What the Great British Haggis tells us about the UK

This is the Great British Haggis.


Now, you may wonder why this is a ‘British’ haggis, not a Scottish haggis seeing as haggis is so intertwined with Scotland as part of its culture, even identity?

Of course the first thing I did upon seeing this in my social media feed was,as a Scot, to ask ‘what the fuck is this?’. After all it is only two years since the Scottish independence referendum, and the United Kingdom has been desperately stamping it’s identity over everything it can in the years since.

But after a wee cup of tea I had a think. What if this is just a branding exercise? After all this picture was taken in an airport from the account on social media, and whether we like it or not, Scotland’s still part of the UK, even if it looks exceptionally odd. So I checked out if this is being done to other foodstuffs, in this case the Melton Mowbray pork pie. It is.


I then thought to look at another traditionally English dish, the humble faggot.


There’s lots of examples of dishes with their cultural heritage based in Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland being branded not with the flag of their own country, but of the UK. Now I’m not saying there’s a sinister plot by Unionists to brand all food with the Union Jack, but there isn’t. Yeah, it looks weird, and in an opaque way it is roughly branding part of Scottish culture with a Union brand, but that’s happening elsewhere in the UK too.

Now there is an issue with those people who use the term UK or Britain to refer to England only, but seeing as they tend to be dicks we’ll move on. What I’m saying is lets not get our knickers in a twist about this when there’s far more important things to kick off about with Brexit coming up at some point in the future. It is annoying, but I’m sure there’s people in deepest Leicestershire pissed off their pork pies don’t have an English flag slapped on them.

This is a bigger point that just Scotland, this is the Union imposing a blanket branding on anything ‘British’, even if like haggis or pork pies it’s not associated with British, but Scotland and England. It is however making waves online but this is a point in time when politics is essentially in a phoney war til we find the braincell in Theresa May’s cabinet that knows what ‘Brexit’ is, so this type of story does the rounds over and over.