UKIP voters fight for the right to bum dogs

In a YouGov poll a quarter of UKIP voters support the idea of having sex with a dog. I’ll let you digest that for a second.

SNP and Lib Dems are the least inclined to look at an Alsation and think ‘hmm, sexy’. UKIP voters are the most likely to look at a pug and think ‘I want that slobbering on my hard Brexit’. Tory voters are only slightly less turned on by a Great Dane than a UKIP voter while overall a quarter of voters would like to lay into a Labrador which is terrifying. Next time you go to vote, have a look at everyone else there as a quarter of them would like to indulge in bestiality.

I guess they’ve gone to the dogs…

This machine kills fascists

”This machine kills fascists’ is a phrase Woody Guthrie had on his guitar. It’s a fantastic phrase that’s been going through my head of late.

This is mainly due to the inauguration of Donald Trump, not to mention the rise of neo-Nazism which calls itself ‘alt-right’, though watching that movement’s leader, Richard Spencer, being punched is a thing of beauty.

There’s been much talk at to how to fight what we’re seeing over in America, or here with the far right in the shape of UKIP with the gurning horror of Nigel Farage latching limpet-like to Trump’s pallid nether regions an almost daily thing. There’s some liberal hand-wringing going on which is predictable, but how we got here isn’t the issue for now, though I do recommend reading this splendid Yanis Varoufakis article for a bit of a history lesson in how neoliberalism led us to the point where we have a dangerous narcissist in the White House.

What needs to happen now is a realisation that we can’t rely upon liberals to lead the fight because they’re partly the reason why we’re facing actual full on fascists and actual fucking Nazis in positions of power in the year 2017. We do however need to unite, and as the Women’s March showed, the numbers are there to oppose this new form of fascism though we need to understand why people voted for Trump and Brexit so real alternatives to not just the new fascism can be sought, but also to a status quo that in many cases left Trump and Brexit as the only thing left in people’s armoury to be heard, or to hope that some positive change may come to areas destroyed by globalisation and neoliberalism.

We’ve got to create something new as Yanis Varoufakis has said that takes the best of liberal democracy while tempering it with socially democratic left wing egalitarianism so all can benefit, rather than a few. People like Trump and Farage  give exactly zero fucks about those destroyed by globalisation and neoliberalism as they’re just pawns to be used and abused. They’re trying to redefine things in their images which is grotesque.

Once the narrative is ripped from these people’s hands and we unite against them there’s only one possible outcome for the likes of Farage and Trump so I leave it to Woody Guthrie to make it clear what the outcome will be…

Merry Christmas everyone, with some exceptions…

Merry Christmas everybody, apart from Donald Trump.You can fuck off, and Nigel Farage can develop a painful bowel condition. Theresa May and her band of psycho Tories can march into the sea, and if Piers Morgan pops his clogs by Hogmanay then the hordes of worthwhile people we’ve lost in 2016 are somewhat balanced out.


Still, it is Christmas, so apart from the Brexiters, the Trumpettes, the xenophobes, the arseholes and the Daily Mail readers, have a great day. Here’s a wee treat for you too…

Harlan Ellison’s words will guide us in fighting Trump and Brexit

Anyone concerned by Donald Trump’s election, Brexit and the empowering of the alt-right (or neo-Nazis as they’re better known) should take note of the American writer Harlan Ellison.

Yes, we should listen to people who have been abandoned by the political system and neoliberalism, but we don’t tolerate people like Milo Yiannopoulos (who was exposed as an uniformed arsehole by Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News this week) or Nigel Farage’s bigotry, racism and attempts at rabble-rousing or dogwhistle rhetoric. We push them as well as their supporters to give informed opinions or we’re fucked.

Of course the media could have done their job so that far right mouthpieces like Farage, Trump and Yiannopoulos were given the scrutiny they deserved rather than being treated as ”good telly’ or a bit of a joke.Ignore Trump or Farage’s cry for ‘unity’ because what they really want is unquestioning populations letting them do what the hell they want.

So, when a Trump supporter or Brexiter guffs off, ask them what their informed opinion is. These people shift likes the sands but pin them down and pin them down hard to explain themselves and like Yiannopoulos, they’ll sit there exposed. Every little chip in their persona hurts them and if we’re to oppose them we need to hurt them by outlining how uninformed they all are.

Nigel Farage is a racist bottom-feeding, slimy, corrupt waste of human skin

I’ve just moved cities in order to spend a few months recuperating from a stroke, slipped disc and continue my fight against cancer, and the idea was to give blogging a wee break until everything was sorted out but after Donald Trump’s election which is enabling all the arsehole fuckwit alt-right fascists you can imagine, there’s a need for more and more voices to be heard in opposition to what is likely to be coming.

