plus a proofreader would have cut out the spelling and grammar mistakes but this is a self-published book via Amazon so don’t expect that same level you get elsewhere in those regards.

Otherwise this is a cracking bit of gossipy, scurrilous muck-spreading that reminds the public that the  reader that those MP’s who proclaim to be morally superior are probably being buggered senseless, or being whipped by someone like Natalie Rowe who’ll charge them a rather large sum of money for it.

The book is available via Amazon and can be bought here. Do so, it’s worth a tenner just for the Osborne stuff by itself….

There is a serious side to Piggate and David Cameron sticking his cock in a pig’s mouth

In all the hilarity about Cameron slipping his shiny member into a dead pig’s head so he could become a member of an elite bunch of bastards that think fucking a pig. The fact is Cameron willingly put his cock into a pig’s head, and this act was photographed so they could keep something gloriously fucked on David Cameron should he do one of them over. In this case it’s Lord Ashcroft who is pissed off he didn’t get a job in Cameron’s cabinet. That’s right, an unelected peer is spilling his guts because he’s annoyed, and fair enough, it’s possibly going to bring down David Cameron.

Cameron’s made a pig’s ear out of Piggate. He should have  denied it straight away, laughed it off and called Ashcroft out on his bluff, unless of course, Cameron knows fine well that Ashcroft isn’t bluffing and this photographic proof can make it’s way out into the public domain.Cameron can either deny, brush it off or as he has done, stay quiet and let the press team put out non-denial-denials which aren’t actually saying ‘yeah, I didn’t fuck a pig’s head, alright‘.

It is now at the point where it looks like Ashcroft isn’t lying and in fact, Cameron did his deed with the porky beasts head, or at least in the minds of millions around the UK and the world, people are going to look at Cameron from now on and think ‘pigfucker‘.

As glorious as it is to see Cameron’s name being dragged into the swill, there’s a prospect here of George Osborne taking over the Tory leadership, and being Prime Minister sooner rather than later because Cameron’s a laughing stock. Can you imagine him trying to be ‘tough’ with say, Angela Merkel, or cozy up to Obama and all the time inside they’re pissing themselves laughing at this silly looking man that fucked a pig? Ashcroft has Lyndon Johnsoned Cameron so completely that it’s impossible for Cameron to get out of this without it damaging him irreparably.

What do I mean by ‘Lyndon Johnsoned’? This snippet from Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail should explain…

(I)n both the Ohio and Nebraska primaries, back to back, McGovern was confronted for the first time with the politics of the rabbit-punch and the groin shot, and in both states he found himself dangerously vulnerable to this kind of thing.  Dirty politics confused him.  He was not ready for it….

This is one of the oldest and most effective tricks in politics.  Every hack in the business has used it in times of trouble, and it has even been elevated to the level of political mythology in a story about one of Lyndon Johnson’s early campaigns in Texas.  The race was close and Johnson was getting worried.  Finally he told his campaign manager to start a massive rumor campaign about his opponent’s life-long habit of enjoying carnal knowledge of his own barnyard sows.

“Christ, we can’t get a way calling him a pig-fucker,” the campaign manager protested.  “Nobody’s going to believe a thing like that.”

“I know,” Johnson replied.  “But let’s make the sonofabitch deny it.”

The idea that powerful people essentially collate material to blackmail, or ruin people later in life when they’re powerful but have wronged them in their eyes, or are no longer useful to the establishment (or both in this case) and suddenly a Prime Minister stands on the brink of having to deny to the planet that he put his floppy dick in a pig’s mouth (also if he denies it’s a erect Cameron penis that rested in a pig’s mouth til he became spent it’s even worse) he’s over. This is political checkmate. Cameron can’t get out of it and it’s glorious to see the fucker burn.

But when the dust settles we could be faced with George Osborne facing Angus Robertson and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQ’s as he settles into being Prime Minister and that scares the shite out of me. So let’s enjoy the fun for now because there could be a serious battle come the other end if, or indeed, once, Cameron is gone to that pig sty in the political wilderness.

Mhairi Black’s maiden speech is the most inspirational thing you’ll hear

Things are pretty crap at the minute. The Tories are running around like lunatics trying their best to push through every single half arsed idea they’ve had while George Osborne last week released the most brutally regressive budget I’ve ever seen. Yesterday the EU humiliated the Greeks and Labour’s spine left them possibly for good as Harriet Harman announced that Labour would be supporting some of the worst parts of this Tory budget. In short, it’s been pretty crap.

