This is what you want, this is what you get.

Today former Prime Minister Gordon Brown dragged himself out in support of Scottish Labour ‘leader’ Jim Murphy (and I think Keiza Dugdale was kind of mentioned once) and made the ‘vow plus’. This is after saying the ‘Vow’ has been fulfilled and after Labour stripped the Smith Commission of meaningful powers, so either they’ve been lying or well, they’ve been lying in what is a desperate attempt to try to grab the ‘narrative’ (politics is all about narrative in Tory/Labour world) from the SNP.

The audacity of it is astonishing. After all Brown stood there in September saying ‘more powers’ and ‘home rule’ over and over, while a compliant and supine media pushed the line over and over til the people of Scotland voted no. Yet here we are in February, only a few months later and now the powers Labour were praising as a ‘great victory’ for Scotland didn’t go far enough, yet Labour themselves stripped the Smith Commission of meaningful powers so they actually gave less than the Tories.

So Labour are trying to say they want to give Scotland more (even though they’ve ensured that it gets as little as possible) because they want to grab votes from the majority that want Devo Max but instead ended up with a fudge that sees Scotland get nothing like the ‘powerhouse parliament’ Labour said only last year had been achieved. What people want is a party that stands against austerity, fracking and Trident that will ensure democratic reform for not only the people of Scotland, but across the UK. They’ve got one so desperate that they’re pulling the same lie they did in September and are trying to sell it again as a great move forward, when most people seem to have got so fed up by them that they’re not listening anymore.

Still, at least Labour aren’t reduced to doing fake petitions in order to raise funds.



Gordon Brown is finally fucking off



Most politicians can’t be trusted. This is partly due to the fact many are liars/crooks/cheats but also because some are total failures completely unable to deal with their own massive hubris. Gordon Brown is that man. Today he officially announced he was standing down as an MP though for someone who has turned up for less than 10% of Commons votes and debates, it can be said that his constituents won’t notice the difference.

I find Brown a fascinating figure though now after the Scottish Referendum, I find him a sad, pathetic figure who could have been a serious transformational figure in Scottish and British politics but instead saw his last act in British politics to sell a lie to the people of Scotland in the shape of ‘The Vow’ he brokered for the three main Westminster party leaders.


Of course the ‘Vow’ wasn’t worth the paper it was written on but Brown sold it on the last of his credibility as since losing the 2010 general election, Brown became and increasingly desperate, sad and useless figure working the lecture circuit for thousands at a time. His intervention into the referendum is that of a man thinking more of himself than he actually was as this except from this article shows.

told Alistair all about the Brown encounter. His most prominent reaction was to shake his head in bemusement and wonder at the rubbish Brown talked.

He was also very funny about his conversations with Gordon. Broon would castigate him about something that had been said in his book, to which Alistair would say: “But Gordon, you always say you haven’t read my book!”

And Gordon always says he never reads the newspapers and yet he can quote whole pages back to you.

Both were very sad about Gordon. Not just the Darlings, but many of Brown’s friends and former friends are worried about him, stuck in that house in North Queensferry all week with the boys, while his wife is in London.


The picture of Brown as a Charles Foster Kane-like figure prowling his Xanadu being mocked behind his back by his supposed allies would be heartbreaking were it not Gordon Brown. As it is, it just shows the type of people Brown allied with and the lack of integrity as he sold his party and his country out for power, yet I can’t hate him with the same venom I do with Thatcher, Blair and Cameron. There’s something too pathetic about hating someone like Brown when frankly there’s better ways to expend energy, however this doesn’t mean that today.On the day when he officially leaves Parliament as he’s too scared to fight for his seat against the SNP, I will throw a hearty ‘fuck you’ towards Brown.

In years to come I do believe that Brown will be seen as one of the men and women who broke politics and the Union forever. I do think he has a place in history yet it won’t be kind to him as it’ll speak of a great potential but a hubristic failure of a politician that promised much, and delivered little good to the people.

There will however be other Portillo moments involving ‘Scottish’ Labour in May, pity Brown won’t be the biggest…

The Smith Commission delivered it’s report on Scottish Devolution today

And it’s a joke.

