My vote for the European elections goes to……

I got my postal voting pack through for the forthcoming European Elections here in the South West of the UK. It is frankly, a shocking indictment of how bad modern democracy is in this part of the UK. Here’s a list of parties and this should explain what the problem is.

I’m a very left wing type with a strong working class background, so where’s the party which represents me? It’s not Labour as they’re Tory-Lite, and it’s certainly not the Lib Dems who wiped their arse on the benefit of the doubt people gave them in order to maintain their place in a position of power. I’m certainly never voting Tory as frankly, that would be wrong to vote for people like the Tories but what other great choices are they?

There’s An Independence From Europe, who are an offshoot of UKIP who are also standing. There’s the English Democrats and the BNP. The BNP bigots, racists and homophobes but out of this four they’re the only ones who demand any sort of respect because they are at least honest about their racism and xenophobia. UKIP and their offshoot are just xenophobic bigots pandering to the very, very worst in people while hiding their policies, though in UKIP’s case they’re not printing their manifesto til after the election. That’s right, UKIP want people to vote for them without knowing what they’ll be voting for.

Then there’s the English Democrats who are just old fucking bigots who want to blame everything on Scots, multiculturalism and whatever isn’t old white English people going grrrrrrrr at everyone who has the hints of a tan or a vague Scottish brogue in their accent, while making a mockery of the word ‘democrat’ just because they’re wankers.

So that leaves The Greens. A party who’s science policy is flaky and they support homeopathy. Fuck.

This means the least evil, the least xenophobic, the least racist party wins my vote and with a lump in my throat I stuck my X next to The Greens. This is by no means a party I want to support but as I want to vote in the European Elections I have no other sensible choice. This is bollocks however if I’m to show any sign of dissent against the Westminster parties and the xenophobic bigots hanging like winnets from the arse of British politics then in this part of the world, I have no fucking choice.The last thing I want is Nigel Farage or some prick from the English Democrats cawing over the fact they’ve used feat to mobilise a vote based upon bigotry.

This does not mean I’m going to start eating mung beans and open a mindfulness workshop. Fuck that. It just means I’m registering a protest vote with the only party left to me as an option without having to swallow too much of my ethics.

This is not the way is should be.