What I thought of Cry Havoc #1


Si Spurrier’s new comic from publishers Image Comics and drawn by ¬†Ryan Kelly is about a lesbian werewolf going to war. That should grab your attention.

It’s not as simplistic as that as you’d expect from Spurrier. The plot focuses round Lou, a young woman in London who has a partner looking after the hyenas at the zoo, and this allows some nice character building not to mention some foreshadowing.


From here the story jumps to Afghanistan where Lou is in an American army helicopter full of ”private contractors” who are not ordinary mercenaries.


From here the story flashes back to Lou’s life back in London where she’s attacked by a werewolf while busking near The Old Bailey before returning back to Afghanistan where Lou’s squad are further developed, and their mission revealed.


We also find out that Lou has agreed to help track down the rogue operative in return for help with her condition, but that means she needs to embrace her condition to do so meaning she may lose her humanity.

This isn’t a straightforward war comic, nor is it told conventionally as different colourists are used to distinguish different times in Lou’s story, so her time in Afghanistan ¬†uses hard, stark colours compared to her time in London which uses warmer colours. It’s a nice touch that’s not totally successful, but it’s trying something to help tell the story which is interestingly enough told by Spurrier who really is carving out a name for himself as a top quality writer from the UK. This could be a big success for him. The main character is engaging, there’s a lot of promised action and mystery to keep people happy, not to mention Ryan Kelly’s art keeps it flowing nicely along.

I’d recommend this if you’re a fan of smartly written stories about lesbian werewolves….