The joy of Leicester City FC

Leicester City for years have been a team that at best, grabbed themselves the odd cup and gathered respect for mainly not being relegated. This season though they stand proudly at the top of the English Premier League five points clear of Spurs while all the predictable suspects you’d expect to win the league are languishing ¬†far, far behind them.

I spent a number of years living in Leicester so I get how much this means to the people there, and indeed, any neutral is shouting on Leicester to win if only to achieve something that should be un-achievable in the modern age of football in England.

Manager Claudio Ranieri has done an amazing job and last night against Newcastle did this near the end of the game.

So for Claudio, for the people of Leicester and every neutral in the country, I hope Leicester do it. It’d be a gloriously inspirational event in football and god knows it needs such an event.