What I thought of Godzilla in Hell #2

Thoughts about #1.


This issue is written and drawn by Bob Eggleton who uses a lovely palate of colours to help portray Godzilla’s journey through hell, and of course his big fights with other Toho monsters who are also in hell for some reason. In this case the issue opens with a barney between Godzilla and Rodan with predictable results.


Next up is a battle with Anguirus in a frozen part of hell..


And there’s a couple of more monsters that turn up to face Godzilla to have more big fights which is essentially the entire point of anything to do with Godzilla. I don’t after all remember watching Godzilla films because of the characters or the plot, but because I want to see big monsters twatting the shite out of each other.Godzilla in Hell does everything it should and stylishly so too. If you want one comic featuring giant monsters twatting each other this month then this should be it.

What I thought of Godzilla in Hell #1


When I heard that writer/artist James Stokoe was going to produce a comic called Godzilla in Hell from publishers IDW I was throwing my money at my computer screen and dropping my pants in excitement, because it’s fucking GODZILLA in HELL!! Fuck, it even tells you this in the first big splash page of the first issue in case you’ve forgotten in the three pages since the cover. Really this is Dante’s Inferno but with Godzilla, and Stokoe makes this really clear.


Stokoe’s Godzilla is a glorious thing with a lovely expressive face, and he manages to draw body language on him perfectly which is handy if you’re doing a comic that’s on the whole devoid of any dialogue.,


Of course Godzilla should fight giant monsters, and this being hell, that’s not long before a giant monster comes along for a fight.


This really is enormous fun for giant monster lovers, Godzilla fans, not to mention scholars of Dante as I’m betting there’s never been a version with a giant fire-breathing monster before. As for Stokoe, I wasn’t familiar with his work previous to this but it’s lovely. It manages to cross Japanese manga with an American style that isn’t painfully cutesy, plus he gives Godzilla a real personality. Well, as much as a giant lizard can have I suppose.

Godzilla in Hell is the best looking, most fun Godzilla comic I’ve read in some time and I hope Godzilla’s descent into hell is as entertaining next issue as this one is.