But this morning the Tories got a seriously bloody nose thanks to the SNP announcing they’ll side with Labour to vote against the Tories proposed abolition of the foxhunting ban in England and Wales. Yes, it’s the SNP seriously pushing their luck but at some point they were going to say ‘fuck it’ and take on the Tories in this way in their backyard, plus it showed to David Cameron that he’s not going to get it all his way. So all day today Tories have been trying their best to try to paint a defeat as something else, but the talk of the day is the SNP MP Mhairi Black’s maiden speech in the Commons as part of the continuing debate about the Tory budget.

Black’s not just one of the last of the new SNP MP’s, but of the new MP’s in this parliament to give their maiden speech and it’s perfectly timed. For someone who’s last job was working in a chippy and seeing first hand the effects of Tory policy upon people in her volunteer work she’s not you normal MP coming from a nice middle class background. She uses her experiences to devastating effect in this speech that is if there’s any justice going to go down as one of the finest speeches of this century in the Commons. She nails the Tories completely, while offering a hand to Labour.

Enough of me talking about it, just watch and most importantly listen to it. It’s inspiring, important and proof that 20 is no barrier to speaking the truth as it needs to be told.

End Austerity Now

Today is the largest mass demonstration against austerity in the UK as a march takes place in London against government austerity, and there’s also demonstrations across the UK, including another huge demo in George Square in Glasgow.

Austerity isn’t as the Tories tell you it is. It isn’t about ‘tightening our belts’ and ‘living within our means’. It’s about scrapping the welfare state and privatising everything so the rich benefit from the debt and suffering of the poor, unemployed and disabled. It’s about turning neighbour against neighbour as they fight over crumbs while the Tories wreck the country and destroy people’s lives, and make no mistake, lives are not just being wrecked but lost to the ideological policy of austerity.It is effectively an attack upon people”s rights to live.

The Independent Living Fund (ILF) is going at the end of the month.and in removing it, the lives of thousands of disabled people are going to be destroyed very, very quickly. Some might say this is hyperbole but it isn’t. In my work there are people who can no longer as of next month get to and from work, so have a choice of going on benefits or trying to make by without something that’s enabled them to live the same lives as people like myself. Of course benefits themselves are being cuts as George Osborne plans his £12 billion worth of cuts that will once and for all wreck the welfare state.


So right now in London and Glasgow people from all walks of life are joined by unions, politicians from the SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru, and the few decent and moral Labour MP’s that stand against their own party’s support of austerity and are showing that there’s an opposition to the entire idea of austerity. They’re showing the Tories we’re not going down without a fight not just for ourselves, but for all of us together.

Follow the London even with the Livestream here, and the George Square event can be seen here.

George Osborne on drugs

This video needs to be played over and over and over all through the General Election campaign, especially when David Cameron and the Tories bleat on about ‘feckless’ people and threaten to penalise them.

I don’t know about you, but I object to my taxes going to pay for George Osborne’s massive drugs habit.

How many Labour MP’s voted against austerity cuts?

A couple of days ago the SNP detailed the 28 Labour MP’s in Scotland that voted for George Osborne’s budget and the billions of pounds in cuts he intends to unleash across the UK. There’s some predictable names in there such as Douglas Alexander, Margaret Curran and Anas Sawar, but one would be right in querying why on earth these people that represent some of the poorest, most deprived parts of not just Scotland, but the UK, can justify voting for cuts that will directly affect their constituents?

This has brought condemnation not only from parties on the left (sorry Labour, you’re no longer a party of the left) such as the SNP, Green’s and Plaid Cymru but it’s also stirred some voices within the Labour Party itself. Only five Labour MP’s had the courage to vote against the Labour whip and they were Diane Abbott, Katy Clark, Dennis Skinner, Austin Mitchell and Roger Godsiff. The rest of Labour either voted for it, or as Labour have done far, far too often against Coalition policy, they’ve chickened out and abstained so often in the past as this Wings Over Scotland article details.

So there you go. Only five Labour MP’s stood alongside the MP’s of 13 different parties in opposing austerity, so when Labour say they oppose coalition/Tory policy, they really don’t. The argument between Osborne and Balls in regards austerity isn’t whether we need it at all, but the pace parties will cut. It’s like saying to a person with an illness that that they have a choice of dying in a year of in four years instead of trying to work out if there’s a cure, or their illness can be helped in another way apart from the treatment that doesn’t work, which is exactly what austerity is.

As this election campaign builds up speed there’s going to be a lot of lies and spin flying around but never forget every single Labour MP bar five either voted for, or abstained in regards to Tory and Lib Dem austerity plans. For that, they can never be forgiven.

