Brexit has unleashed fascism and we should be fighting it

The state of the UK after the vote to leave the EU is desperate. This week Gary Lineker was vilified by the right wing media for speaking up in support of refugees and immigrants the week after Lily Allen was also attacked. On top of that this week’s Question Time was horrendous for this:

As bad as that was, when Tracy Brabin won the Batley by-election after the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, this happened.

The Tories, Lib Dems and Greens had said they’d step aside for this by-election as a mark of respect for Jo Cox, but the far right parties didn’t. They used the excuse of ‘democracy’ to try to capitalise on this by-election to gain support for their parties, and views. They were all thoroughly rejected and all of them lost their deposits but the damage is done. They’ve got the platform they wanted and feel empowered because that by-election only happened because Cox was allegedly murdered by supporter of the far-right.

On top of all this, the UK government is clueless in regards what they intend to do with Brexit apart from favouring a hard Brexit, essentially the worst possible option which will leave parts of the UK ruined not just for a few years, but decades. Add into that the lack of tolerance and compassion from Brexiters, the more authoritarian tone of Theresa May and I think we can safely say we’re on the verge of something quite horrible not to mention unseen on this scale in the UK. I’d go as far as saying we’re in the early days of a form of fascism which when mixed with ethnic nationalism (which is what Brexit is all about) is a dangerous mix.

There’s a reason we learn from history and that’s so we don’t repeat it. Fascism doesn’t start with concentration camps and armies, it starts with saying people not born in the country are second class human beings. It starts with closing down dissent. It starts with attacking ‘liberals’. It starts with lists of people.

Even though thanks to cancer and a stroke I’m pretty much fucked, I’m willing to hit the streets to protest this, even fight if it comes to that. I did that back in the 1990’s when the National Front crawled out the sewer, and I’m willing to do that again. If we don’t fight, if we just shrug while Tweeting hastags, and yes, writing blogs like this we’re not going to stop this and right now, there’s still a chance of stopping the path we’re on.

So where do you stand? With the racists, xenophobes and people that sneer at people just because they weren’t born here, or against them?

Gary Lineker verus the racists of Brexit

I’ve been a wee bit out the loop with current events the last few days, but it seems just when you think  the UK has fell into a horrible moral decline thanks to the EU referendum result, there’s always further for us to decline. Tory MP and skin sack, David Davies, wants to give migrant children coming from the Calais refugee camp dental checks to make sure they’re the ‘right age’.

For one, Davies is such a clunking racist that he doesn’t seem to see how this looks, or if he does he doesn’t care as something like this is going to resonate in a continent where the horrors of the Nazis are still a scar. However don’t estimate the depths the more extreme Brexiters can sink to in their inhumanity so these kids are being vilified in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Sun.Mainly because the editors of those papers are well, cunts.

Step into the debate one Gary Lineker, former footballer and BBC presenter who spoke out against the idea with this Tweet.


Lineker was then attacked in his feed, and in the media by the sort of racist skin-sacks of sewage who think inspecting the teeth of vulnerable children and dragging them through these things doesn’t make the UK a neo-fascist state.Lots of people with the cross of St. George and the Union Jack in their profiles piled onto him but fair play to him, he stood his ground.

Now another skin-sack of animal faeces by the name of Jon Gaunt wants him sacked by the BBC for ‘bias’. Except the thing is he’s a screaming hypocrite.


A look though Lineker’s social media reveals he’s spoken on a variety of subjects from football, to athletics, Donald Trump and Brexit. Yet this one Tweet sends racists off because by now we should realise there’s a core of Brexiters who want the hardest, most racist form of Brexit possible. These are the people who’d happily sew coloured stars onto people’s clothes so they could be identified as an immigrant, refugee or Muslim. The sort of person from the Male Online strip basically.


So here’s where we are four months from the vote to leave the EU. The UK economy is tanking, the pound is undergoing the biggest devaluation since Queen Victoria sat on the throne, companies are hedging their bets as are countries who invest heavily in the UK, science and research look set for a decline after 2020, and racism is rife with the sort of ethnic nationalism that I never thought would see the day in the UK.

The sort of racism we’re seeing with MP’s discussing examining the teeth of refugees based on pictures in tabloid rags of what were in some cases, Home Office interpreters, in others, children. See, when I was 16 I looked older, 18 or 19. Plus as has been pointed out, papers like the Daily Mail normally love children who look older than their years.


