UKIP Fight Club

British politics flits currently between being a joke and utterly terrifying which is why today’s news that UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe was involved in a fight with another UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem (who as I write this is on the run from the police), is just fucking insane.

From the Guardian

“Steven Woolfe has then taken his jacket off, walked over and said, ‘Right, you outside now’ or words to that effect,” the source told the Guardian. “They went outside and Steven Woolfe got the brunt of it.”


I mean, what the living fuck??

You’re a party trying to convince people you’re not full of far right thugs, you’re trying to convince people you’re not a bunch of lying, untrustworthy arseholes and then you have this.

I can imagine Farage cheering on the fight, fag in hand, ‘Come on Mike, he’s nearly a leftie, fucking knock him up! Smash his face, SMASH HIS FACE!!!!‘ with all of UKIP’s MEP’s in a circle around the pair like you used to get at school. UKIP fight club basically.

So, in the UK right now we have a Tory government dipping its feet into the water of not just fascism, but full on Nazi ideology, a Labour Party more intent in ignoring Brexit and fighting each other and UKIP smashing seven shades of shite out of themselves. What the hell did we do to deserve this?

The first Scottish independence referendum was held and lost two years ago today

Two years ago today the people of Scotland went to the polls to answer the question ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’. They said no, voting 55% to 45% to stay part of the United Kingdom and I’d imagine a lot of people went through that first weekend thinking that was it. Scottish independence was dead and Scotland would take whatever’s coming down from Westminster.

Then the day after, the celebrations started…

Looking at the video above is a fascinating glimpse into what spurred independence back on the agenda that weekend. The violence from No supporters that day remains something defenders of the Union have never, ever addressed mainly because they can’t. If they accept that then they accept the violent nature of the some Unionist supporters.

But within hours of the No vote the debate shifted from Scotland to England, and the likes of Nigel Farage decided to kick Scotland down to the ground in the early hours of the 19th September.

It’s interesting to see two years later hearing Farage’s comments as they paved the way for the debate from the more staunch defenders of the UK. ”Scottish MPs should shut up’ being one of many frequent mantras, as is the idea the independence campaign was violent and thuggish on the Yes side. Again, here’s Nigel Farage showing the way..

I’m an subjective commentator, but if you’re objective there’s no way to listen to Farage’s words without noticing the rather obvious dislike of Scotland and the hypocrisy of his own criticisms, but what’s depressing is how quickly these comments became assimilated into the anti-independence mantra.

Of course even on the weekend of the result people didn’t give up and for some the fight continued..

Fact is independence should have died that weekend. It should have resulted in people giving up, but it didn’t. The promises made to gain a No vote crumbled in the weeks, months and years after the result, benefiting not just the SNP who had seen Alex Salmond stand down and replaced by Nicola Sturgeon as leader, but the Greens to such an extent that right now in the Scottish Parliament there is a majority of MSP’s who support independence.

One of the last big promises made to keep Scotland in the Union was its membership of the EU, something now under threat thanks to the oncoming storm that is Brexit, the key Nigel Farage policy outwith of xenophobia and racism.


In the wake of the EU referendum polls showed an increase of support for an independent Scotland with even the staunchly Unionist Daily Record suggesting they’d back Sturgeon if she went for a second referendum.


There’s now a situation where a second referendum is on the cards with timing being the issue as after all, although polls now three months on from the EU referendum show support for independence to be fairly static, the polls in the few weeks after show that in the right circumstances and with the right arguments enough people will support independence. That’s something I imagine not lost upon Unionists or indeed, Brexit supporters who realise that next time the status quo is going to be whatever half-arsed cobbled together deal Theresa May will have gotten from the EU, and just how bad Brexit has spun out. There’s no way that the status quo won’t be a Tory one.

Before though anybody says ‘what about Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’? Well, what about them? Corbyn’s not impressed at all in regards to Scotland showing himself to simply have picked up exactly the same rhetoric Ed Milliband used but we have now a Labour leader who supports Irish unity, is a left winger and would tell you the history of the left and the current political state of various countries in Central or South America but is without a clue in regards a country a few hundred miles from where he lives. I’m more than sympathetic to how he’s being attacked by the media, but he’s not the messiah many on the English left think he is to revive Labour in Scotland.

