This machine kills fascists

”This machine kills fascists’ is a phrase Woody Guthrie had on his guitar. It’s a fantastic phrase that’s been going through my head of late.

This is mainly due to the inauguration of Donald Trump, not to mention the rise of neo-Nazism which calls itself ‘alt-right’, though watching that movement’s leader, Richard Spencer, being punched is a thing of beauty.

There’s been much talk at to how to fight what we’re seeing over in America, or here with the far right in the shape of UKIP with the gurning horror of Nigel Farage latching limpet-like to Trump’s pallid nether regions an almost daily thing. There’s some liberal hand-wringing going on which is predictable, but how we got here isn’t the issue for now, though I do recommend reading this splendid Yanis Varoufakis article for a bit of a history lesson in how neoliberalism led us to the point where we have a dangerous narcissist in the White House.

What needs to happen now is a realisation that we can’t rely upon liberals to lead the fight because they’re partly the reason why we’re facing actual full on fascists and actual fucking Nazis in positions of power in the year 2017. We do however need to unite, and as the Women’s March showed, the numbers are there to oppose this new form of fascism though we need to understand why people voted for Trump and Brexit so real alternatives to not just the new fascism can be sought, but also to a status quo that in many cases left Trump and Brexit as the only thing left in people’s armoury to be heard, or to hope that some positive change may come to areas destroyed by globalisation and neoliberalism.

We’ve got to create something new as Yanis Varoufakis has said that takes the best of liberal democracy while tempering it with socially democratic left wing egalitarianism so all can benefit, rather than a few. People like Trump and FarageĀ  give exactly zero fucks about those destroyed by globalisation and neoliberalism as they’re just pawns to be used and abused. They’re trying to redefine things in their images which is grotesque.

Once the narrative is ripped from these people’s hands and we unite against them there’s only one possible outcome for the likes of Farage and Trump so I leave it to Woody Guthrie to make it clear what the outcome will be…

Hitting Nazis in the face is good for us all

At Donald Trump’s inauguration the ”Alt-Right” leader (or Neo-Nazi to decent people) Richard Spencer took a smack in the face. Here it is.


Now some people think it’s an awful thing; that in fact, it makes us as bad as the neo-Nazis Spencer represents. We should be better than cheering on someone being punched; even someone as clearly and obviously abhorrent as Spencer is while Trump supporters/Neo-Nazis are just angry with anyone that isn’t them.

So should we cheer on Spencer getting punched?

Oh fuck yes. We should be grinning like loons.

I don’t think violence works as a political weapon, but there is a line. When you out yourself as basically, a fucking Nazi, then we make sure you aren’t treated as normal. That in fact, you were firmly beaten decades ago and you won’t be tolerated as you’re a fucking Nazi! But ‘it makes us as bad as them’ say the sort of liberals used to re-Tweeting a harsh hashtag. No, it doesn’t. Again, once you out yourself to the world as a Nazi and you hide behind Donald Trump’s coattails in the hope of garnering some sympathy for taking a punch, then remember, this is what Spencer is about.

The far right re empowered like never before. They’re crawling out the woodwork and you can’t hide in safe spaces when that happens so you either fight back or tolerate it, and I’m not going to tolerate it as after all, there’s a rich tradition of smacking Nazis in the face.


I’m not saying violence is always the solution; it isn’t. I’m saying that if a Nazi like Spencer takes a hit in the side of the face then it follows a long tradition of hitting Nazis, and worse, since 1939, or 1941 if you’re from America.

Make no bones about this though, the time for tutting liberals are over, and we either take the fight up as the millions across the world did with the Woman’s March, or we give ground to the far right because if we don’t they’ll try to normalise what they are and that can never, ever happen as we know what happens when far right authoritarians gain control of power and of course, countries.