Ladybaby is Japan’s latest attempt to troll the planet

Remember how everyone go in a buzz last year about Japanese J-Pop/Metal band Babymetal?┬áJapan isn’t a country that rests on it’s laurels and sits back let us in the West get complacent about it. Nope, here’s Ladybaby. Another metal/J-Pop fusion but their stunt is two young girls in typical anime/hentai clothes and a large bloke with a beard (apparently called Ladybeard) also in typical anime.hentai clothes, in this case singing a song about the glorious consumerism you can indulge in when visiting Japan.

There is now nothing Japan can do that will shock or surprise me outside of Godzilla porn….

I have discovered BABYMETAL and so should you.

Babymetal are a Japanese J-Pop/metal/dance band who should in all reality be utterly, utterly awful. In fact they’re the freshest, most brilliant thing I’ve seen in music this year so far. If you don’t like this song called Give Me Chocolate then you’re dead from the scalp down.

They’re coming to Europe in the summer. If they play Glastonbury I will be delighted…..