Lou Reed Was The Man

Lou Reed died yesterday. I wasn’t the most hardcore Reed fan, nor did I think his solo material was often as good as many thought it was. That aside, I still loved Reed mainly because of his Mick Ronson and David Bowie produced album, Transformer.

If you’re going to leave any sort of legacy on this planet, this is the finest legacy someone can leave. It’s a perfect, flawless album that’s never going to age. Sure, the Velvet Underground material influenced everyone in the 70’s and 80’s including The Jesus & Mary Chain who as anyone glancing at the title of this blog will spot are huge favourites of myself. It’s Transformer though that I’ll remember Reed for. It’s got memories of my childhood wrapped up in it as I listened to his lyrics and frankly wondered what he was on about . Thankfully when I hit my teenage years the full joy of the album dawned..

So cheerio Lou. Thanks for what you gave us….