As for Labour, they’re considering going into partnership with the Tories to help them retain Glasgow council next year, something which would kill off any remaining credibility the party clings to in Scotland.

There’s no sign Brexit will start this year. Theresa May’s said invoking the mechanism to start that process, Article 50, isn’t going to happen til 2017. Rumour is that may well be early in 2017, though the EU themselves are getting itchy and want the UK gone and countries like Japan and the US have made it clear they’re not going to hang around waiting for the UK to sort themselves out so are carrying on business with the EU without us. Any deal May might get looks set to be vetoed unless the UK grants free movement which won’t please racists like Nigel Farage, so Scotland faces a choice; stay in the UK and be dragged into whatever grim resurgent imperialistically xenophobic future awaits, or leaving the UK to make it’s own future.

That future won’t be won by aping the actions or rhetoric of Unionists, it’ll only happen if Yes voters channel that excitement, positivity, intelligence and drive towards speaking to No voters or undecided voters. That’s something happening today in Glasgow as the Yes Movement starts gearing up for what will be a very different campaign to that which was lost in September 2014. That time saw a 30-35% lead whittled down to 10%. This time sees the Union side with a 5-10% lead and a volatile situation out of their control with Brexit showing that the ‘stable status quo’ may well not be what people want.

Two years on a second referendum looks winnable if things slot into place right, or it could be lost ending any hope of independence in my lifetime, probably of the lifetime of the generation after me. The stakes next time are far too high to rush into a referendum where if lost, leaves Scotland at the mercy of people who like think Nigel Farage for generations and we won’t have the EU or human rights legislation to temper their worst excesses.

So today, two years on there’s hope. This could be the start of something amazing…

New UKIP leader Diane James fights off Nigel Farage’s unwelcome kiss

UKIP elected a new leader today who is remarkably a woman. Astonishing for a party where casual misogyny is party etiquette, but she’s the new leader while Farage tours Europe whipping up hate or hanging from Donald Trump’s arse-hairs should that thing get elected in November.

So our Nige went to congratulate James and it seems he’s, well, a bit like creepy. Probably the smell of fags, booze and stale sweat. I imagine Farage sweats buckets even when it’s freezing.


Then there’s this…


Which is reminding people online of this image from Alien 3.


Personally that’s a bit harsh on the Alien. I mean it might be a brutal killing machine but at least it’s not a liar and a racist like Nigel Farage!

Why hasn’t one leader of the Brexit campaign condemned the rise in racist attacks?

Well? Why hasn’t Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith, Gisela Stuart, Michael Gove, Kate Hoey, Chris Grayling, Liam Fox or any of the leading Brexit voices we couldn’t scrape off our TV screens with a shitty stick for months now so coy about condemning incidents like this?

Oh that’s right, they’re either hiding, scrapping for the Tory leadership or standing up in the European Parliament making sure that bridges are well and truly burned between the UK and the EU.

Yet here we are on Tuesday only a few days after the Brexit vote and everything is falling apart. The Tories are in chaos with Boris Johnson now waiting to be elected by his party leader, and Prime Minister, and oh, all you people thinking they’ll be a general election after can forget it. Johnson isn’t going to call one, neither probably will any new PM. So Corbyn isn’t going to march into Number 10. Assuming he survives the week as right now there’s a stand off between Blairites who are worried that Labour are doomed in their former Northern English heartland so are shitting themselves about their formerly safe seats and Corbynites who seem to think the entire Labour Party lives online or in London.

Just when there’s a strong Westminster opposition needed we don’t have one. Our entire London based political class, not to mention the media, is falling apart and in swans Boris Johnson, himself a part of that class, to reshape reality in his image with Nigel Farage as his Puck causing carnage. Things are so huge in their implications that nobody can take them into account, but there are those gaining out of this and that man especially is Nigel Farage. It is as Naomi Klein would say, Shock and Awe.

Things are huge, so lets be clear on several things. Nigel Farage is a racist. Nigel Farage is borderline fascistic in his views. He’s an opportunist. He’s the very worst of British/English nationalism made flesh. I hold him personally accountable for things like this German woman who called into James O’Brien’s LBC show.