Yes, I knew ‘The Vow’ was a meaningless tactic designed to swing over enough undecided voters to voting No in September’s referendum on Scottish Independence, but I suppose even in my middle age that I’m still naive enough to think that the people of Scotland (or more exactly, those havering over voting Yes but decided to vote No based upon last minute ‘promises’ of ‘near federalism’) fell for Gordon Brown’s lies.


Wings Over Scotland does an excellent dissection of the Smith recommendations so I won’t do that, but look at that front page of the Daily Record that made what should have been a straight yes or no question into a yes, no, or no with added Devo Max/’near federalism’.

Scotland can’t set the minimum wage. It can’t benefit directly from oil or gas revenue. It can’t abolish the bedroom tax. In fact what few serious powers Smith recommends devolved to Scotland won’t see much difference, or indeed, sets up any Scottish government to be at best, one which is firefighting against any Westminster policy.It doesn’t create any new powers to help Scotland with it’s own problems or indeed, the problems it’s struggled with for decades now thanks to Westminster’s hopelessness.As Nicola Sturgeon has said today, this is far from the ‘powerhouse parliament’ Brown, Cameron, Milliband and Clegg promised in the last days of the referendum campaign.

Cameron tying  English votes for English laws(EVEL)  to any reform (not how there’s no great fuss being made of non-Scottish MP’s deciding what happens to Scotland)  is also going to ensure these thin recommendations get hacked down (I’d expect the tax recommendations to be toned down, or indeed, cut totally)  and Scotland hopes that whatever government sits in power after May 2015 grants whatever recommendations are left from Smith. Of course this has shown that there is a democratic problem with how the UK works but this patchwork of throwing out devolution in spurts isn’t helping anyone in the UK.

I’ve said before the only solution would have been federalism but that could only have worked 20 years ago and frankly, it was only in Scotland and Wales where there movements trying to spread democracy outside of the Westminster bubble. Now the people of England have realised they’re being had and they want some power too rather than devolve it to Westminster to be abused. I know the Tory plan is to give the big cities in England ‘more powers’ but it again is a bodge job as it creates centres while rural areas will be ignored, and probably, drained of those who can leave which will cause them to rot.

It’s a mess. Yet Scotland, the SNP and especially Scots are taking the brunt of this. It’s not the fault of the people of Scotland that the British establishment were shocked by the fact that when the referendum campaign started, it looked over before anything kicked off. The No campaign was 30% points ahead. It seemed a futile task yet over two years that was whittled down to a few percentage points and in one poll, the Yes vote took the lead. Rumour is private polling made it clear independence was coming to Scotland on the 18th September so hence this hasty load of shite that’s made a mess of everything. I don’t feel any more contempt than usual for Cameron or Clagg. They’re just Tories doing what Tories do. The contempt for Brown, Alistair Darling and Ed Milliband is searing hot, They seem to have blocked any serious reform not because it’s something they think would harm Scotland, but because it hurts them politically.  Labour’s selfishly put themselves ahead of people on benefits, or struggling with the bedroom tax, or the disabled and so on. It’s all about gaining and retaining power and no lie is too tall for Labour to push upon a people fed up with their shite.

Though one thing is true. This does make independence for Scotland likely sooner rather than later. Gordon Brown stands down as an MP in May (he did ‘promise’ he’d see this legislation through Westminster personally) mainly because he’s probably aware he’s risking losing his seat. Alistair Darling is also going in May for probably the same reasons and dozens of Scottish Labour MP’s are now probably in sheer terror of losing their jobs (and their cushy expenses) in what won’t be the landslide many SNP supporters say it will be, but it looks like it could well rewrite the shape of Scottish politics forever.

Ultimately though the feeling for me is one of immense loss as this is just rubbing in the consequences of the No vote in an open wound. This won’t help with poverty, job creation or making Scotland a better place, not to mention an example that neoliberal/neoconservative policies have failed.  What happens now is frankly anyone’s guess but today really was a kick in the bollocks.