We’re in a dark place right now, so that’s why we should thank public figures like Gary Lineker for speaking out against the sort of racist neo-fascist filth that’s been unleashed thanks to Brexit. Good on you, Leicester will be proud of you!



Why hasn’t one leader of the Brexit campaign condemned the rise in racist attacks?

Well? Why hasn’t Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith, Gisela Stuart, Michael Gove, Kate Hoey, Chris Grayling, Liam Fox or any of the leading Brexit voices we couldn’t scrape off our TV screens with a shitty stick for months now so coy about condemning incidents like this?

Oh that’s right, they’re either hiding, scrapping for the Tory leadership or standing up in the European Parliament making sure that bridges are well and truly burned between the UK and the EU.

Yet here we are on Tuesday only a few days after the Brexit vote and everything is falling apart. The Tories are in chaos with Boris Johnson now waiting to be elected by his party leader, and Prime Minister, and oh, all you people thinking they’ll be a general election after can forget it. Johnson isn’t going to call one, neither probably will any new PM. So Corbyn isn’t going to march into Number 10. Assuming he survives the week as right now there’s a stand off between Blairites who are worried that Labour are doomed in their former Northern English heartland so are shitting themselves about their formerly safe seats and Corbynites who seem to think the entire Labour Party lives online or in London.

Just when there’s a strong Westminster opposition needed we don’t have one. Our entire London based political class, not to mention the media, is falling apart and in swans Boris Johnson, himself a part of that class, to reshape reality in his image with Nigel Farage as his Puck causing carnage. Things are so huge in their implications that nobody can take them into account, but there are those gaining out of this and that man especially is Nigel Farage. It is as Naomi Klein would say, Shock and Awe.

Things are huge, so lets be clear on several things. Nigel Farage is a racist. Nigel Farage is borderline fascistic in his views. He’s an opportunist. He’s the very worst of British/English nationalism made flesh. I hold him personally accountable for things like this German woman who called into James O’Brien’s LBC show.

Think about the situation. This is a woman in her elder years living in a comfy middle class area whose husband has died so she’s been living with her neighbours probably quietly for years, and in four days she’s having dogshit stuck through her letter box and being told to ‘go home’. This is insane, yet here’s what Farage has done. He’s empowered people. That phrase, ‘I want my country back’ meant one thing to people, this is our chance to get rid of immigrants. Years and years of anti-immigrant rhetoric built up, so this woman had people who were nice to her face now they fucking hate her because of where she was born. Let that sink in. They’ve hated her for years but now feel vindicated to hate her. They won. They got their country back.They now think millions of people stand behind them so they’re now allowed to express their hate.

And it’s getting closer to home. I’ve heard cases of people having dogshit posted through their door (what is it with racists and dogshit?), not to mention an old boy from my local has been pushed into the road in front of traffic and told to ‘go home’. He’s 79 and his mother was Indian. He’s lived here most of his life. This is his home.

As I write this, Nigel Farage is on Channel 4 News. He’s being asked about the racist attacks and the rise of extremism since Thursday’s vote. He’s batting it aside with his usual shite about how people are a bit rude to him. Well, here’s something rude about him, he’s a racist cunt. He’s also a smart bastard because in all this chaos he’s sitting there waiting for his chance because we’re in this state because David Cameron shat himself about losing his job and losing votes to UKIP. UKIP are gaining support in the North of England because an increasingly Londoncentric Labour Party (I heard Yvette Cooper talk about ‘the northern coalfields today as if it’s still the 70’s, and Corbyn probably gets a nosebleed if he passes Welwyn Garden City) forgot to respect, listen to or speak to their former heartlands. Farage knows he now has a substantial protest vote behind him and with both big Westminster parties in a mess who do we all think may benefit in the near future?

We stand at a dangerous crossroads. Farage has taken people’s real anger at the political class and used it for his own gain. He’s someone clearly and obviously uncaring about racist attacks otherwise he’d have reassured people when these reports started coming in on Friday morning but he was busy having meetings with Rupert Murdoch.

Any attempts to engage these people are pointless as the journalist Vonny Moyes found out.


This isn’t going away. This isn’t a bubble of racism like others we’ve seen in the past. This is a core of racists empowered like never before because they think at least 17 million people on these islands think like them.

