Why the UK coverage of this election is like this Armando Ianucci sketch

In less than a fortnight we’ll find out who will be the next Prime Minister of the UK but if you watch this election through the prism of the mainly London-based media you’d think it’s a straight fight between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May. To an extent it is as only those two can become Prime Minister but seeing people talk of Corbyn as the great hope for ending tuition fees or stop the bedroom tax is frankly a tad irrelevant here in Scotland as these don’t apply. Fees were scrapped a decade ago and the Scottish Government mitigates the bedroom tax.

Many of the things Labour want in the UK is already being done or are being worked towards. True there’s more to be done, and the stuff that’s still reserved to Westminster (which is still most things) will still hurt if the Tories get back in, but in Scotland (and indeed, in all the devolved nations) we’re still at the mercy of Westminster.

As much as I wish Corbyn well in England, I don’t feel he, or his party, will work for me or for Scotland as his support for leaving the EU isn’t what Scotland, or indeed Northern Ireland, voted for. So for most of this campaign as I view it on social media is a bit like this sketch from the wonderfully but underrated Armando Ianucci Shows from 2001…

A second Scottish independence referendum is on

A second referendum on Scottish independence was announced by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon this morning. It has caused Tories to spit out their tea in apoplexy and Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale’s mind to implode.

The line about ‘division’ is bollocks. You can’t sit there a cry about a ”one-party state” and then moan about ‘division’? What do you actually want? 100% of a population to agree with you or is it about denying a choice to people whether they want to remain part of a political union that sees us on the verge of doing a damaging act such as Brexit? Because this is what Dugdale and company are arguing about; stay in the UK and be part of a Tory government’s anti-immigrant, new era of empire building or vote for an independent Scotland that looks to the future rather than constantly look to the past for inspiration.

There’s going to be no ”love-bombing” this time round. It’s also a lot more at stake as when Sturgeon spoke about deciding what kind of country we live in that for me is the important question. What sort of country do we want to live in, die in, and have our friends, family, children, etc do the same in? Do we want a country that hates immigrants and looks to people like Donald Trump or worse for close allies, or do we reach to Europe and beyond to make our allies as well as making our own successes and failures?

Or do we want perpetual Tory governments opposed or supported by a weak Labour Party that shows no sign of gaining power, or even being able to make a better place should they ever somehow win an election again?

I wasn’t in Scotland in 2014. I rightfully didn’t have a say. I live in Scotland now and do have a say and I’ll be voting yes to ensure Scotland becomes independent and breaks free of a political union that’s damaging and backward. I’ll be very firmly campaigning and engaging undecided and soft No voters to make sure as many others join me in trying to make an independent Scotland a better place. It’ll be hard work but it can be done.

The media’s lack of interest in reporting Nicola Sturgeon’s trolls

Over the weekend Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon revealed she’d tragically suffered a miscarriage when she was 40. This should be one of those things where people accept and empathise with a human story that’s hurt many of us over the years, but this is 2016 so instead some people decided to have a go, and I apologise if any of these Tweets offends anyone but these are a snapshot of what’s being said on social media.




These are some of the milder examples, there’s some utter filth out there in the badlands of Twitter, but this isn’t me as a supporter of independence in Scotland complaining because its Sturgeon being targeted, it’s because a human being is being targeted. Yet there’s nothing from the media, not even rent-a-Tweeter J.K Rowling has perfectly skewered these internet trolls being too busy setting her minions on Corbyn supporters it seems. Nowt, nothing.

There’s a reason why women normally don’t talk about these things if they’re in politics and it’s crap like this. I wouldn’t attack Theresa May is she’d said this because as much as I dislike May, I dislike her for her politics, her private life is nothing to do with me and isn’t fair game. Yet for some, Sturgeon’s private life is fair game and the idea this is a ‘sympathy’ ploy is sickening enough without the more vile stuff being said to her, and it’s being directly Tweeted to her.

Yet, the media who will report the slightest possibly offensive syllable aimed at politicians whose politics is close to their own stay silent. No condemnation. It speaks volumes.

A quick word to Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Greens and anyone standing against the Tories

The Tories are back in power and the sight of David Cameron’s cabinet on the news braying like public schoolboys and girls at the cabinet desk should be enough to chill the bloody because make no bones about it, there’s some vicious bastards in that cabinet.

