Give praise for the glory of the Rezillos




I spent ages trying to work out which Rezillos song to pick for this blog and at the end I went for the very first one I remember, as well as this performance from Top of the Pops when it was great as long as you ignore the presenters. In fact lets completely ignore the presenters..

Anyhow, The Rezillos were a favourite band until I shamefully forgot about them, until walking into a pub in Nottingham (The Salutation if anyone wants to know) in around 1992 and going ‘bloody hell, I love this band’ as they were playing on the jukebox. Looking at the band now it’s clear how ahead of her time in look Fay Fife is, and their sound married the rawness of London based punk with the pop sensibilities of a lot of Scottish bands.

So listen and enjoy, then go search out more Rezillos songs. They never put a foot wrong.