Nicola Sturgeon said weeks ago this was a far right coup. I like Sturgeon and think she’s a smart cookie, but thought that was daft, well, I’m not laughing now. So when any of the Brexit leaders give a mealy mouthed ‘condemnation’ as Farage has done four days after this started and when the rest say nothing while your friends, neighbours and family are racially abused there’s only one group responsible and one man especially owns this racist violence and that’s Nigel Farage.

Time to grab some hope from the fear of Brexit

Brexit is upon us.There are three huge shocks I’ve had to deal with that stand out in my life. One is the death of my mother, another is when I was diagnosed with cancer a few months back after having a stroke and today. Today is when the far right won. Brexit was achieved by people swallowing racist lies and there’s people on TV and social media saying now they’d regret their vote because of the carnage Brexit is causing around this small planet of ours. So we have a right to be angry, and here’s some Rage Against the Machine to help you get angry.

So get angry. Have a wee cry. Fear for our European friends, colleagues, neighbours, partners, lovers and acquaintances while trying not to look at the financial global collapse too closely, or the racists in England especially who are now gloating because they won.

Once you’ve done that, get up off your knees, dry your eyes and fight. As a democrat I accept the result. It however should not apply for the people of Scotland, Northern Ireland and there is an increasing argument it shouldn’t London either. So keep calm…

Let Scotland take the lead here. Our friends in Northern Ireland and the Republic will find their way with our utmost support. Those of us still in England should look to Scotland the words of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to provide a chink of light at this time.

It is significant – in my view – that we did so after a campaign that was positive about the EU and about the benefits of migration.

Indeed, I want to take the opportunity this morning to speak directly to citizens of other EU countries living here in Scotland – you remain welcome here, Scotland is your home and your contribution is valued.

Those words are important. It sets Scotland aside from what’s happened across England. It provides hope of an example where change can happen but that change can no longer happen being attached to the United Kingdom. The UK as of today is over.

So what’s next? Personally its beating cancer, returning home and helping the people of Scotland be they born and bred there, or made it their home, to win independence from an increasing right wing, fascistic, racist England who has lost the ability to reason with facts or tolerate. Yet it’s not all in England, the vote after all was tight in England with 53% voting for a Brexit, but they dominate the agenda now so the 47% who rejected the Brexit campaign of hate and lies cannot be left behind, nor can those who today come to their sense even though we rage against them now.

With a second independence referendum for Scotland now inevitable the only way to proceed is unite and stand against fear and hate. All of us need to make a stand and unite. We can even all sing Caledonia with a tear in your eye if you’re born in Glasgow or Bristol or Cardiff and believe something good can come from this.

I’ve lived in England for 28 years. I’ve enjoyed it, the people and the places. As of today it no longer feels like home. My personal circumstances were taking me home before all of this, but I can no longer listen to English left wingers mouthing the usual platitudes about ‘solidarity’ when they don’t even realise why desperate people with nothing to lose who have been abandoned by Labour have adopted the politics of fear and hate. They’ve nothing to lose. There was no progressive alternative. They picked Farage and Johnson’s bullshit because what else was there in their eyes?

I still believe in solidarity but I also believe that right now an example needs to form from the wreckage and that is an independent Scotland as part of Europe. Scotland stands with its friends in Europe and rejects the policy of fear and hate to the point where if successful, it can show a way forward out of the darkness for England who have now doomed themselves to an awful, terrible future.

Spend the weekend being angry, sad, scared, fearful but come Monday it is on. A second referendum for Scottish independence is going to have to happen and this time, I don’t think it’ll be lost. There will be strange bedfellows as people that voted No last time suddenly, finally, realise they made a mistake but we all have to unite because England stands on the brink of bringing in a harder right wing Tory government than what we have now led by a Boris Johnson or worse, Teresa May who has kept quiet and bided her time.

There is only one chance for something good to come from this. There is only one chance to provide an example that people can use to fight what is coming. That is an independent, welcoming, inclusive Scotland side-by-side with other independent European countries standing firm against the racist wave of hate Nigel Farage has unleashed and the Tories will use to cling onto power while Labour fail in England.


The months ahead are going to be hard. The fight can be won. Mourn this weekend then Monday, get off your knees, unite and fight what is going to be a long and hard fight but we can win and set that example.

Is the EU Referendum debate driving England fans hooliganism in France?

I asked myself this when I first saw the odd Vine and YouTube clips coming out of Marseilles on Thursday as they chanted ”ISIS where are you” to nobody in particular because they were in France, not Syria or Iraq. Then it dawned on me these were people going round a multicultural city trying to target Muslims because in the eyes of these fuckwits Muslims=terrorists.Another thing happened, a friend posted this video up on his Facebook so we can all take the piss and the horror of it all dawned on me.

