The KLF return to the Dark Ages

Last night in Liverpool, the KLF returned to the streets in an ice cream van.

This weekend they’ll be curating a series of events under the banner of the Dark Ages, where ticket holders become volunteers in, well, nobody knows because there’s strict rules of participation.

So we enter the weekend not knowing what’s happening, and won’t until the end of the Dark Ages. We do however know there’s a book coming, 2023, and that’s it. It is glorious that in the year 2017 when the tiniest detail of films, books, etc are splattered across the white wall of our popular culture like a zombie’s brains, the KLF can still do stuff that surprises us.

And we enter the Dark Ages with a wee smile on our faces that they’re back…

Is this the return of the KLF?

The answer is yes, the KLF, aka, The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu aka The Timelords, aka The JAMS, are back. Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty have been doing their own thing for the last 23 years (and those who’ve read John Higgs excellent book on the KLF know the significance of the number 23) and now look to return in August with new material.

The Quietus outlines the story of their return, but as always there’s holes in the story which means the ‘truth’ will be something we never know and that’s a good thing in an age where everything is spelt out in minute detail for the hard of thinking.


The excitement started on New Year’s Day when this video was leaked online.

This was the video made for the KLF night a few months back at the Cube in Bristol which in retrospect looks to to have kicked Drummond and Cauty into some sort of action but again. we’ll probably never know.

I’m sure whatever happens they’ll be a bit more to the story of the KLF and if that results in new music, art or whatever the hell they decide to do it’ll be one of the most interesting things in what promises to be a potentially bleak year.

A word of appreciation for the KLF’s ”Space”

I’m spending a lot of time recovering of late┬áso I’ve been thankful for Netflix and YouTube keeping me sane as I get better. One thing I do like about YouTube especially is that every now and then the recommendations throw up something amazing and yesterday it did just that.

Space is an ambient concept album recorded by Jimmy Cauty of the KLF in 1990 and it was meant to be The Orb’s first album, but when Cauty left The Orb he took the album with him. The album was released under the KLF banner in 1990 and sadly over the years has dropped down the back of the musical sofa to become a somewhat forgotten gem by me at least.

Until it pops up on YouTube.

I’ve not heard this in the 21st century, and the copy I had went walking with an ex girlfriend a long, long time ago so hearing it again after so long is amazing as it’s a truly astonishing work 26 years later. Yes, there’s been billions of crap ambient records since, but this is the wellspring for many of them to have badly copied what Cauty did here.

So enjoy a lost classic…