Think about the situation. This is a woman in her elder years living in a comfy middle class area whose husband has died so she’s been living with her neighbours probably quietly for years, and in four days she’s having dogshit stuck through her letter box and being told to ‘go home’. This is insane, yet here’s what Farage has done. He’s empowered people. That phrase, ‘I want my country back’ meant one thing to people, this is our chance to get rid of immigrants. Years and years of anti-immigrant rhetoric built up, so this woman had people who were nice to her face now they fucking hate her because of where she was born. Let that sink in. They’ve hated her for years but now feel vindicated to hate her. They won. They got their country back.They now think millions of people stand behind them so they’re now allowed to express their hate.

And it’s getting closer to home. I’ve heard cases of people having dogshit posted through their door (what is it with racists and dogshit?), not to mention an old boy from my local has been pushed into the road in front of traffic and told to ‘go home’. He’s 79 and his mother was Indian. He’s lived here most of his life. This is his home.

As I write this, Nigel Farage is on Channel 4 News. He’s being asked about the racist attacks and the rise of extremism since Thursday’s vote. He’s batting it aside with his usual shite about how people are a bit rude to him. Well, here’s something rude about him, he’s a racist cunt. He’s also a smart bastard because in all this chaos he’s sitting there waiting for his chance because we’re in this state because David Cameron shat himself about losing his job and losing votes to UKIP. UKIP are gaining support in the North of England because an increasingly Londoncentric Labour Party (I heard Yvette Cooper talk about ‘the northern coalfields today as if it’s still the 70’s, and Corbyn probably gets a nosebleed if he passes Welwyn Garden City) forgot to respect, listen to or speak to their former heartlands. Farage knows he now has a substantial protest vote behind him and with both big Westminster parties in a mess who do we all think may benefit in the near future?

We stand at a dangerous crossroads. Farage has taken people’s real anger at the political class and used it for his own gain. He’s someone clearly and obviously uncaring about racist attacks otherwise he’d have reassured people when these reports started coming in on Friday morning but he was busy having meetings with Rupert Murdoch.

Any attempts to engage these people are pointless as the journalist Vonny Moyes found out.


This isn’t going away. This isn’t a bubble of racism like others we’ve seen in the past. This is a core of racists empowered like never before because they think at least 17 million people on these islands think like them.

Nicola Sturgeon said weeks ago this was a far right coup. I like Sturgeon and think she’s a smart cookie, but thought that was daft, well, I’m not laughing now. So when any of the Brexit leaders give a mealy mouthed ‘condemnation’ as Farage has done four days after this started and when the rest say nothing while your friends, neighbours and family are racially abused there’s only one group responsible and one man especially owns this racist violence and that’s Nigel Farage.

They’re hypocrites so fuck them too-The Last Days of the EU Referendum

I watched David Cameron taking a verbal kicking last night on the BBC’s Question Time EU Referendum special to the point that at times, I actually nearly felt sorry for Cameron, a man who has done things I utterly reject and despise. Maybe it was the attitude that ‘experts’ aren’t be listened to, or when trying to explain the concept of risk assessment he was sneered at, or the look of dawning horror as to what’s been unleashed when people were discussing whether the children of immigrants (or refugees, nobody is concerned now at draw a distinction between them on the Leave side) should be looked after as we have a duty of care to protect them or to tell them to fuck off because they might grow up and claim benefits. I think at that point Cameron had a mix of revulsion and realisation that everything the Tories have stirred up over the decades has come to this.

The main attitude from the audience and indeed, many like that supporting Brexit was that of an aggressive ignorance veering into xenophobia and anti-intelletualism. Cameron’s a hypocrite so fuck him. Experts, what do they know, fuck them. Corbyn, lefty prick, fuck him. Scots, fucking Jocks, fuck them. Northern Irish, fuck them!  Steven Hawking?What the fuck does he know, fuck him!!

In this climate where everyone is deemed a liar, a hypocrite or worse, the likes of Nigel Farage infect public debate. He’s said today Cameron’s making capital from the death of Jo Cox. Now, I despise what Cameron’s done to this country and its people but he’s handled the situation over Cox’s murder well mainly because he’s looked human as opposed to a glazed ham in a suit. He’s looked shocked because he’s probably realised (as many MP’s probably have) that could have been him as the far right are now well and truly motivated now. So I grudgingly praise the man for letting through a chink of humanity. If I can do it, you’d think anyone can but not Farage, a man now clearly and openly pitching to the sort of lunatic that thinks Jo Cox’s murder was a ‘false flag’. As has been said my many, we’re in a fact free politics where people’s rightful cynicism of the political system is being exploited by a hateful little racist prick like Farage.