To add some more weight to the increasing Lovecraftian dread I was feeling I saw this from the New Statesman’s political editor.


And this from the Guardian’s David Conn, one of their last remaining actual journalists as opposed to half-arsed bloggers and mates of the editorial staff.


I’ve been to the pub to watch England games as a Scot living in England and not felt any problems til fairly recently, after the last World Cup, where a darker, harder edge in the chants in the streets and attitudes of some England fans were clear for all. I’d never go near a pub when an England game is on now, and before anyone goes ‘ah, you’re being sensitive because you’re a Scot!!‘ there’s English friends who love the game, have season tickets for their local sides and refuse to go near a pub because they don’t want to sit near Engerland fans singing about bombing the Germans, hating the French and chanting ‘no surrender to the IRA‘.

It’s also easy to dismiss this as older fans having one last rage. It’s not as a quick look at any video shows. It’s as much younger fans being encouraged as much as the old hands who have been reinvigorated by the rise in extreme English/British (both are connected closely) nationalism that’s been at the core of the Brexit campaign. I also again need to make it clear it’s not every England fan as many reports also outline how peaceful English fans have been caught up in the French police reaction and that’s nothing to do with them. It’s the thugs that’s dragging England down.

And it’s bizarre. No other country that was on the winning side in WW2 have fans which constantly hark back to something their parents, grandparents and now, possibly great grandparents were involved with. Scottish fans don’t. Welsh fans don’t. Northern Irish fans don’t. American fans don’t. Russian fans don’t. Dutch fans don’t. French fans don’t. We’ve all moved on and alright, there’s banter but there’s a difference between me and a English mate sitting in the pub taking the piss out of each other as friends having a laugh, and a shaven headed ‘fan’ with his top off shouting at people that he hates the French and Muslims.

Forget the fact the Brexit campaign is fact free, it’s working to convince enough people they’re right because when Brexit tried dealing in facts they had their arses handed to them. Now they’re dealing in scaring people about immigration, not to mention dogwhistle terms about Muslims mainly, and its working a treat for them yet we’re seeing the very real effects of this in France right now with a section of England fans causing trouble. It’s at this point one has to consider just what Nigel Farage has unleashed with the help of desperate Tory politicians looking to gain more power. Whatever the result when votes are counted on the 24th of June this isn’t going to be put away easily, and in  fact I don’t think it is going away because there’s no real progressive argument being made in England for the EU.

So to sum up this is an English problem here. There’s not a sign of violence from Welsh fans busy singing in the street, nor is this is a case where I don’t want to see England do well. I do, and apart from the fact they’ll never do that playing Rooney in midfield, they can’t shine if a section of their support are thuggish, racist xenophobes. You can’t claim moral superiority. Yet for a number of people empowered by the rhetoric of Farage, Johnson and Gove they don’t care, they’ve moved beyond facts are are operating purely on hate and lies.

The Wee Bleu Book-The EU Referendum staggers on

weebleubookWith the news that the Brexit campaign has taken a small lead after focusing on immigration after losing the economic and social argument, there’s now a real danger that the UK is voting to become a more racist, xenophobic, closed minded country looking back and making it clear it doesn’t want diversity. It’s be horrendous not for just the UK if a Brexit was achieved on the back of what has been an extraordinarily racist line of rhetoric from many in Vote Leave and the UKIP campaigns. It’d also give the far right the ammunition it’s been looking for and I genuinely fear for people should this happen.

See, Nigel Farage is a bigot and a racist. He’s tainted this debate before it even started and Boris Johnson has gladly picked up Farage’s lines about the likes of Turkey joining the EU (never going to happen unless there’s a massive change in how Turkey is run) and has made it so the Turks are going to join the EU tomorrow and we’ll be ‘flooded’ with rapists, terrorists and other criminals in what is a horrible line of debate.

So some facts need to enter into the debate and those of us who want to stay in the EU (this doesn’t make me a huge fan of the EU’s many flaws) need to step up the game in the last couple of weeks otherwise we’ll lose it and hand control over to a bunch of imperialistic xenophobes who’ll make life hell for most people in the UK.

