Jim Steranko versus Bob Kane

According to the history books, Bob Kane created Batman. In reality, he’s one man in a team that did create Batman with Bill Finger (who created virtually everything we associate with Batman even today), and artists like Jerry Robinson who spent decades being ignored by DC Comics who’d made a deal with Kane that Kane would the sole person credited for Batman.

In most written¬†history of comics over the decades Kane comes over badly ranging from being a dick to being an enormous fucking arsehole. The best story comes from Jim Steranko, and I’ve recounted that story of him and Bob Kane¬†where Kane got himself a slap from Steranko.

I came across a clip of Jim Steranko talking at the San Diego Comic Con in 2014 the other night while searching through YouTube as Steranko is such a fantastic , historian, speaker and raconteur that it’s easy to get lost in his stories, but this clip details part of the story of his meeting with Kane but it deals with Kane’s deal with DC Comics and how he shafted people like Bill Finger.

It’s a fantastic clip. It’s essential viewing for any comics fan or indeed, any cultural historian of the last century.

Jim Steranko’s tale of slapping Bob Kane

Jim Steranko is and always has been a hero. Bob Kane hasn’t because frankly, he’s a liar who conned talented men out of money and a co-creator credit for Batman as any comics historian could tell you. This thread however tells the story of the time when Steranko and Kane met and I reprint it for your enjoyment…