The horror of the Glasgow Uni accent…

One of the things I wasn’t prepared for when I returned to Glasgow at the end of 2016 was encountering the bizarre, convoluted, inflection-driven tone of the Glasgow University accent which rings around the West End of Glasgow like the ringing of an exceptionally well-spoken hangover.

Glasgow Live (the website for your daily source of death, muggings, gang-related violence and food promotions) printed a piece about the accent the other day, and well, it’s an interesting one for this closing line…

And while Glasgow Uni remains standing in the west end of the city, so too will the dialect. And so too will the resentment to it from one half the city

I have no problem (well, within reason, we all have limits) with how people speak, and in fact as much as it can be annoying so can any accept. It’s the people attached to it that you judge so everyone gets a chance to prove themselves to be an adult til proven otherwise. Do I think there’s an issue with the gentrification of Glasgow? Utterly. Do I think we need to be a wee bit more nuanced than sneering at accents? Totally.

That said, this is still the funniest thing ever on the sort of, subject.


Attack of the West End Trendies

I live in a nexus of places in Glasgow. One of those places is the West End of the city famed for people with accents that pay homage to the idea of being from Glasgow and ‘West End Trendies’, that is people like this that Limmy takes the piss out of in the below video.

Or indeed, now trendy and famous comic artist Frank Quitely in his Electric Soup days with his Wendy the West End Trendy strip.

About a minute’s walk from my flat is Finnieston, the trendiest of all West End trendy areas where one can quite literally wade waist deep in people drooling about this week’s new craft ale or that antique dress they saw. It displays the sort of pretension that makes Stokes Croft in Bristol look like Chelmsford on a Saturday night when Chelsea are at home.

On the whole these slaves to fashion are relatively harmless, but I’ve been warned of the ”ironic’ Buckfast drinker since coming back to Glasgow, and today on the train home from work I saw one in the wild for the first time.It was a sight to see someone in their best hipster jumper sip from a bottle of Buckfast while braying at his equally repellent friend brayed back at him. Fortunately I had to get off before I threw up my pelvis but seriously, if you’re ‘ironically’ drinking Buckfast then you’re just a bit of a dick. I can just about tolerate all the other bits of wankiness, but this whole ‘let’s play at being poor’ shtick is a game for pricks.

Next time I get sniffy at people who stand around by entrances looking lost while blocking the way in/out. Grrrrr…..