Here’s a Tweet the Green MP Caroline Lucas made and it speaks the truth of the current situation.


And she’s right. This is essentially restating the offer Nicola Sturgeon made during during the election campaign, but thanks to the fact there’s a pure Tory government it’s now essential that all progressive people get behind the SNP/Plaid/Green alliance and that includes Labour voters, and yes, even those Lib Dems sitting there crying in their ‘I agree with Nick‘ T-Shirts that are sitting there realising that Nick Clegg doomed them those five long years ago.

Right now there’s people moping around or blaming anyone they can for the Tory victory, but forget about that. The time for post mortems is over and the opposition starts now. Show the Tories and their supporters that resistance isn’t futile. Far from it…….

An uncomfortable question for those in the English left protesting against the Tories

How many people protesting the Tories and their cuts voted for an anti-austerity party (no, I don’t mean Labour as they’re a party of austerity) last week? How many went out chapping doors for anti-austerity parties and no, I don’t mean Labour as they’re an austerity party?

How many people got their hands dirty in the schemes and estates and had the conversations needed to convince them that the Tories were not an option?

Here’s the thing as much as demos and protests are good, there is not going to be any genuine change until the left in England realises this because they do in Scotland. and they’re getting there in Wales. I’ve had a think about how the anti-austerity side failed and simply put apart from the Greens there were no anti austerity voices on the news or debates over the campaign apart from Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood.

So here’s the thing: there are groups in Scotland like Common Weal, and sites like Bella Caledonia where the talk is how the Yes campaign can help people in England on the left because demonstrations for the same of demonstrations are pointless. It’s just a shout of rage. Don’t expect Labour to suddenly get it as they’re fighting about what Blairite tosser gets the chance to lose in 2020 against Boris Johnson, Michael Gove or Teresa May.

Look at parties like Yorkshire First or Mebyon Kernow as a template for the English left to get out of dreaming about the past of Labour as if you wait for Labour to catch up let alone stop being a party of austerity then you’ll be older than the mountains themselves. No, the future is to mobilise and get behind new ideas but you need to challenge your own opinions and that won’t happen in demonstrations or the online echo chamber.

Get out in the street. Knock doors. Speak to people. You don’t have to belong to a party, just say you’re an anti-austerity campaigner and once you’ve spoken to people outside your local bubble you’ll find the route you need to actually take the fight to the Tories because Labour aren’t and 56 SNP MP’s can do only so much.

Anti-SNP hysteria hits new heights

Wings Over Scotland handily gathers together some of the worst examples of the insane rhetoric being thrown against Nicola Sturgeon (a special word has to got to Dollgate), The SNP and also the people of Scotland in the press this weekend. The most insane and shocking is the Daily Mail’s cover this morning.


Once you get past the fact the Mail is giving away a whole roast chicken, the headline is probably (even for the Mail) the most hysterical undemocratic thing I’ve seen on the front page of a British newspaper in my life, and that is saying something.

The problem is that if you want the Union to continue as the Mail and all those frantic politicians, celebrities and others wanted last year, and if you are any sort of democrat then the SNP (a party that have had MP’s in Westminster for decades) MP’s are just as legitimate as any other. Otherwise it really does smack as if the Tories and their mates in the media are trying to delegitimise SNP MP’s in the eyes of the public and effectively pull of a political coup in front of everyone. This is already something people have discussed.

Now the thing is the SNP are asking for much. An end to austerity and Trident are the main two things, and you’d think Labour would support an end to austerity but as Ed Balls has admitted, after 2016 Labour will continue cutting, and they’re also committed to the pointless waste of money that is Trident to keep the UK’s place at the international Big Boys Table. The SNP are hardly left wing compared to the Labour Party before the 1980’s, but they’re far more left than the Labour Party of today, yet even these modest ideas of ending austerity and spending the billions spent on Trident spent on actually building a proper navy and on people suffering in the UK is seen as a ‘threat’.

The fact is there’s been a coup of the UK by right wing extremists that’s not happened overnight, but its happened over a few decades. It’s dragged the South of England to the right and dumped the North of England, Scotland, Wales and NI as it’s all about maintaining the power and influence of the City of London. This is just another manifestation of the lack of democracy inherent in a system where newspaper owners wield too much power over political parties and treats even the SNP presentation of an anti-austerity message as a ‘threat’ worse than WW2, Suez, the Gulf War 1 and 2, international terrorism and nuclear war.

