The race into space-Brooke Bond’s tea cards set from 1971

1971 seems like another world, hell, another universe from today in 2016. Things were grim if like me you grew up in a deprived part of Glasgow, but there was optimism always as after all, in the midst of deprivation if you can’t have something good and shining then you may as well give up.

Now I don’t remember 1971. I was four at the time but I do remember flashes, and I remember the tea card Space Race set the tea company Brooke Bond put out that year. The entire set is now online on Flickr, and they’re wonderful bits of hopeful future thinking that in 1971 we’d look forward to a decade where we’d reach out and explore our solar system and possibly beyond.

Of course the reality was more mundane. The Space Race ended, and NASA was bled of money and resources which ended up being spent and used elsewhere, but one day we will get out there and it’ll be glorious. Til then here’s a wee bit of wonderful nostalgia.