But hey, Scotland might get the power to change its own road signs!

The first edition of The National came out today


The first of the new Scottish paper supporting independence, The National, came out today. As I’m still a Scot living in Bristol I can only go off reports online and on social media but from all accounts it’s selling well, though I will say the online subscription service is awful and should it last beyond it’s initial five day pilot run that needs to get ironed out sooner rather than later.

As for the paper itself it looks fine as you’d expect, plus it’s nice to read a leftish newspaper again as all the other former leftish newspapers are now firmly centre-right (The Independent) or playing with this sort of authoritarian liberalism that’s crept in from the US that ends up with endless articles about identity politics (The Guardian). This in itself is a good excuse to say it’s a good day for democratic debate not just in Scotland, but across the UK as people like me will help spread the readership of the paper, assuming it maintains a level of quality, and doesn’t fall into being an echo chamber for the SNP.

It is remarkable that over two months from the referendum we’re seeing the pro-independence side conduct itself as if it won, which of course it didn’t but it certainly won the moral high ground as it’s very, very hard to tell people in Scotland to lie down and take it which is what some on the Unionist side would like. As for the Better Together side they’re falling to pieces with the man who said he’d ‘personally see The Vow through Parliament’ announcing that he’s running away, sorry, standing down in May’s general election.

Gordon Brown is a fascinating figure to me as I’ve pointed out when discussing his use in the horror comic Crossed: Badlands this summer. He should have been a giant of politics and a man who led the Labour Party to glories (this Newsnet Scotland article sums him up perfectly) instead of someone who probably helped oversee it’s demise in Scotland at least, but this hasn’t stopped some mythmaking about him in the media, but it’s symbolic he quits on the weekend thousands of people engage in politics in Glasgow, and a day or so before The National was launched.  It’s as if one door is closing and new ones are opening.

I do hope The National becomes a permanent fixture. Yes, it has things it needs to sort out but it’s a start of hopefully a reshaping of Scottish media that will, hopefully, help the country to independence.

What was the point of the Scottish Referendum and Gordon Brown anyhow?

Gordon Brown has made another speech. I’m sure people are erect with excitement at the thought of Auld Pa Broon wittering on aimlessly for hours on end, but this is actually important in the wake of the Scottish Referendum where 1.6 million people voted for independence, and a large number of the 2 million who voted no did so based upon ‘The Vow‘ and the promise of more devolved powers for Scotland. So unless you’re one of those racist bigots who rioted in George Square in Glasgow the day after the vote, most people want more powers for Scotland at the very,very least.


Now the clever folk out there will have noticed that the timetable process didn’t start in the 19th September, and in fact it turned into a debate about English powers and attempts to block democratically elected Scottish MP’s from voting on ‘English laws’, something that when things are reversed (English MP’s voting on Scotland only issues) hasn’t gained one word of dissent for the decades that it’s been happening.

This of course is the sticky constitutional issues many on the Yes Campaign were saying hadn’t been thought out and would cause many of the problems we’re seeing now, and that came after a two year debate where all of this could have been discussed, planned and organised rather than hastily scribbled down on a fag packet outside the Daily Record building.

Today’s speech though was in regards the commission headed up by Lord Smith of Kelvin which is to deliver the ‘more powers’ promised to the people of Scotland only a few weeks ago. Today in this speech Brown said this:

So I will support the petition that is now being circulated on the importance of keeping promises, and I would urge all Scots to sign it.


What petition you may ask? Well, strap yourself in and get ready for this because Brown has called on 100,000 Scots to sign a petition to demand Westminster keeps it’s promises. Unless he missed it, millions of people cast a vote only 12 days ago. Nicola Sturgeon sums it up well in this Tweet.


‘The Vow’ is falling apart and with Ruth Davison saying that ‘Devo Max’ is ruled out, it’s becoming painfully obvious where all this is going and this time he can’t blame Tony Blair, or indeed, anyone else.