When everyone is a liar, or a hypocrite, or a prick, or when there’s no progressive alternative to a hard right Tory agenda (Scotland being an exception in the UK) thanks to Labour being a hollowed out shell of its former self, what do we expect? This isn’t going away and whatever happens on Thursday people’s anger has to be dealt with and one of those ways to to give alternatives yet the Remain side instead has held up threats and bullying as the alternative and too late called in the likes of Nicola Sturgeon or Caroline Lucas to give a more intelligent argument to stay, Your Farage’s or Katie Hopkins only need to shift blame from themselves by calling everyone a liar while sitting there smugly knowing they’re dragging the debate down into the shit-filled bat they inhabit and they’ll get what they want. They might not get a Brexit, but they’ll have poisoned the well and that’s enough for them.

Lastly, a word for John Oliver’s piece on his programme on HBO this week. It’s good, very good, and Oliver (a man who does get angry at things) is at times trying hard to hold himself back here. This is 15 minutes or so of brilliant television.

A few words about Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, was on Robert Peston’s programme this morning where he said he was a ‘victim of hatred’ because he’s challenging the establishment.. He also suggested that the death of MP Jo Cox would hold back the Remain camp in the EU Referendum.

Now forget about the bile rising in your throat a minute as you see a figure who has caused so much division say this while making the death of Cox out to be a benefit (because that’s what he’s doing) to his side in this referendum that seems to find new depths to sink to on a daily basis.This is Farage doing his usual shtick Everyone’s a liar, the other side are cheats, use you gut, think from the heart, make Britain GREAT again while speaking in a low sotto voice to impart a sense of gravitas in something that has the gravitas of a night out at your local Wetherspoons.

On Thursday Farage unveiled his latest attack poster.


There’s no defending that as part of a sensible debate on immigration. It’s given up even trying to have that debate because Farage has never, ever been interested in that. Instead we get this sub-BNP rhetoric that ’50 million Turks will come to the UK and they’ll bring their criminals’. It’s dehumanising. It’s abhorrent yet it plays on desperate people’s fears as well as people like the person that killed Jo Cox. It creates a level of debate where because you’re not dialling it back you can only accelerate it which is what Farage seems to want to do.

Yet Farage benefits from immigration. His wife is German. His children grow up sharing her culture but here’s Farage wanting to close off the shared European culture we’ve enjoyed for decades for the majority. Now I know the Leave campaign has said they won’t extradite EU immigrants living here, but they’ve also made it clear any new immigrants would have to jump through hoops, and anyhow, those from the EU living here have been disenfranchised, dismissed, and generally hated upon by a large section of the Leave campaign which is looking to drive down wages further by not drawing in labour from the EU, but the Commonwealth.

See, if you think pulling out the EU is going to make the UK a dream where everyone works and it’s houses for all think again. The EU immigrants living here pay taxes, contribute socially, financially and culturally, and yes, some claim benefits. They’re also here within the framework of the EU, so we share universal human rights, benefits, etc. Remove us from the EU and that shared culture, economy and social life goes as many EU immigrants living here feel fearful and scared of what the UK (or what’s left of it) is going to become. Once you start drawing labour from the Commonwealth, and lets be honest here, there’s many in the Brexit campaign who are looking to draw labour from Commonwealth countries who are still basically Third World countries. Cheaper labour, less human rights, alienated and scared immigrants working within the Sports Direct/Uber model, ‘British rights for British people’, greater intolerance. There’s the vision of the future Farage is really selling you, not of a Britain leaving the EU and going back in time to pick up where it left off in Farage’s mythical past.

Farage is a bigot, a racist and a hateful figure. Yes, he’s the subject of hate because he generates so much division, hatred and spite against not immigrants or refugees, but people. The same people we share our lives with, talk to, work with, sleep with, marry, have families with. That’s who Farage is spouting his daily three minute hate against and by ignoring the source of the hate that’s blossomed from Farage and his ilk, the media make it abstract, they hide the cause of the bile, hatred, spite and violence people face every single day thanks to Farage. Even worse, treating Farage as a ‘celebrity’ normalises that hate as after all, he can’t be a racist hatemonger if he’s on funny  programmes can he?

