Jeremy Clarkson, Nigel Farage and Steve Bell have ensured it’s been a good week for bigots, racists and idiots.

If you’re a racist, bigot or generally think that black people need putting in their place, or the Scots are chippy tossers, or calling someone an ‘Irish cunt’ is something that’s just a bit of laugh then this has been the week for you.

The week started with Steve Bell suggesting that the SNP would support incest for a chance of power, not to mention that because Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are Scottish they’d look hilarious if they were doing Scottish dancing and talked like they came out of Brigadoon.


Buy hey, casual racism is fine when it comes to Scots, or indeed, anything perceived as working class in the media. Had this been the Welsh they’d be portrayed carrying leeks and worrying sheep (though the media would have to discover Wales in the first place) or Liverpool would have chirpy Scousers with Souness moustaches, and so on. Know your place. Eat your cereal.

Then came along Jeremy Clarkson, beloved of middle aged men and people that think The Lad Bible is funny. He’s been suspended from the BBC for a ‘fracas’ that his mates think wasn’t a big deal but the gossip site Popbitch (normally a good source for this sort of thing) report this…

It’s not just physical abuse
Clarkson doled out. The words used
are said to be something along the
lines of “Where’s our hot food, you
lazy fucking Irish cunt?”

So all those people signing petitions (one now outnumbers that against female genital mutilation) are supporting not only someone that resorts to violence as they don’t have people jumping at their whims, but uses the nationality of someone as a pejorative.


Mike Small of the site Bella Caledonia wrote a fantastic article on Bell and Clarkson in the context of the abuse Scotland and Scots (of all descriptions) have taken this week, but I don’t think anyone could predict the week would come to an end with Nigel Farage trying to yet again drag the UK back to the 1950’s in possibly the most open display of UKIP’s petty beige racism that’s they’ve done yet, and this is saying quite a bit. Farage’s idea to get rid of equality and race discrimination law which is shocking enough but hidden in there is the real reason which is to allow employers to hire and fire whomever they like. Black and the best person for the job? Nah, fuck it, racist bosses can ignore you? Female and off work to have a kid? Sorry, you’ve lost your job.

Following Farage’s bizarre logic is that this legislation isn’t needed because people should be free to do what they want because people can be racist if they want to be. It’s simply pandering to this idea that the majority of people are imposed upon because they’re white, middle class and English so that the minorities in this country should somehow put up with a little bit of casual racism as UKIP are ‘colour blind’.

This is all part of the same thing in that racism, bigotry and the sort of imperialist attitudes that diminish Scots and Irish to scare figures of those of the abused is the mainstream view and not that of a group that’s kept quiet. Clarkson’s casual bigotry and violence is seen to be something that’s just ‘bants’ and no big deal, yet he smacked someone and called them an ‘Irish cunt’ because they didn’t bring him something to eat? Is that really the actions of an ordinary person? Bell abused Scots for the crime of being Scottish yet this week we’ve seen anti-Scottish rhetoric hit new heights and there’s still weeks to go before the election so it’s just building up a head of steam. And Farage, well, Farage just made it clear he’s not even attempting to pretend UKIP are an inclusive party of the 21st century. All of this isn’t helped by the majority of the media engaging in a narrative where these people are given time and space to air their views unopposed most of the time, yet the likes of Clarkson and Farage pretend they’re not given an inordinate amount of space to speak freely in the media.

It seems that all the work people did from the 1950’s onwards is slowly being unraveled and not just by Tory tossers like Clarkson or far right demagogues like Farage, but supposed champions of the left like Bell as the idea of equality and egalitarianism is dumped for identity politics or tribalism. It’s simply repulsive  that society is being reshaped to be harder, more brutal and ultimately callous as the establishment realises that the jig is up so they’re making one last stand as people from all sides of the establishment combine to purge what they see as threats and to shape a new UK that’s not going to be a nice place to live.

So when you laugh at a Bell cartoon mocking Scots, or think Farage has a point, or that Clarkson’s just having some fun as he smacked someone and called them an Irish cunt, look at yourself and wonder where your fucking humanity has gone. It’s been a dreadful week and the thing is, there’s worse to come before the election. At least now we realise that the gloves are off and anything goes.

A small word about Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by the BBC after attempting to punch a producer and the next episodes of Top Gear has been cancelled. There’s a campaign on social media to bring back Clarkson, but these people are the sort of people that thinks Ched Evans is an ok bloke and that Bernard Manning got a bad reputation.

So this is a perfect time to remind these people and the public at large of this Stewart Lee sketch…

And yeah, fuck Jeremy Clarkson and his moronic defenders.

What do David Cameron, Louise Mensch, Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson not care about?

