My top 20 Comic Book films-10-Barbarella

I did my top 20 horror and SF films last year, and found doing the lists to be more fun than expected, so in a massive bit of logic here’s my top 20 films adapted or inspired from comics. I need to point out I mean comics, not ‘superhero comics’ which is a lazy, and incorrect way to describe a wonderfully varied medium and it’d also cut out some bloody good films!

Previously, in this list at #20, X Men19The Crow18Heavy Metal, 17, Spider Man ,16The Avengers, 15Danger: Diabolik, 14The Dark Knight Trilogy , 13A History of Violence12Kick Ass and 11,Spider Man 2.

Slipping slowly into the top ten, it’s the glorious 1960’s bulging lump of joy that is Barbarella.


Directed by Roger Vadim and adapted from Jean-Claude Forest’s comics, Barbarella is a seminal film for many a person who came across it during one of it’s broadcasts on the BBC during the late 70’s and early 80’s, which is where this psychedelic wonder first slid itself into my brain. Of course the sight of Jane Fonda slowly undressing in zero gravity will leave a sticky residue on anyone’s memory, regardless of age.

The plot, is sheer and flimsy, but it’s there to involve Barbarella in a number of sexy adventures as she tries to find the missing Doctor Durand Durand while her clothes fall or get ripped off and she has sexy encounters with angels and one-eyed dominatrix’s. Most of all it’s a sweaty, thrusting bit of fun that does not let up and I challenge anyone not to watch it and not only be totally entertained by it, but lap up the fantastic look and style of the film.

Barbarella is a joy. I recommend going and watching it again and again as it’ll cheer up the most miserable soul as well love some sexy adventures.

Next time, it’s all a bit batty…