Debt Bomb Britain

This week saw the launch of all the parties campaigns for the general election in May and the paucity of intelligent debate is overwhelming as Tory and Labour argue endlessly about the deficit, debt and who exactly can be ‘tougher’ on the economy than the other.

Frankly it shows just how similar both parties are that £20 billion worth of spending is being treated as some sort of massive turning point for a campaign that’s still got months to run.

For most of us we’re just getting back to work after the Christmas and New Year break so much of this is already tiresome for a lot of us, but it’s worth shaking out the cobwebs and read this article from Bella Caledonia as it says what many of us know about both parties, and the fact these arguments about debt hide a number of lies from both parties.

Scottish Independence is now a real possibility

The latest YouGov poll puts the Yes campaign for Scottish Independence at 51%, ahead of the No campaign at 49%. This is the first time that any major poll has put Yes ahead, and the fact it’s the notoriously conservative YouGov is important to understanding that Westminster, the London media and the establishment have completely underestimated the support on the ground for independence, and the complete failure of the No campaign to make a decent argument. After all, at the start of the actual campaign a few years ago, the No vote was in the high 60% mark, so they’ve lost tens of thousands in support and in the last two weeks since the last televised debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling they’ve seriously hemorrhaged support.

In the light of this latest poll, this has made the government sit up and George Osborne is promising ‘extra powers’ should there be a No vote. Two major problems with that: one, it’s clearly desperation and there’s no idea what powers they may well actually be, and secondly (and more constitutionally important) Scotland is in purdah at the moment and to quote from the Wikipedia article I’ve linked to, this means:

The time period offers a prior opportunity for government departments to develop guidance and policy due to any impact resulting from the election. It also prevents central and local government departments from making announcements about any new or controversial government initiatives (such as modernisation initiatives, administrative and legislative changes) which could be seen to be advantageous to any candidates or parties in the forthcoming election, or which may commit any incoming new administration to policies which it wouldn’t support.


George Osborne has just promised that Scotland may well get powers in an attempt to firm up the No vote, but he can’t. Nobody related to government, be that UK or Scottish, can do this. There could well be some legal issues over this and anyhow, the fact it is desperation will be so overwhelmingly obvious that the Yes campaign will be guaranteed a boost in support from this announcement.

As those people who read my blogs which aren’t reviews of films, TV programmes, or comics will know, I’m a Scot living in England and there’s a singular lack of understanding from most people as to what potentially might happen in less than two weeks. This superb post titled A Letter to England sums it up better than myself but I can totally back that post up. I’ve had around a dozen conversations in the last two years about the subject of independence, and they’ve ranged from patronising nonsense from people who think Scotland can’t do anything without permission from London, to the one I had on the Friday just gone with an Irish lad, and a chap born and bred in Bristol but seriously interested in the subject because he’s gotten fed up with how’s it’s being reported down here and wanted another perspective. In the last week in fact, I’ve had a few smaller discussions about the subject, including one at work which shows that the company I currently work for (a large multinational company with a large Scottish presence) will just get on with it should Scotland vote Yes. I imagine that’s exactly how 99% of companies operating in Scotland will do come September the 19th.

Obviously the only poll that matters is the one on September 18th, but let’s not diminish what this poll represents which is the first clear sign that the first ever democratic vote on the Union could see it’s breakup, and that the majority of the rest of the UK are not prepared for it as the thinking they’ve had installed into them by the London based media is that No will win and things will carry on, and anyhow, if Scotland votes Yes, they won’t get Sterling, or a currency union.

Here’s a lengthy quote from the post, A Letter to England that everyone south of Berwick should note as it’s importan which is why I’ve included it in detail. It shows why the media have failed to make this a national debate across the UK even though it affects you all who read this in the UK.

There is something that I believe that people in the rest of the UK need to get their heads around very quickly. Your leaders will attempt to convince you that Alex Salmond is either begging you to help him out or threatening you if you don’t agree to what he wants. The truth is that the negotiating position that the SNP have laid out in Scotland’s Future isn’t just the best deal for the people of Scotland – it is the best deal that the people of the rest of the UK could possibly expect in the event of Scotland’s departure.

I have done the reading and let me tell you – the currency union model that the SNP propose benefits the people of the UK far more than it is likely to benefit the people of Scotland. If the SNPs negotiating position was purely about winning the best deal that they could for the people of Scotland then they would not even be entertaining the idea of a formal currency union – they would simply go straight ahead and establish an independent Scottish currency with it’s own central bank and a fixed interest rate with Sterling, walking away from the UK’s national debts in the process.

