Remember when MTV actually talked about music?

While researching one of my Glastonbury blogs, I stumbled across this video….

It’s a compilation of highlights of MTV’s coverage of Glastonbury in 1993 presented by Paul King who seems confused about being in a field rather than hanging around London. It’s from a time just before the horrors of Britpop, but we can see hints of the coming apocalypse with chancers like Dodgy being featured. Remember Dodgy? Remember thinking ‘oh fucking hell, there’s Dodgy‘ and trying not to sick up your liver when you heard them?

But before Dodgy, Gene and fucking Menswear, the British music scene was all over the place, and this video is a lovely little archive of what things were like before it all went wrong. It’s also a reminder that MTV used to play music rather than pump out shite reality programmes featuring some unfeasibly breasted women poncing around with some pumped up pinhead bloke with an arbitrary penis grafted onto the creatine pumped mass he calls a body.

Remember when MTV was fun, rather than oppressive in it’s shiteness? This is a nice reminder of when those times existed and we never had it so good!



The Cyrusgeddon Hits!

For those of you who have avoided social media today, Miley Cyrus has exploded the internet after a performance which is one of those things you cannot, ever unsee once you’ve seen it. I would link to a Youtube video of it but they’re being taken down as fast as they go up so I’m sure everyone reading this can work out how to search for it on there.

As far as embarrassing performances go it’s up there with with some of the best over the years, and the reactions to it from people there on the night is something worth watching.

However as awfully career destroying as it was it’s Cyrus that’s getting the majority of the flak when her fellow performer, Robin Thicke (who it has to be said seems to be, and acts like a complete arsehole) rubbing his Beetlejuice styled crotch against  Cyrus’s arse and generally coming across like  the creepy bloke you see in pubs or clubs buying young girls drinks and talking about how he really likes One Direction too while wearing a suit too tight and smelling of Pagan Man.

The thing is with things like this is that people like Cyrus and Thicke (so aptly named) look at the likes of Lady Gaga or Prince, and think ‘oooo, that looks a piece of piss, let’s do something like that to whip up controversy so we can sell more crap to wankers!’

And it’s worked. Cyrus might be setting the internet alight with memes popping up everywhere, and doing this type of performance was clearly designed to work one way or another. It’s going to sell to wankers. That’s the point. This wasn’t a Lady Gaga pseudo-art performance, but one designed to get people going ‘just what is the problem with her tongue?’ while downloading her album, or writing articles about it or even being daft enough to write a blog about it.


Before I get my coat, I do have to point out that it’s all David Lynch’s fault…….