Facebook have replied in regard their deletion of the JFK FIles

Last week or so Facebook decided to spark the conspiracy theorist node in my brain and flagged a CNN article about the recently released JFK files. Well, they sorted it out but it’s only taken me til today to notice as Facebook ensure you don’t actually see updates or important things like this.

I’ve sent them another message basically saying what the bloody fuck? but I’m not holding my breath for a reply as to why out of the thousands of news items I link to it takes issue with this one which just happens to be the granddad of all conspiracy subjects??

I blame it on chemtrails.

Facebook deleted my post about the JFK files

During the day I’m working so sometimes I can’t read an article in full, or I want to share something with followers on Twitter or mates on Facebook. The big story at the minute are the release of the JFK files, and although I’m no conspiracy theorist I am fascinated by the JFK case. Anyhow, I Tweeted a link to a CNN article which was placed also on my Facebook page as all my Tweets do but for this one,Facebook has decided it’s spam and blocked it.

I’ve Tweeted literally thousands of articles from newspaper sites over the years. Not one sniff from Facebook but this is considered spam? Now, I’m no conspiracy theorist but Facebook are making me reach for the tinfoil here as this is frankly, a bit fucking mental so I’ve appealed the decision purely to see what sort of reply comes vomiting back at me.

Stay tuned!

The Umbrella Man

While I recently spent some time in hospital for my stroke I ended up being lost in JFK conspiracy theories on YouTube because that’s the sort of thing you do when you’re bored rigid. In the middle of truly some insane videos I stumbled across a short film by film-maker Errol Morris called The Umbrella Man.

Morris is a superb documentarian going back to The Thin Blue Line, and this short film is a tiny little diamond of a documentary explaining one of the many odd things about that day in Dallas in 1963 when JFK was killed.

Give yourself a spare few minutes and enjoy this fantastic wee film.

Back, and to the Left-50 Years of JFK

50 years ago today John F Kennedy, president of the United States was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, in Texas and that was that.

Actually it wasn’t. It was the start of 50 years of conspiracies¬†large and small, and it probably kick started modern culture’s fixation with the Conspiracy Theory. It did help that the actual murder of JFK was captured in a shaky bit of film shot by Abraham Zapruder, which even though it’s 50 years old, is still an astonishing powerful, not to mention shocking bit of footage. However it would take 12 years for the people of America and the world to see this bit of film as you can see from this remarkable bit of footage from 1975.

The Zapruder Film is a genuine snuff film. We watch someone die in it, and die quite horribly as they’re shot by one (two?) assassins. Frankly, I don’t believe the official line which give my past blog on Conspiracy Theories on 911, is probably a horrible bit of hypocrisy. Let me explain.

I’ve always been fascinated by JFK’s murder. That’s partly due to my parents being huge¬†Americophiles, so when I was born one of the stories I was constantly told when growing up was about how distraught my mother especially was about JFK’s murder, and how she couldn’t believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only person involved. She thought it was insane to think that. So when I was growing up I was steeped in JFK lore, and was probably a serious Conspiracy Nut in regards to this subject by the time I was 16.

As I grew older and read more and more on the subject I became (and remain) convinced JFK was killed by more than one person, however I became more interested with how this was affecting culture. Oliver Stone’s splendid, if somewhat mental, JFK, is a film I’ve seen dozens of times not only because it’s possibly one of the best edited films you’ll see but because it manages to capture that conspiracy insanity when it takes over from the real world.

Around the same time, DC Comics had published Pete Milligan’s excellent comic, Shade: The Changing Man, which started it’s run diving headfirst into JFK conspiracy theories, while indulging in wonderful flights of surrealism.

After Stone’s film, JFK was a important part of culture worldwide as a cultural myth, or at least, his murder was a folk tale where we could impose what we wanted to upon it, but there’s a human story in all this which is of a man being murdered not only in front of the world, but his wife. Those images of Jackie Kennedy scrambling on the back of her presidential car trying to scoop up her husbands skull are horrible, tragic and at the same time incredibly powerful as you don’t do that to someone who you don’t love.

So this 50th anniversary by all means continue as I will to insist JFK was killed by more than one person, but remember that there’s a human story at the heart of this. Remember that.