Glastonbury Festival isn’t getting cancelled this year

I’ve been getting a lot of hits on this blog for people trying to find out if Glastonbury Festival is getting cancelled this year (and hitting this blog I wrote about the 2005 festival) due to the insane amount of rain that fell on Worthy Farm and generally around the South West yesterday. I live in Bristol and watched new rivers be born in just a few minutes yesterday.

Anyone looking at the videos online will see a very wet site, but it doesn’t look any worse than 1997, 1998 (and that was by far the worst year for weather of any festival I’ve ever been to in 26 years) or indeed, 2005. In fact after 2005 Michael Eavis installed a drainage system to help stop a repeat of the extensive flooding that year but the deluge yesterday was more than it could take. It has however, done its job today.

This is drone camera footage of the site the day after the rain. It’s a bit damp in place, and clearly looking a tad muddy in places, but it’s been a pretty decent day today in the South West with some nice warm sunny spells. The site tends to dry off quite quickly in the dry and sun. so a few days of decent weather will leave the site fine, but areas will be muddy.

Sadly, I’m out of it this year as I’m undergoing treatment for cancer, but if you don’t enjoy yourselves this year I’m going to see if I can have a word and make it snow.

The Great Storm!

Tonight a huge storm is due to hit the UK which promises to be the worst since 1987. Now I’m not going to point fun at any of the damage, or even the sad possibility of lives lost, but what I am going to do is point and laugh at people on Twitter.

For example, here’s an Oxfam shop not at all trying to take the piss.


Or this one where it appears that we’ll be eating babies raw if we don’t get our safety packs!


Make sure you have 3G now!


And there’s lots, lots more needless panic, pointless overreaction and blind unthinking panic there as well. There’s also people having a laugh at the media induced panic that’s turned people into thinking they’re living in the world of The Walking Dead.


The point is to be prepared. That’s perfectly sensible and reasonable. What isn’t perfectly sensible and reasonable is panicking while losing all sense of perspective because there’s a chance you might not have a 3G signal for a night or so. Of course there’s also the matter that more northern parts of the UK spend large parts of the winter being hammered with storm conditions but they’re far away from the media based in London so it’s not a story.

Just in case it is the end of the world though, I’m going to watch Mad Max 2 again to see if I can pick up any tips.