However, this is about Nigel Farage; a man who since Trump’s election has wrapped his lips round Trump’s prostate in order to carry on the gravy train he’s been on for decades, though with Trump being so far to the right the cries to make the walking heap of faeces that is Farage a lord is only right. After all, if he’s going to become the 21st century’s Lord Haw Haw he might as well have a peerage. We know Farage has more than dabbled with racism and fascism in the past, and with the far right empowered we have to make to clear that Nigel Farage is not a ‘man of the people’, nor are his actions normal, acceptable or do they speak for the majority of people in the UK.


But name calling a pompous prick like Farage isn’t going to stop him cheering on Trump deporting Muslims, or demonising LBGT people, or making black people the root of all crime, or making women feel like their control of their bodies are now in the hands of far right lunatics amassing behind Trump. No, it does however really, really annoy the Daily Mail types who masturbate themselves into a creamy frenzy every time they see their Poundshop Oswald Moseley.

I do think liberals are going to have to stop trying to imagine things will be ok, or that supporting Brexit is a good idea because that’s the result of June’s referendum so you give ground to the far right and right now we don’t do that. We don’t give these shits a fucking inch. We’re in a dirty, brutal fist-fight with the forces of fascism however pointing out that Nigel Farage is the human personification of being kicked in the crotch so hard it makes you sick isn’t a bad thing. Mock the man, despise him and what he stands for. Don’t make Farage seem jolly, fun or normal. Make it clear what it is he stands for and we might have some hope of at least annoying bitter far right arseholes in the future.

Brexiters are angry as their Brexit is at threat

The court case to see if the government can use the Royal Prerogative (a dusty old bit of undemocratic legislation in the UK) to invoke Article 50 (the procedure which kicks off the UK leaving the EU and officially start Brexit) has been lost by the government.

This has made Brexiters go apoplectic online.Yet again, the strip, The Male Online, captures that particular zeitgeist.maleonlinebrexit

Essentially the court ruling says that Westminster has to have a say, as all that’s passed through the UK parliament was the bill to make the EU referendum happen, it didn’t take the result as anything but advisory and certainly wasn’t anything to do with a hard Brexit. So after weeks of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage crying about how voting to leave would ‘bring back control’ they’re not crying about the UK courts, errr, taking back control.

I’ll be honest that I’m not the best person to listen to in regards what the legal implications are here, so here’s David Allen Green, a proper lawyer, writing in the FT laying out the implications of today’s ruling. If you’re a Brexiter it isn’t good and the blame lies firmly with one person…

The problems caused by Thursday’s defeat were entirely the prime minister’s creation. Mrs May determined that the notification had to be done by prerogative and she even set a deadline of March next year. Both were her decisions. No doubt she regarded any advice that it should be done by a parliamentary vote as unhelpful.

But there is only so much any prime minister can do, even with the British constitution, by putting one’s head down and charging. The rules of reality are always there.

What happens now is we wait to see if the government wins their appeal. However, it is worth diving into the open festering sewer that is the internet to see Brexiters react and it isn’t nice. Failed UKIP leadership candidate Raheem Kassam sets the tone by saying Brexiters will take to the street and that’s painting the vision of angry Daily Mail readers waddling onto the street, but it also paints the picture of the far right hitting the street.

See, Brexit was never about ‘taking back control’ or sovereignty. If it were then there’d not be this rage, no, it was about getting rid of a globalised economic system basically overnight and of course, getting rid of ‘foreigners’. For these people Brexit was about imposing a form of right wing identity politics on the UK, and all the spiel about ‘taking back control was basically, pish.

And with every glorious tear of a Brexiter the world becomes a lighter and better place.

UKIP Fight Club

British politics flits currently between being a joke and utterly terrifying which is why today’s news that UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe was involved in a fight with another UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem (who as I write this is on the run from the police), is just fucking insane.

From the Guardian

“Steven Woolfe has then taken his jacket off, walked over and said, ‘Right, you outside now’ or words to that effect,” the source told the Guardian. “They went outside and Steven Woolfe got the brunt of it.”


I mean, what the living fuck??

You’re a party trying to convince people you’re not full of far right thugs, you’re trying to convince people you’re not a bunch of lying, untrustworthy arseholes and then you have this.

I can imagine Farage cheering on the fight, fag in hand, ‘Come on Mike, he’s nearly a leftie, fucking knock him up! Smash his face, SMASH HIS FACE!!!!‘ with all of UKIP’s MEP’s in a circle around the pair like you used to get at school. UKIP fight club basically.

So, in the UK right now we have a Tory government dipping its feet into the water of not just fascism, but full on Nazi ideology, a Labour Party more intent in ignoring Brexit and fighting each other and UKIP smashing seven shades of shite out of themselves. What the hell did we do to deserve this?