It is frankly, a fucking pathetic joke. A sad twisted joke being played upon the millions of people who voted whose votes are now being suggested to be supplemented by a fucking petition! The sheer desperation from Brown smacks of a man caught with his fingers in the till trying to suggest he didn’t do it because it was the bad boy next door. It’s like all of the last two years has led to this point where Westminster has wiped it’s collective arse with the ‘Vow’ and now Brown is having to try to ‘save’ it, when in fact the only fucking thing he’s trying to save is his job.

I know Yes campaigners know ‘The Vow’ was a lie and will be angry about it regardless, but it’s those who voted No based upon this ‘vow’ that I imagine are going to be angry, or if they’re not then they should bloody well be because right now you should realise that Brown had no power or authority to promise anything and ‘the Vow’ is only useful for wrapping up chips in. Why on earth would a supposed cross party agreement which was the basis of many people voting No need further confirmation from the people unless of course, it was shite in the first place?

It is all a bloody sad, sick joke.

The fight for Scottish Independence: What do we do next?

This song by the Proclaimers sums up mine and many other people’s moods today.

I’ve had a few hours kip after the result of the referendum and now I can say I feel not exactly refreshed but less angry than I was when I saw smirking politicians like John Reid and David Cameron proclaim this as a ‘great victory for the Union’ yet anyone who even followed this campaign with neutral eyes over the last two weeks will know the No campaign promised things they cannot deliver.

This does not mean I disrespect the decision of those voting No. I do, but I think they were wrong, and much, much worse than that, they’ve been lied to. They’ve been made to think that voting No was to gain ‘more powers’ or that it was a vote for Labour rather than an answer to the question ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’. Looking back at the campaign it’s clear the No campaign was failing to gather support and at the point when the opinion poll which showed Yes in the lead came out, there was an almighty panic which saw Gordon Brown being wheeled out and it’s this intervention which seems to have sheered up the No vote.Yes Brown is a liar but you never saw his lies about these ‘powers’ or the NHS exposed in the media, because frankly, every single part of the media spoke against Independence apart from the Sunday Herald.

There were other good voices who were either fine examples of neutral reporting like Paul Mason and Alex Thompson at Channel 4 News, while Suzanne Moore and George Monbiot at the Guardian made up for that paper’s shameful and despicable support of the establishment and it’s attacks upon grassroots campaigners as they warned constantly of violence if there was a No vote. Well, there is a No vote and Yes campaigners may well be angry, but there’s no violence. Not a jot. Yes campaigners show the campaign in defeat to be the civil campaign it’s been all the time.There’s been some vicious slander thrown at the Yes campaign from Unionists from the threats of violence to calling Salmond a Hitler figure leading people off a cliff.

The entire No campaign was built on fear. ”Oh don’t do that, things will be awful if you gain control of your own resources. If you’re not sure just vote No and we’ll do everything for you’‘. As a wise man once said, ‘fear is the mind killer‘ and in this case Better Together seem to have done enough to kill off rational thinking. This isn’t to say that if waking up today to an independent Scotland would have been easy; it certainly wouldn’t have been. It would be hard but the fight would have been for the people of Scotland to strive forward and build a country for themselves, their children and their children. They could have built an example that the Westminster system could have looked at and the neoliberal experiment which has caused so much suffering would have been proven to have been wrong.

This sadly hasn’t happened. Yet.

Alex Salmond has been magnanimous in defeat. Something many of his critics said he wouldn’t be, but he’s said he will ensure that the plan to give Scotland more powers is seen out to the letter. Yet he said this isn’t over yet, and he’s right. It bloody well isn’t. See, if and when Westminster fails all those people who voted No based upon the promise of more powers will realise what they’ve done, just as those people who voted Lib Dem in 2010 realised what they’d done. They’ll be an anger, and it’s down to those of us hurting right now to not gloat or be angry at those people but speak to them. Ask them if they want control of their own future again and they’ll say Yes because looking at the figures from last night there’s not much to be done in some parts of Scotland to push a No to a Yes. The current reckoning is by the likes of David Cameron that this is over for another generation, which means that this won’t happen for another 30-40 years and by that time people like me are possibly going to be dead and I’ll never have seen an independent Scotland in my lifetime like so many Scots over the years.

