Giant Monsters Attack!

There’s a new Godzilla film next month. Fuck your Star Wars. Fuck your Avengers. Fuck your Harry Potter-esque Young Adult bollocks. I want giant monsters twatting the fuckity out of everything for over two hours.

But for many this isn’t an instant hit with folk, but perhaps some history would help. Here’s a nice wee documentary from the 90’s going into the Golden Age of giant monsters. Watch, enjoy and then learn to love the monster.


What I thought of Kong of Skull Island #1


A King Kong comic is a great thing if I’d been 12 but seeing as I sadly aren’t this should be a nostalgic oddity, yet with a new Kong film starring Tom Hiddleston coming soon this prequel to that film emerges from BOOM Studios and writer James Asmus and artist Carlos Magno, who provides some stunning work from what is a frankly weak, and dubious script in places.


There is however not a lot of giant apes hitting each other and instead we’re treated of the tale of two tribes, the Tagu and the Atu, and their union to try to stop a volcano erupting on their island. On a way back from a tedious meeting (we really need a comic which should be about BIG MONSTERS being made up of politics at this time like we need a hole in our heads) to unite the tribes a ship stumbles across Skull Island and we get an exciting dinosaur!


I understand this is an establishing issue but most of it is tedious, and just a tad spun out to make what should be a fun. lightweight comic try to be given more gravitas than it deserves. It’s fine, but it isn’t special with only Magno’s wonderful art raising this to a level the script doesn’t deserve.

So, for King Kong diehard fans only I’m afraid..