The Wee Bleu Book is clearly inspired by Wings Over Scotland’s Wee Blue Book which played a big part of the Scottish Independence Referendum. Created by members of the SNP it is obviously focused on Scotland, but it’s information is relevant to the UK too. Before you cast your vote have a look at it because it’s far, far clearer than anything the Leave campaign has come up with as they seem to be too busy talking about immigrants, bananas and Hitler.

If you look at this picture of Humza Yousaf and thinks it’s threatening then you’re a bigoted arsehole

I’m taking some time off reading deeply or talking about politics while I recover from surgery but one thing among a whole load of annoying bullshit has stood out of late and the reaction from some to this picture of Scottish SNP MSP Humza Yusaf after being sworn in this week.


Most sane, rational people will see a happy family. Frothing moronic racists are looking at this and going through the roof.


Yousaf points out a selection of abuse he’s had on Twitter from mouthbreathers who somehow feel threatened by this image, which as can be seen, has been cropped to exclude his non Muslim white father-in-law because for racists, the more brown faces in a picture, the scarier it is.

It seems that since the elections last week in Scotland the hardcore defenders of the Union and the bigots and effluent that make up the Islamophobic sewage of social media have a common enemy and it’s clear that for these people, a picture of a multicultural family, is the more terrifying thing they could see.

If this is what the Tories and their willing idiot cheerleaders have whipped up then I hope they actually face up to what they’ve done, but it appears they won’t and don’t particularly care. All we can do as decent people is condemn the actions of these people and make it clear it’s got no place in the 21st century.

Today’s Daily Mail cartoon is a racist bit of hatred aimed at Muslims

The general consensus is the Daily Mail is a filthy, bigoted rag that offends people in order to make money and spread hate/ Today, their cartoonist Mac has had his latest piece published and it’s as if it’s pre-war Nazi Germany and that isn’t hyperbolic.


That cartoon above was printed in a UK newspaper in the year 2015 and just to prove it’s not hyperbole to compare this with Nazi propaganda have a look at this.


The depiction of human beings as rats is a deliberate, not to mention, evil attempt at dehumanise people, in the case of the Daily Mail, it’s Muslims, immigrants and refugees as they push the idea of ‘open borders’ (we don’t have open borders) and a ‘flood’ (we don’t have unlimited immigration, or endless amounts of refugees entering the UK) of people.

It’s bullshit. Racist fucking bullshit.It also helps ISIS/ISIL/Daesh in their goal to cause division, and in particular against Muslims because they think it’ll help drive people to their repulsive brand of fascism and here’s the Daily Mail publishing something that helps spread hatred not to mention it reduces vulnerable people to the place of rodents.

This is vile cartoon and I despise the person that drew it, the paper that published it and those that look at it and don’t question it. Fuck the Daily Mail. Fuck the bigoted Nazi arseholes that work for it and fuck the people that lavishly fucking lap their filth up.

Jeremy Clarkson, Nigel Farage and Steve Bell have ensured it’s been a good week for bigots, racists and idiots.

If you’re a racist, bigot or generally think that black people need putting in their place, or the Scots are chippy tossers, or calling someone an ‘Irish cunt’ is something that’s just a bit of laugh then this has been the week for you.

The week started with Steve Bell suggesting that the SNP would support incest for a chance of power, not to mention that because Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are Scottish they’d look hilarious if they were doing Scottish dancing and talked like they came out of Brigadoon.


Buy hey, casual racism is fine when it comes to Scots, or indeed, anything perceived as working class in the media. Had this been the Welsh they’d be portrayed carrying leeks and worrying sheep (though the media would have to discover Wales in the first place) or Liverpool would have chirpy Scousers with Souness moustaches, and so on. Know your place. Eat your cereal.

Then came along Jeremy Clarkson, beloved of middle aged men and people that think The Lad Bible is funny. He’s been suspended from the BBC for a ‘fracas’ that his mates think wasn’t a big deal but the gossip site Popbitch (normally a good source for this sort of thing) report this…

It’s not just physical abuse
Clarkson doled out. The words used
are said to be something along the
lines of “Where’s our hot food, you
lazy fucking Irish cunt?”

So all those people signing petitions (one now outnumbers that against female genital mutilation) are supporting not only someone that resorts to violence as they don’t have people jumping at their whims, but uses the nationality of someone as a pejorative.