But you’re a Scot living in Bristol” many of you familiar with my blogs on comics, festivals and stuff are saying now, and yes, that’s entirely right. I am. However I’d made a decision a few weeks ago that regardless of the result I’m going back to Glasgow. I’ve made a reasonable life in the UK with some dramatic ups and some equally dramatic downs but I had this confirmed to me yesterday morning when walking into work and hearing people Othering the people of Scotland as ‘scroungers‘. I cannot sit back and let myself fall back into a rut while the people of Scotland need it’s blood that ran away to return and bring our experiences back with us. I know other ex-pats down here I know would like to but many have family and it’s understandable that even if they did want to go back, they’ve got a life elsewhere now but this hasn’t stopped them to do what they can outside of Scotland. Many will, but I would plead with ex-pats who fought for independence online with such vigor and strength to come back.

When I’ll get back I have no idea. I do need to get back soon but finances dictate when this happens, but I’ve looked at how friends back home have campaigned hard for independence and I feel that they’ve helped revive something in myself. I look at what the creative community in Scotland have done with friends like Alan Grant, Gary Erskine and Jon Campbell who have campaigned hard for independence not just within their communities, but online with their fans in Scotland where the Yes campaign won the battlefield. Or friends like like Ash, Bridget and Iain who pushed hard and who must be hurting badly today. I look at groups like Wings Over Scotland, Bella Caledonia, The Common Weal, Radical Independence and Women for Independence, or inspiring individuals like the Independence Climber Lindsay Jarrett who helped expose Gordon Brown’s lies about the NHS.

I look at all these groups and people and think it cannot simply be over and things go back to talking heads on the telly standing around outside The Houses of Parliament. But the thing is Cameron said it was over for a generation?

No, it isn’t. I refuse to let it die and promises melt into the mist. Too many groups with too many people have fought to get us here with 45% of the Scottish people supporting independence and a large proportion of those 55% who voted No thinking they’re going to get more powers, or even an effective Labour government led by that waste of space Ed Milliband next May. As far as I am concerned I now consign Labour into the same circle of Hell as I do Tories, but this doesn’t mean Labour voters are lost. They just be informed that the party they vote for are not of the people or for the people. I’m hoping the various grassroots movements combine to form be it a party of the left that’s truly inclusive and that gives the working class a voice. One of the few positives to take from this is how engaged people are now in politics, and when Westminster fucks it all up (as I speak there’s a news item explaining that there is no idea what the ‘more powers’ promised to Scotland outside what they would get in 2016 would be) then that wave to discontent can be channeled into hopefully one more push for independence.

You might say though that Cameron is right? This is over for a generation so that someone like my friend’s 12 year old daughter will go though all this again when she’s in her 40’s. No, I’m not having that. As many have said online (including the splendid Wings over Scotland) we have to hold Westminster now to account Every single full-stop has to be enacted and they get one thing wrong, this means that the No vote which won was built on the lies so many of us know it was. It vindicates the Yes campaign and seeing as Tory backbenchers are promising a revolt over powers being granted to Scotland, then this isn’t over. Not yet. Even if things do manage to muddle though for a few years there’s a flashpoint in 2017 when Cameron has promised an EU Referendum. the fallout from that could see another Scottish referendum. Whatever happens I know today people are hurting but we cannot let things slip for an instant.

So until I work out what I do and how I get my arse back to Glasgow. I will campaign and support the Greens. This is a massive compromise but when the choice is Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, UKIP or whatever bigot passing as a democrat is standing, I simply have no choice. I know people like speak well of the Green MP Caroline Lucas, and I will be ensuring they win in Bristol in May. In the meantime I’ve emailed Stephen Williams,( my current MP who will be hopefully unemployed in May) asking him to confirm EXACTLY what powers are to be devolved to Scotland as well as Wales, Northern Ireland and England. I do not expect a reply. I call upon comrades here in England to join in and help ensure England isn’t failed by this lot either. Take your country and your people in your hands and don’t let the bigots like UKIP take your country from you.

