If you look at this picture of Humza Yousaf and thinks it’s threatening then you’re a bigoted arsehole

I’m taking some time off reading deeply or talking about politics while I recover from surgery¬†but one thing among a whole load of annoying bullshit has stood out of late and the reaction from some to this picture of Scottish SNP MSP Humza Yusaf after being sworn in this week.


Most sane, rational people will see a happy family. Frothing moronic racists are looking at this and going through the roof.


Yousaf points out a selection of abuse he’s had on Twitter from mouthbreathers who somehow feel threatened by this image, which as can be seen, has been cropped to exclude his non Muslim white father-in-law because for racists, the more brown faces in a picture, the scarier it is.

It seems that since the elections last week in Scotland the hardcore defenders of the Union and the bigots and effluent that make up the Islamophobic sewage of social media have a common enemy and it’s clear that for these people, a picture of a multicultural family, is the more terrifying thing they could see.

If this is what the Tories and their willing idiot cheerleaders have whipped up then I hope they actually face up to what they’ve done, but it appears they won’t and don’t particularly care. All we can do as decent people is condemn the actions of these people and make it clear it’s got no place in the 21st century.