But then the idea that the SNP is the biggest threat since the abdication is about appealing to a certain type of Tory, The type of Tory that looks at people in Scotland expressing the desire for self-determination as ‘petty nationalists’ while draped in the Union Flag, getting teary eyes at the Last Night of the Proms and getting choked up when another royal baby is born.

It’s now ten days til the election. In those ten days I fully expect things to get much, much worse, and I’d not be surprised one bit if the establishment don’t label the SNP as terrorists or worse. Whatever happens I can say that after the dust settles things are not going to be the same in the UK ever again.

Are the Tories going to use the SNP as an excuse to have a political coup?

Yes it is a bit of clickbaity headline for this blog but I was reading this article on Vice, and it’s probably the best bit of analysis for the forthcoming general election I’ve read so far. It”s a fantastic piece and I’d recommend reading it before carrying on with this blog here.

Read it? Good.

For those that can’t be arsed reading it, the jist is that the Tories, terrified of yet again losing an election (they’ve not won an election since 1992 and don’t look like winning this one) and scared of losing their self-assigned role as the ‘natural party of government’ are (with the aid of their mates in the Tory press) using every single dirty trick in the book to slur the SNP (the party that have said they’d support a minority Labour government) as a threat on the scale with global terrorism, AID’s or any aold shite they can come up with.

Only today we’ve had Boris Johnson compared Nicola Sturgeon to King Herod, and John Major just talk nonsense, but it’s all part of a narrative that Others the SNP in the eyes of the English Tory voter, so that come May the 8th and we see that no party overall has won that the Tories will say Labour can’t even have a chance to form a government as they either won’t be ‘the largest party’ (a myth that’s been struck down over and over again) or worse, that the SNP shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a UK government. That they in effect don’t count so only the Tories can govern.

Now all of this sounds fantastic but look at the rhetoric towards Sturgeon and the SNP? Its simply extraordinary that a democratically elected leader and her party are being spoken of as if they were a bigger threat than ISIS. It’s still a bit outlandish though right?

Well the crucial paragraph in that Vice article is this one.

On Sunday, the “coup” stepped up a gear. In a fascinating piece in the Sunday Times, we learn that the Queen – who technically has the power to choose who forms the government – has had to make clear she will not get involved in propping up a government that does not have the support of the majority of MPs. It stresses that we don’t know whether it’s Miliband or Cameron who asked the question, but there is one revealing quote from a Palace source: “Cameron remains Prime Minister but he can’t borrow the Queen for support”.

As the article says that quote strongly suggests the Tories have tapped up the monarch for support. That’s simply extraordinary. Now forget for a moment about whether we should have a monarchy or not (I firmly believe we shouldn’t) but the system is that they’re supposed to be neutral, so for one party to approach the monarch and for Buckingham Palace to deliver such a statement is possibly the biggest story in the this election that’s not made bigger headlines than it has.

There’s one more paragraph I’d like to highlight and it’s this one:

If Buckingham Palace can be convinced – through the creation of an atmosphere where a Labour-SNP coalition is considered unthinkable – to retain Cameron above a Labour leader that can command a majority in the House, that really would be a power grab that would raise eyebrows in a banana republic. It would make a total mockery of the British “constitution”. The fact that the Palace have even had to brief against the idea – that it’s even a possibility to the Conservatives that the Palace would overrule the electorate – is astonishing. Yet it seems likely that is exactly what the Tories have been sounding out.

Think about this. Over the last few months the campaign against the SNP has been growing as it became clearer and clearer that Labour were not having the comeback London based hacks had predicted, nor were the SNP showing any signs of dipping in the polls. Far from it. In fact if anything they’re going up in the polls. So for the establishment it’s all hands on deck as they can’t have the SNP participate even though as democratically elected representatives they have every right to set foot in the Commons, and support any UK government.

It’s just over a fortnight til the election and I don’ t think we’ve seen anything yet but remember this article and think about just why the Tory press are trying to make you think the SNP are something they’re not, and just how much that thinking the SNP are a ‘threat’ or ‘illegitimate’ benefits Cameron and the Tories.