The future is in our hands still. Time to regroup, recharge and start again. I cannot imagine the SNP dropping this though I do expect Salmond to stand down or at least secede to Sturgeon, but either way the Yes campaign needs to ensure the SNP doesn’t give in. I know many will never vote SNP, but they’re the government of Scotland and they’re the best chance to force another referendum through not in a generation, but when things fail and they WILL fail.

This isn’t over. Not by a long shot.


Scotland has voted against Independence

It’s now very clear the Yes campaign lost and Better Together won. Now the media are openly talking about how all those extra powers Gordon Brown promised aren’t written in stone, or how these ‘new powers’ are totally unknown to anyone. It’s now clear what got the No campaign over the line by this ‘promise’

It’s clear the No campaign managed to conflate voting No with some sort of ‘devo max’ when in fact it was a No to the question ‘should Scotland be an independent country?’, not ‘should Scotland be an independent country or get ‘more powers’?’. That and the barrage of fear over the last two weeks has pushed No over the line with the 400k or so votes that’s pushed it over the line.

It’s those undecided voters who swayed it and they came out in support of the Union thinking they were going to get more power for Scotland, yet these powers are already under threat by Tory backbenchers who promise to veto them. By Monday it may be perfectly clear that what people thought when they voted No isn’t going to happen and their vote hasn’t counted.

So as much as I respect the democratic will of the people of Scotland, I don’t have to like it.It’s been a long,  long night and I’m off for some sleep but this isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.

Please vote Yes for Scottish Independence

Tomorrow is the referendum in Scotland to decide whether the people of Scotland become an independent country or remain part of the United Kingdom. Normally on a Wednesday I’d be writing reviews of various comics (expect them tomorrow), chilling out, and looking forward to a relaxing/drunken weekend, but tonight I’m shitting myself even though as many reading these blogs know that I’m an ex-pat Scot living in Bristol so I rightfully don’t have a vote. Even though I don’t have a vote, I want Scottish Independence to happen not only because the people of Scotland will be better off from it, but because it’ll create a domino effect that will fall across the UK. It might, just might, be the thing these islands need to shake off the neoliberal experiment that’s failed but has been propped up by governments for over 40 years.

It’s been a remarkable two year campaign which has seen the Yes campaign claw back a 30% lead in the polls even though the majority of the media (apart from the Sunday Herald) strongly support a No vote. Even the supposed ‘liberal’ papers like the Independent and the Guardian are strongly supporting the Union, not to mention they’ve indulged in spreading the vicious stories about Yes campaigners being ready for violence, with the Guardian’s reporting of Ed Milliband’s photo opportunity in Edinburgh yesterday being a particularly nasty bit of Unionist propaganda. A politician heckled and called a liar!! They must be Nazis!!

This is what the Yes campaign has had to endure as it’s supposedly shouting down opposition, but people strong political debate most of the time and we need this passion and drive on both sides. After all this passion needs to continue after tomorrow’s vote to either continue the fight with Westminster or build a fair and equal country. An independent Scotland needs everyone there to build a proper future for all, and even though the bigots like the Orange Order dragged themselves out to support the Unionist cause, it seems the momentum is still with Yes but it isn’t over til the last vote is counted.

In in this remarkable atmosphere in Scotland things have got nasty at times, but when we have Police Scotland making a statement about the No campaign’s rhetoric, especially online where it’s especially vicious. It isn’t every No campaigner indulging in this obviously but it’s enough to taint people, and it’s a pity that it’s resulted in this statement but then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if people in Westminster are ensuring trouble happens regardless of the result.

But still, enough of the negativity. The people of Scotland in my opinion should vote Yes. I’m proud to see Scotland stand up and announce to the world that if they vote Yes they will work to provide another way; a better way than this horrendous race to the bottom we’re locked into, or at least, we thought we were locked into. Of course if it’s a Yes, the people of Scotland will stand with their cousins in Wales, Northern Ireland and of course, England but they just won’t be ruled by Westminster politicians skimming expenses, covering up paedophiles, in the pockets of lobbyists and media moguls or be taken to yet another pointless overseas war.