Now, I’m not saying every Brexiter is a racist but every racist will vote Brexit because that’s an inane sixth form piece of bullshit that also avoids dealing with the truth that there’s going to be racists and bigots voting to stay. There are people on both sides with very good sensible democratic reasons to do what they’re going to do.What I’m saying is that Farage is a racist, a bigot and a dangerous man who stands on the brink of having everything he’s fought for in his life validated. Whether he has a position in a post-Brexit government is another matter, but he’ll be empowered like never before and whatever happens post Brexit, he will be a force unless we make a choice to reject him on Thursday. Other Brexit campaigners like Michael Gove, a man I have no time for normally, are at least attempting to moderate their rhetoric and I applaud him for that. Farage doesn’t give a flying fuck.

Making a decision like this, based on the debate (and I use that term loosely) we’ve had isn’t going to make the UK a more progressive place. It gives power to the likes of Nigel Farage. It endorses his argument. It makes hate win. Look at Farage and think if you want to wake up on Friday with him having won and then think if you’re willing to live with the consequences of that?

A few words about the murder of Jo Cox

I’ve put off saying too much about this due to the frantic amount of rumour, but what is clear now is the killer (fuck saying his name, we know it so no point giving him even more publicity) was in some way politically motivated. Hilary Clinton described the murder as an ‘assassination’  and I fear once the dust has settled she may well be right. Whatever the cause, this changes everything, or at least, it should do because look at what happened on Thursday; we stared with Nigel Farage standing in front of a poster which was akin to Nazi propaganda, to the murder of a British MP on the street.


Well today any doubt was blown away. The killer (and as said, I refuse to use his name but it’s in this report and this is the only time you’ll see it from me) said this when being charged today:

Asked at Westminster magistrates court on Saturday to confirm his name, Mair said: “My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.” The judge then asked the defendant’s lawyers to confirm that his name was Thomas Mair, which they did.

Yet scour the internet and you find people excusing the killer. He was ‘mentally ill’ as if all mental illness is the same or in fact it is incapable to be mentally ill and a terrorist. You know, like the killer of Lee Rigby is. We don’t see people making excuses for him based upon his mental illness yet, throw a stone in the fetid stinking pools of the internet and you’ll find people doing it. For example:

Cox’s killer has been found fit to stand trial by two doctors yet as Craig Murray argues here, people are falling over themselves to say he’s a poor soul who is just ill. Well, fuck you if you’re making that argument. It not only is offensive to people suffering from mental illness as it paints the picture that everyone with a condition could be easily turned, and secondly, you’re making excuses for a racist killer who murdered Jo Cox for political reasons to make a point and scare people. If you’re telling me that isn’t terrorism then you’re arguing the IRA were just lot of people who just needed a psychiatrist and a hug,

The killer of Jo Cox is a terrorist. Just like the killers of Lee Rigby are terrorists. Just like the 7/7 bombers are, and the 911 hijackers were, but we’re at the stage where people’s Islamophobia is so entrenched they can’t see what’s in front of them. We’ve had years of the media hammering home xenophobia, bigotry and racism as normal yet only 11 years ago the Tories with Michael Howard fought an openly racist, xenophobic campaign in the 2005 general election and were totally rejected.


Two things have changed things in the time since. Firstly is the crash of 2008 and secondly is the rise of UKIP who have adopted the tactics of the BNP while making them palatable to the media. After all, Nigel Farage is a geezer ‘innee, ‘ees a laugh. You can have a drink and a smoke with him. He’s ‘good telly’. He’s ‘good copy’. He’s a ‘character’ in the same way the old boy down your local talking loudly about ‘Pakis’ is a character.

Yet Farage is homophobic, and as we’ve seen, racist. He’s been normalised into mainstream debate so that people disenfranchised by the political system who see Cameron’s Tories as the ones keeping them down, and Corbyn’s Labour as too distant see Farage pop up and think ‘here’s a chance to give them a bloody nose”. In effect, a far right party (and lets stop mucking around and start calling UKIP a far right party) has been allowed to shape debate in the way the BNP never did. As Alan Moore put it in V For Vendetta

He also wanted to portray the Fascists in the novel as ordinary people, some of whom may even have been likable. The Nazis, he points out, were not monsters from space and did not suddenly arrive from the pit of hell.’

