YouTube recommendatons have introduced me to Pixx and Shura

Being in the state of ageing faster than I’d like to admit I’m not as down with the kidz as I used to be, which may be a good thing but it does mean on missing out on the slivers of good new music out there.

Well, thank Jebus for YouTube recommendations which threw this at me yesterday.

Isn’t that just bloody amazing? It sounds like it comes from 1990 via 2016. The artist in question is Pixx, signed to 4AD (I’d been listening to a load of old 4AD stuff a while back so the algorithm thought to give me this which is great. The original version of this track is below and it too is amazing.

Intrigued, I decided to explore Shura, the artist responsible for the remix in the first video above, and discovered someone who’d obviously been listening to her mum’s record collection from the 80’s because she’s far to young to be making songs like this which sound 30 years old, but again, sound contemporary.

So I now consider myself back down wif da kidz, however the simple joy of discovering great new music never goes away which is a glorious thing…