An independent Scotland will be flawed. Things will go wrong. This however is what happens all the time, even with the better run countries but the time is now for the people of Scotland to strike a light for the will of the people and I hope vote Yes with confidence and pride.

Irvine Welsh’s opinions on Scottish Independence is essential reading

The campaign for Scottish Independence is getting more and more intense. All three Unionist party leaders in Scotland joined forces today for what looked like the most forced meeting ever to back the powers that might, possibly, perhaps, maybe be given to Scotland if all parties agree, if the right government gets in and if the UK electorate sits back and lets it all happen.

Meanwhile the Yes campaign pushed on with a photo opportunity showing the Yes campaign to be multiracial and multicultural. It shows the genuine forward thinking diversity of a future Scotland against the old establishment parties who have singularly failed. The ‘powers’ Gordon Brown speaks of aren’t new, or indeed guaranteed, not that they would actually make any difference. Here lies the problem with dragging in a dinosaur like Gordon Brown, he’s of the past and it’s clearly an attempt to firm up Labour’s power base in Scotland but Labour have seen Scotland turn on them as they’re now being seen by an increasing amount of former Labour voters as having failed them, which of course they have.

Forget David Cameron and Nick Clegg coming to Scotland tomorrow to campaign for No, they’ll only drive more people to vote Yes. It’s the sad sight of Ed Milliband hoisting up Saltires in Liverpool, supporting Tory policy and suggesting the appalling Work Programme will help the unemployed. That’s where Milliband and Labour are. Propping up policies which move people around unemployment figures and desperately panicking about that seat in the Lords going up in smoke.

In the midst of all this Irvine Welsh wrote a simply wonderful dissection of Labour, and outlined why people should support independence It is simply, the most thoughtful an intelligent thing you’ll read about the subject today and I suggest everyone reads it and then disseminates it so more and more people can read it. It’s simply glorious.

Read it in it’s entirety here. 


The desperate attempts to keep Scotland in the Union by the media

It appears that the media in London have realised that the referendum on Scottish Independence isn’t going to be as simple as they thought after the weekend’s poll which suggest that it will be very, very close indeed with Yes sneaking itself in the lead for the first time. 

Parts of the media have imploded with the thought of Scottish independence to the degree where the sense of sheer desperation is dripping from all of the media, which hit a depth with this rather astonishing poll from the Guardian titled ‘Will a new royal baby save the Union‘. Yes, this is the paper which was a proud support of democracy and leftish politics desperately trying to do Westminster’s work, but the Telegraph is as bad, as is the Daily Mirror, and as for the BBC and Channel 4 News they’re giving free reign to Gordon Brown to tell the nation about his plan to save the Union and how, maybe, possibly, perhaps give Scotland if it votes No, and if the Tories agree, and if Godzilla doesn’t invade….

It’s all a load of utter bollocks. It’s essentially making it a choice between the people of Scotland making their own choices, or still begging cap in hand to Westminster to see what they throw in a desperate attempt to keep hold of Scotland.

There’s a palatable sense of panic in the air but the truth is this could well be that moment when everything in the UK changes and all the bullshit we’ve had to put up with comes down for all to see. This isn’t about Alex Salmond, or indeed, Gordon Brown, but it’s about Scotland making it’s own choices for good or bad, and not having to cling onto the hope that perhaps, maybe, something might be given to Scotland if Westminster and the establishment deem it worthy. That isn’t democracy, it’s leftovers.

So look at what’s being said today and if you have a vote ask yourself if this is only being discussed not because the likes of the London establishment and Westminster want to retain the Union, but because they’re scared of losing face, and in doing losing, losing power. This is what it’s all about, not about ‘promises’ of Home Rule from failed politicians like Gordon Brown. The people of Scotland have the chance to put it all behind them in ten days, and I hope they look at the panic of today and realise that things are going to change, but only if it’s a Yes vote.That’s the only thing which is definitely on the table and people need to take it.