David Cameron is ‘sorry’ he gave convicted criminal Andy Coulson a ‘second chance’, except that assumes he got punished for what he was accused of, which he only has been now been found guilty of.

The Prime Minister, who brought Coulson into the heart of Downing Street, said: “I take full responsibility for employing Andy Coulson.

“I did so on the basis of undertakings I was given by him about phone hacking and those turned out not to be the case.

“I always said that if they turned out to be wrong, I would make a full and frank apology and I did that today. I am extremely sorry that I employed him. It was the wrong decision and I am very clear about that.”


So think about that. Someone who has a pretty massive skeleton rattling around is employed by a party leader who them becomes Prime Minister and is continued to be employed by them even though these claims have not been brought to court, and the evidence has never been heard in court. Think about all the information Coulson had access to in his time under Cameron and how compromising that could be?

As bad as that is and as many questions Cameron now needs to seriously answer (because this isn’t going to vanish after a feeble apology) the reaction of some of those friends of the accused and guilty are frankly, fucking evil. Let’s start with the reaction of Louise Mensch…


I know the reaction of any decent person when finding out someone is guilty of massive corruption is to say how much they admire them and want to work with them. I look forward to Mensch praising Gary Glitter and wishing she’d been a groupie in the 1970’s rather than the 1990’s.

But there’s more. Not content with admiring someone found guilty of several charges, she’s having a go at Hacked Off.



After all Hacked Off only want an actual free press that’s accountable to the public rather than a press who can lie about people at the whim of it’s powerful and wealthy owners and the people they employ. Who needs actual democracy when you can suck up to Rupert Murdoch?

Then there’s professional arsehole Jeremy Clarkson.


I’m glad he’s happy. After all, those victims of phone hacking don’t matter as much as Rebekah Brooks being found not guilty of the charges laid at her feet, including that of conspiring to conceal evidence. She may well be not guilty of those charges but what we now know of her thanks to the trial confirms that she’s a nasty bit of work because being found not guilty does not magically make a bullying arsehole any less of a bullying arsehole.

Finally, there’s Piers Morgan, the man everyone should hate.



That’s ‘a good man’ Andy Coulson, now guilty of conspiring to hack phones while editor of The News of the World, and now the fifth employee of that paper and News International convicted of such crimes.

So what is missing from all of these comments? What don’t these people seem to care about in their attempts to slap convicted criminals and liars on the back for being great mates of theirs?

Here’s Milly Dowler. It was her case which sparked this.

It was Dowler’s voicemails that were deleted by News of the World ‘journalists’ which after an investigation by the Guardian, ended up with this trial, and now conviction, of at least two of those accused of hacking phones. Brooks may be innocent of this but it’s very, very clear a vile culture of breaking the law was rife at the News of the World and the reactions of Morgan, Mensch, Clarkson and Cameron ignore this as they choose to pat their friends on the back or apologise for giving them a ‘second chance’ they shouldn’t have had in the first place.

So remember the victims of the hacking here, many of which will never get justice or even be remembered as the likes of Morgan and Mensch trample over them to proclaim how wonderful a person convicted criminal Andy Coulson is.

The Guardian discovers ‘The Last Alan Moore interview?’

Today’s Guardian runs a piece about the recent ‘Last Alan Moore interview?’ that journalist Pádraig Ó Méalóid conducted with Moore in December. Now, the Guardian doesn’t actually add anything to the somewhat frantic, and often daft response to this interview that’s burst online over the last few weeks but it’s a fairer summary of the interview than most, though the lack of any mention of Moore’s comments in regards Grant Morrison, Laura Sneddon or the ‘Batman scholar’ is probably something to do with wanting to keep out of an argument and nothing to do with all three being Guardian contributors in some shape or form.

There’s also no mention of Moore’s apology over his comments regarding Gordon Brown, which were scarily close to Jeremy Clarkson’s comments about Brown.

Though these comments were the subject of a glorious routine by Stewart Lee.

It’s amazingly interesting to watch the reaction blossom out like some great fireball (which I’ve contributed to in my own small way here) that’s enveloping modern culture, but also how so many people reacting to this interview think Moore’s some sort of lunatic because he doesn’t want to be part of the machine in the same way other artists like say, Grant Morrison, clearly does. There’s an incredulity about Moore’s position in that he surely is in it for the publicity or the money?

Clearly he isn’t. This isn’t to say he’s not a comfortable man financially but he’s worked for it, but by refusing to play the usual game in our modern capitalist society where money and glamour mean more than knowledge or creativity he’s set himself outside most artists operating in popular culture. That annoys people brought up on a diet of Thatcherism, and are currently sucking the shiny plastic cock of Cameronism, and this makes me warm inside that Moore’s position fucks people off. It’s simply wonderful and it makes me glad people like Moore are around refusing to play the game.