The World Cup moral dilemma

It’s less than a week til the World Cup starts. Normally I’m dripping with schoolboyish glee in anticipation but the World Cup this year is in Russia; a state deeply corrupt, racist, homophobic and is supporting multiple dodgy regimes around the world.

But it is the World Cup.

Do I want to watch something that’ll help boost Putin’s ego?

It’s the World Cup.

As a lefty type do I sit there with gritted teeth?

It’s the World Cup.

So I’m going to bite my tongue, grit my teeth and watch the events of Russia’s World Cup because there’s few countries who can claim complete innocence, and yes, I’m a weak hypocrite.

But it is the World Cup.


Everyone is an expert

The ongoing situation with the alleged Russian poisoning of the Skripal’s in Salisbury has become the sort of thing that if someone had pitched this to Chris Morris 20 years ago he’d have told you to fuck off because it is now utterly ludicrous. The short version is it seem the UK has been poking Russia and Putin with a stick because the idea of going to war with one of the world’s nuclear superpowers is a really smart idea.

There’s so much disinformation, lies and bullshit that any chance of the truth ever being known but this hasn’t stopped people becoming experts in chemical weapons overnight, or an astounding expert in Russian politics, or simply being Boris Johnson who every time he opens his mouth talks the most enormous rubbish. Then there’s those on the left who instinctively leap to defend Russia and Putin based on old, outdated ideology and are now leaping to defend a hyper-capitalist authoritarian

When the state of the Skipal pets are front page news, then we are through the proverbial looking glass and we are quite literally living in an Adam Curtis documentary.The point is remaining sceptical and questioning one side is fine, but the fact is there’s no way anyone can now approach this without their own biases being open and clear for all to see and this is a bad thing because it means we’re moving away from critical thinking.

But hey, if the Tories get their war it won’t really matter.

What has Doctor Who in common with conspiracy theories, Russia and hats?

Ever since 2001 and 911, the conspiracy theory has entered political debate so with Russia strongly suspected of poisoning the Skripal’s in Sailisbury, tinfoil hats are being passed out left, right and centre.

On the subject of hats, we have #hatgate in which some of the more rabid supporters of Jeremy Corbyn are saying the BBC are making Corbyn seem ‘more Russian‘ by digitally altering the Lenin cap he wears which is so called thanks to Lenin adopting it as I assume he hung around with a load of Greek fishermen. Meanwhile, various Tory figures are avoiding discussing the rather large sums of money many of them have been given by various Russian oligarchs. Then there’s the frantic cry and rush to war from much of the UK media who seem to forget that a war between the UK and Russia wouldn’t even last as long as the career of an X Factor winner. We also have people on the left leaping instinctively to defend Russia even though Russia is now a hyper-capitalist tyranny, while some on the right leap to the defence of some on the left. All the time Putin and the Russians are simply taking the piss and watch this further destabilise the UK, while Putin gets to send a message to his dissidents that you can’t ever escape.

So it would be hilarious if it weren’t so serious but then wading into this quagmire of insanity comes former Doctor Who actor John Levene who played Sergeant Benton of UNIT during mainly the Jon Pertwee era who is on the case in Salisbury in this, well, quite unique video that touches international crime and feeding the ducks.

In this era of fake news and hats, who best to get to the root of the problem but a retired actor? It sort of sums up how we appear to be living in a world where nothing at all makes any sense and we’re so desperate for simple answers that we’ll throw our hat on anything that fits our own personal bias’s.