Here is the most important thing that you need to understand right now. The idea that a newly independent Scotland would be walking away from a share of the UK’s debts is false. Scotland cannot agree to take on the UK’s debts because such a thing is legally impossible. The UK’s debt commitments are a legally binding contract that the UK government has entered into with the investors who have leant them money. Those contracts cannot be re-assigned to another third party and even it were possible the investors who issued the debt would not agree to it because to do so would go directly against their own interests. The reality is that we are not negotiating what share of the UK’s debts Scotland will be willing to take on. What is actually being negotiated is the level of foreign aid payments that a newly independent Scotland will be willing to make to the UK government in order to help it cover it’s debts.

That is not a threat. It is cold, hard reality. In February of this year George Osbourne, backed by Ed Balls and Danny Alexander, issued an announcement confirming that if Scotland votes for independence then the UK will continue to honour 100% of its existing debt obligations. Your government have already taken the unilateral decision that in the event of a breakup the rUK will be the sole continuator state, meaning that there is not a single thing that they can do to force the Scottish Government to accept any share of UK debt. That decision has already been taken on your behalf and that ought to worry you.

It ought to worry you because that triumvirate of Osbourne, Balls and Alexander have already proven themselves to be pretty poor negotiators. On the same day that they confirmed that the UK would continue to be liable for 100% of its debts they also announced that there is no way in which the rUK would agree to a formal currency union. Over the last week we have already seen the fallout of that decision, with Sterling sliding several points against both the US Dollar and the Euro. I can guarantee you that when we see the financial markets open tomorrow Sterling will start sliding even further. The financial press are already speculating that if Scotland votes Yes on the 18th then the minute that the markets open on the 19th Sterling will crash.

The reason for this is simple. What investor in their right mind is going to invest in a currency when the person in charge of running it has openly declared that he intends to slash his own economy by 10% overnight?

Right now Sterling is supported by the tax receipts from North Sea oil, meaning that in the event of a currency crisis the UK can back peoples investments by paying them back in oil instead of in cash. The minute that Scotland votes for independence 90% of the UK’s oil revenues disappear and the security that they provide disappears with it. I fully expect to see the rUK experiencing a further downgrading of its credit rating, meaning that it will face yet higher borrowing costs to continue financing its existing debt.

None of this has anything to do with Alex Salmond. It is already coming about thanks entirely to the outright incompetence of your own political leaders.

The reason why Westminster is desperate now, is that Scotland becoming free of it, means they are simply fucked and cannot spin austerity out as intended. You vote Tories/Labour/Lib Dems/UKIP and you get the same sort of incompetent careerist tosser who’s got people working 40 hours a week to just keep a roof over their head and they’re being told that they’re not working hard enough. But hey, they’ve been voted in because people stick to the same tribalist ideas so the system keeps going and going while the rich become richer and the rest of us look at pay packets which have barely changed in years, while prices constantly increase.

I don’t want friends to wake up on September the 19th to a free and independent Scotland and begrudge Scotland and it’s people for what they’ve done. I want them to realise that actually, this is the best chance they’ll ever have to break things for the better in the rest of the UK. This is a chance to take the incredible movement that Scotland has had over the last few years and drag it out across the UK so we can drive out the bastards who clog up the system and work only for themselves.

If there’s any lesson to be learned from this, it’s that the system we have now is broken. Rather than cling onto broken remnants of the past, we should be grasping this opportunity to start fresh not just in Scotland, but in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. So inform yourselves in the last few days before the vote as to the possibilities it opens up. Make sure you know that the people of Scotland are not doing this to ‘get at the English’ as many on the Unionist side would have you believe, but because they have a change for the sort of real democratic change this country hasn’t seen since the end of the last war.

Woman arrested after posting photo of George Osborne at prostitute’s flat

I would never suggest re-posting this everywhere because that would be hugely embarrassing to George Osborne and the very last thing I want to do is hugely embarrass him.

So please, don’t repost this. Please don’t….

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the corrupt UK today!)

A woman was arrested today after posting a photograph on Twitter of chancellor George Osborne at her flat when she worked as a madame at an escort agency.

Natalie Rowe posted this photo on Twitter just two days ago:

rowe osborne

Then today Natalie was arrested by the police for “abusive behaviour”:

rowe osborne1

Natalie’s home was also searched last year by police after she tried to publish her memoirs in which she mentions Osborne took cocaine and used her services as a dominatrix called Miss Whiplash:

Cops raid home of ex-vice madam about to tell all on wild parties involving top Tories

Is any more proof needed that our police are being used to protect politicians’ reputations rather than catching criminals?


Please share. Don’t let our politicians get away with this. Thanks:

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