Orange Crush

Today in Glasgow saw the Orange Order walk the streets like it was 1717 not 2017 like some reminder of a historical cancer that took the form of bloated archaic attitudes made puffy, angry, bitter flesh. From an early age there were two things that guaranteed my bowels to tremble in fear; one was the John Williams theme to Jaws, and the second was the sound of some paunchy, balding playing a tin whistle while his comrades sing of ‘bathing in Fenian blood’.

Think that’s of the past? That that because in 2017 Glasgow is a progressive, enlightened city? Well, it is and a vastly different city to what it was in 1988 when I left to the one I returned to in 2016, but when I said ‘cancer’ I meant it. This form of Unionism sits like a tumour strangling your jugular vein and I have experience of just how that actually feels, and the only way to get rid of it is taking action to remove it and reject it as the harmful thing it is.

Does this seem normal in the 21st century?

I love being back in Glasgow. Once fitter and more established I can rebuild a life, but this hangs like a smell over the summer months, and although I hope the new SNP city council are less compliant than the previous Labour one (and Labour in Scotland are as infected by this hate group as the Tories are, and I find it extraordinarily hypocritical of Jeremy Corbyn to let this continue in his party) I can’t see these marches die out totally unless we as a city make clear we reject this.

It’s 2017 in Scotland’s largest city and people live in fear of racist, sectarian bigots who have roots in the Scottish establishment and who cling onto an identity that reflects the past, not the present or future. Irvine Welsh hit the nail on the head in this clip from Trainspotting 2.

So there you have it. Darkness is falling over Glasgow and pubs across the city will be full of Orange Order types pissed out their faces before they return home to take their anger and bitterness out on their families, but hey, it’s ‘their culture’ so our media and politicians brush this under the carpet because confronting the truth is the first step in trying to change things, and too many people don’t want to change things. Let’s try to make this the last summer where the Orange Order walk as they have done for too long…

Daily Mail readers’ vile, racist attacks on Malala for winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Daily Mail readers are scum. This is well known. Every now and then (or every week) they confirm this.

This is what Mail readers think of Malala winning a Nobel Peace Price . Forget about compassion or admiration about a girl who stood up to a fascistic regime and nearly died because of it. No, now we’re looking after her in the UK and we’re ‘better together’ you have bitter racists attacking her for being browner than they are.

Fuck the Mail. Fuck their readers. They’re scum. Malala has done more to help the world in her short life than any reader of the Daily Mail ever could.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail!)

Sometimes Daily Mail readers show their true faces – and they’re as ugly and vile as you would expect them to be.

Here are just a few of the nasty and downright racist comments in the Daily Mail today after it was announced that Malala had won the Nobel Peace Prize:

“Send her back home.”

“How come she’s still here?”

“The UK taxpayer has been stumping up the bill for her to fly around the world.”

“Sick of hearing about her.”

“A joke. She has been awarded a Noble Prize for stopping a bullet?”

“I just find her annoying.”

“Why is she still here?”

“Living off the taxpayer.”

“Praise some British kids for a change.”


Remember, these comments are about a little girl who was shot at point blank range by the Taliban for wanting to go to school and – despite still being a target for…

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The March of the EDL

Today the EDL had a jolly little march through London which resulted in several arrests, including that of the EDL leader, Stephen Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson. What was amusing was seeing Lennon martyr himself by getting arrested which was then followed by his supporters setting up a fund to pay for his legal costs, which of course will not go to any of Lennon’s mounting legal problems at all. Jings never!

I do however have a point to make in that EDL supporters seem singularly unable to actually articulate why on earth they’re supporting a group who’s goals are at best dubious and at worst are just outright fascistic in nature. The claim that the EDL ‘supports the military’ is simply a load of utter fucking cobblers as they’re not supporting the army in any way at all, and if they were then they should join up, however as most of them wouldn’t last five seconds they’d be singularly crap in any conflict. I also find the ‘but we’re working class people protecting our streets’ line to be one of the most intentionally obtuse things the EDL have ever said.

I’m from a strong working class background and I’ve also spoken about the language of race in the past, and frankly the working class are no more racist than any other class but they will be the first to feel any effects of a new group integrating itself in the country because immigrants are often stuck at the bottom of the pile along with the working class so if there’s not a lot to go around then people will blame easy scapegoats, especially if the middle class refuse to let immigrants move into traditional middle class areas.

No, the idea that because someone supporting the EDL is working class that they should logically follow them is bollocks. It’s divisive nonsense.  There is something to be said about the gentrification of former working class multicultural areas to be said, but that’s for another time. Today is about pointing and laughing at the EDL’s failure to achieve this huge street movement that will change the nation.

Their festishisation of the military is nothing but a smokescreen.  They are fascists. They are racist. They are bigots. They are to be mocked and laughed at, so here’s a picture care of Hope not Hate that will put a wee smile on your face….


The Daily Bale’s Campaign of Fascist Insanity

I’ve already blogged about the Daily Bale’s attack on the Globe in Leicester, and how they’ve continued their libel even though they’ve been made aware the police are investigating them.

The problem is they’re continuing putting out the usual mix of lies and old stories to whip up hate that a lot of neo-Nazi sites do, but what is unusual is how The Daily Bale is taking shots at UKIP by repeating a story from earlier this year.

A UKIP candidate is facing calls to resign after claiming the solution to crime in Britain is sharia law and thieves should have their hands cut off.

Self-employed builder and UKIP activist Dean Perks, prospective candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis, shocked supporters at a rally when he suggested the brutal punishment as a legitimate way to tackle crime.
Mr Perks is due to stand for the party at the next general election but leader Nigel Farage is now facing a barrage of calls to get rid of him.

Bonehill clearly holds a grudge against UKIP, assuming it wasn’t his crony Alex Wood, but the point of this is that after their attack on the Globe they’ve made it very, very, very clear what the blog is and what they’re trying to do.

They’re not being ”satirical”. They’re not challenging ”PC” attitudes. They’re fascists and racists. Anyone suggesting otherwise is either being stupidly obtuse or are cheerleaders for Bonehill and his blog.