A quick word to Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Greens and anyone standing against the Tories

The Tories are back in power and the sight of David Cameron’s cabinet on the news braying like public schoolboys and girls at the cabinet desk should be enough to chill the bloody because make no bones about it, there’s some vicious bastards in that cabinet.

Here’s a Tweet the Green MP Caroline Lucas made and it speaks the truth of the current situation.


And she’s right. This is essentially restating the offer Nicola Sturgeon made during during the election campaign, but thanks to the fact there’s a pure Tory government it’s now essential that all progressive people get behind the SNP/Plaid/Green alliance and that includes Labour voters, and yes, even those Lib Dems sitting there crying in their ‘I agree with Nick‘ T-Shirts that are sitting there realising that Nick Clegg doomed them those five long years ago.

Right now there’s people moping around or blaming anyone they can for the Tory victory, but forget about that. The time for post mortems is over and the opposition starts now. Show the Tories and their supporters that resistance isn’t futile. Far from it…….

Whatever you do today just vote!

Today is election day in the UK general election after what seems like a campaign that has went on for decades. There’s a brutal choice in front of people: do they vote for one of the Tory parties (Conservative, UKIP, Lib Dems) or do they vote Labour, or for one of the more progressive anti-austerity parties (SNP, Plaid Cymru, Greens) that will support a minority Labour government to hopefully pull them from their current centre right pro-austerity position.

It’s a choice you have to make but what ever you decide just vote. Polling Places are open so go do the one thing the establishment is terrified (and David Cameron is clearly scared of the possible result) of which is the people using their democratic right. Even if you stand there in the polling booth and spoil your paper, just use your right that people fought so hard for.

Especially this year. There’s a real potential for change be you left or right so there’s hours left to vote. Don’t put it off and hopefully we get the right result in the morning…

Vote for Arseface-The European Elections are upon us!

Tomorrow is the day of polling for the European Elections and in some parts of the UK, the local elections. I’ve already cast my vote by post and as I’ve already said, there wasn’t a lot of choice so I ended up voting Green with some serious reservations. Anyone reading this should decide on merit where their vote for. Weigh up the policies, not to mention the people who will be possibly representing you in Europe for the next five years.

The choices are awful. You can vote Tory and vote for a party drooling at the prospect of possibly consolidating power ahead of next year’s general election. This sadly would mean that David Cameron (a man with a freshly skelped arse for a face) remaining in power so he can ruin more people’s lives.

You could vote Labour and for the party which set everything up for the coalition to wreck things. You can vote for a slightly less evil centre-right party with Leader Droid Ed Milliband set to perhaps replace Cameron in next year’s election by winning through default.

There’s those who will vote Lib Dem but fuck you.

Then there’s UKIP. Fuck UKIP. I found out today Nigel Farage is 50, only three years older than me but he looks like an old man who’s never, ever had joy in his life. He could have been involved with Punk, or the dance scene, or hung around in dodgy clubs with dodgy women having dodgy fun but no, he’s been boring and tedious all his life. Vote UKIP if you want to get old before your time.

Voters in Scotland at least can choose the SNP who unlike UKIP, have things like policies, something all the major parties have whether we like them or not but UKIP (and all the other extremist parties) don’t. Bleating ‘immigration’ or ‘we’ll regain control of our borders’ aren’t policies. They’re dog whistle lines designed to flush out the racists too ashamed to vote BNP, but happy voting UKIP or the English Democrats, or An Independence from Europe or any of those fucking splinter groups from UKIP who are equally vile, bigoted and racist.

UKIP and what they represent, should be repulsive to anyone who wants to live in a free modern country. UKIP are the past having, hopefully, one last stab at the present before they vanish off into history. Or they could be the start of something very scary indeed as their lack of polices mean they’re going to get a lot of people voting for them, even though they have no manifesto or polices at any level. This means they can gather a large support based upon nothing but lies and racist soundbites- a perfect way to gain some foothold in politics without having to put your policies under scrutiny. They’re the sort of party Alan Moore warned us about in V for Vendetta, and they’re a threat so vote for them if you want to ‘stick one to the other parties’ but the things about policies is that it’s better to have some, break them and take the flak than have none at all.

So tomorrow when you make your cross, vote for who you think you will be happy representing you at a European or local level. Don’t vote for a backward step as UKIP are, and don’t vote for anyone who’s face looks like an arse.