People like Farage were the vanguard. He was the frontman. Look at the people behind him and his words and actions. They’re not of a reasonable, inclusive human being but someone that wants to demonise immigrants and refugees. Do we seriously think the way UKIP and the right wing press have acted especially in the run-up to the EU referendum is encouraging sensible debate?

Of course not but if you tell people scared of what’s happening and whether they’ll have a home or money to live on that ‘immigrants are taking your job’ rather than explain about the political system and offer an alternative, then you want an instant solution because the kids can’t clothe or feed themselves. Ask yourself as well why Farage isn’t offering a genuine solution to the democratic deficit the UK imposes upon people marginalised at the edges? After all, if there’s actual democratic reform of the UK people like Farage (who is as much a part of the establishment as those he decries) lose out. It is a situation as Marina Hyde argues, that the UK faces up to a choice on Thursday to become a country where the values and ethics of UKIP will dominate. After this week if you’re even remotely of the left and voting to leave, I urge you to think again because if you think progressive politics will return after a Brexit then look at the last week and think whether you’re going to get what you want after a Brexit?

Yet there’s still hope in all this. Brendan Cox, the husband of Jo, released an astonishingly human, and decent, statement after his wife’s murder. As he says:

She would have wanted two things above all else to happen now, one that our precious children are bathed in love and two, that we all unite to fight against the hatred that killed her. Hate doesn’t have a creed, race or religion, it is poisonous.

Again, dive into the cesspool of the internet and you’ll find people that didn’t listen. They’re too far gone by this point.


An MP has been murdered in the street. Her husband is grieving while trying not to pander to the hate that killed her, and here’s people desperate to get back to calling people all the cunts in the world because they need someone to react to their hate to give them validation.

We’re at a crossroads here now. This isn’t like the Scottish Independence Referendum (regardless what Shelagh Fogarty thinks)  where the worst violence from those trying to break the status quo was Jim Murphy being hit by an egg, but is instead the worst of the right wing Unionism multiplied to the nTh degree which is what we’re seeing here as English/British exceptionalism takes root and feeds prejudice and hate.

A look at any debate online especially shows horrendous polarisation. ”Lefties”, Tory scum’, ‘Yoons”, ‘Cybernats’, ‘Kippers’, and on and on yet it doesn’t increase the level of debate but drives people to become even more entrenched, and yes, I’ve thrown around the odd ‘Tory scum’ in my time, but you know what, I’m going to make the effort because if we don’t we’re going to end up with a level of debate like we’ve had over the last month becomes normal and I’m not having that. It’s repellent and it’s ended up in the murder of the sort of MP Parliament needs. Cox wasn’t from the right family. She didn’t get gifted a place at the right university because of her parents wealth and connections. She didn’t leave where she came from behind. God knows, Labour needed her type but her voice has been silenced by a terrorist killing.

Yet it need not be. If we learn anything from this it’s the fact we can withdraw and pull back. Seeing Cameron and Corbyn (as someone who isn’t a supporter of either I have to say they did a good job) together in her constituency sends a message out. The pair clearly hate each other, but they can put that aside to make a point this sort of shite stops now if we make an effort to transform the debate and I ask everyone to come together, even UKIP supporters, to try to make things better. If anything good is to come out of this awful EU Referendum, then its at least from now on we return to a level of civilisation we used to have.

There is however one exception. Britain First. In the last month they’ve said they’ll ”target” the new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The killer of Jo Cox is reported to have shouted ”Britain First” as he ended her life. He was also involved in their rallies and seems to have had serious far right beliefs from what has been confirmed so far. As of now, it should be time to turn the tables on Britain First. Sure, as a democracy they can spill their sewage as much as they want but we turn on them. We call them terrorists. We hold them to account, peacefully and democratically. We make it clear to them that they are not tolerated and we don’t want them harassing our Muslim friends, while making it clear we’re better than them.

One last thing. The 77 year old who tried to stop Jo Cox from being killed was called Bernard Kenny, a former miner who was stabbed in the process of trying to save Cox. He’s the name we should remember today above the killer’s, because it is people like Kenny that show a better side to us than the person that murdered Jo Cox and those that influenced him.