Mike Small of the site Bella Caledonia wrote a fantastic article on Bell and Clarkson in the context of the abuse Scotland and Scots (of all descriptions) have taken this week, but I don’t think anyone could predict the week would come to an end with Nigel Farage trying to yet again drag the UK back to the 1950’s in possibly the most open display of UKIP’s petty beige racism that’s they’ve done yet, and this is saying quite a bit. Farage’s idea to get rid of equality and race discrimination law which is shocking enough but hidden in there is the real reason which is to allow employers to hire and fire whomever they like. Black and the best person for the job? Nah, fuck it, racist bosses can ignore you? Female and off work to have a kid? Sorry, you’ve lost your job.

Following Farage’s bizarre logic is that this legislation isn’t needed because people should be free to do what they want because people can be racist if they want to be. It’s simply pandering to this idea that the majority of people are imposed upon because they’re white, middle class and English so that the minorities in this country should somehow put up with a little bit of casual racism as UKIP are ‘colour blind’.

This is all part of the same thing in that racism, bigotry and the sort of imperialist attitudes that diminish Scots and Irish to scare figures of those of the abused is the mainstream view and not that of a group that’s kept quiet. Clarkson’s casual bigotry and violence is seen to be something that’s just ‘bants’ and no big deal, yet he smacked someone and called them an ‘Irish cunt’ because they didn’t bring him something to eat? Is that really the actions of an ordinary person? Bell abused Scots for the crime of being Scottish yet this week we’ve seen anti-Scottish rhetoric hit new heights and there’s still weeks to go before the election so it’s just building up a head of steam. And Farage, well, Farage just made it clear he’s not even attempting to pretend UKIP are an inclusive party of the 21st century. All of this isn’t helped by the majority of the media engaging in a narrative where these people are given time and space to air their views unopposed most of the time, yet the likes of Clarkson and Farage pretend they’re not given an inordinate amount of space to speak freely in the media.

It seems that all the work people did from the 1950’s onwards is slowly being unraveled and not just by Tory tossers like Clarkson or far right demagogues like Farage, but supposed champions of the left like Bell as the idea of equality and egalitarianism is dumped for identity politics or tribalism. It’s simply repulsive  that society is being reshaped to be harder, more brutal and ultimately callous as the establishment realises that the jig is up so they’re making one last stand as people from all sides of the establishment combine to purge what they see as threats and to shape a new UK that’s not going to be a nice place to live.

So when you laugh at a Bell cartoon mocking Scots, or think Farage has a point, or that Clarkson’s just having some fun as he smacked someone and called them an Irish cunt, look at yourself and wonder where your fucking humanity has gone. It’s been a dreadful week and the thing is, there’s worse to come before the election. At least now we realise that the gloves are off and anything goes.

Mike Read’s racist UKIP calypso should be banned!

It shouldn’t be banned. That’s just me indulging in some shameless clickbait headline writing, as well referencing Mike Read banning Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax.

For those who haven’t heard it, here’s former DJ Mike Read’s UKIP campaign song titled UKIP Calypso by his ‘band’ The Independents. If you’re of a nervous disposition I suggest looking away now…

Did you notice such Wildean lines of wit such as Leaders committed a cardinal sin, opened the borders let them all come in, which is well, racist when sung in a cod-Jamaican accent, or in fact any accent you can imagine.But perhaps it’s just the one line that’s racist and the rest is just a jolly ditty about Nigel Farage and UKIP?

Nope, Read ‘sings’ about Illegal immigrants in every town which isn’t just obviously a coded racist line, it’s also something which leads into the astonishing line Oh yes, when we take charge, and the new prime minister is Farage, we can trade with the world again – when Nigel is at No 10 which shows just how far removed from reality UKIP are as we do trade with the world but UKIP’s idea of cutting off the EU and dragging the UK back to 1950 is fucking insane.

The fact Farage has supported a song with obviously racist undertones and writes it off as satire (something he wouldn’t know if it bit him on the arse) but Farage and his supporters clearly do live in an era which most of us thought was over long, long ago. You do have to pinch yourself to remind yourself that it is 2014 and not 1972.You do have to be aghast that although the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems are pointless neoliberal parties intent on wrecking the country, they’re not actually certifiably insane as UKIP are.

So what’s the conclusion in all this?

Well, if you live in England you should look at the policies of the Green’s, see how much you agree with them and vote for them. In Scotland, look at Green and SNP polices, and in Wales look at Green and Plaid Cymru polices. The idea that there are ‘no alternatives’ bar UKIP is nonsense. Most of all though don’t bloody buy Mike Read’s appallingly racist song!