Sky News are wankers, again.

Adam Boulton is one of the ‘stars’ of Sky News. He’s also incredibly pompous and just a bit less anger-inducing than Kay Burley. This is not praise. More of him in a bit.

The Extinction Rebellion are a direct action Green group  protesting climate change by doing so when Westminster is on holiday, people with money and time are on holiday and in fact, most people are on holiday or winding down for Easter so instead of making an important point what’s happening is poor wankers having to grind out a living are inconvenienced therefore failing to win over people who’d benefit the most from a radical restructuring of the economic system. In effect these are a return of the well meaning, but mainly useless, middle class Greens of the early 90’s. More on them in a bit.

So today there were protests in London and Adam Boulton, every the man to tackle the issues of the day, interviewed Robin Boardman, a spokesman for the Extinction Rebellion. The result was Boulton unleashing his full entitled pompousness as he did more for the cause of fighting climate change than protesting outside an empty parliament ever could.

Boulton really isn’t at this point a ‘journalist’, not that he ever was, but instead he’s an unsold pile of Daily Mail’s at a W.H Smith made flesh. Aye, the lad Boardman is the sort of comfortable middle class protester a group like this would throw out to speak for them, but by the end of the interview I found myself on his side even though I find him part of that annoying middle class protester type which rubs me the wrong way.

Boulton is an arse. A dinosaur. But he’s a prime example of just how fucked the British media landscape is that instead of sitting most afternoons in a Wetherspoons nursing a £1.50 pint of farty ale and smelling of someone else’s piss, he’s presenting a prime news programme.

And you folk outwith the UK wonder why Brexit won?

The jaw-dropping stupidity of Kay Burley: Part 3,491

Kay Burley is an employee of Sky News. A friend of human hunk of gammon, David Cameron, and is paid lots of money to read the news not to mention spout her inane observations upon the world like a child throwing shite at walls.

Today former BBC presenter Cliff Michelmore sadly died at the ripe old age of 96. This is Michelmore as most of us of a certain age remember him…

Today Burley expressed her sadness by Tweeting this.


Malcolm Muggeridge died in 1990.

So here’s the thing. Burley has either just went straight on Google Images for a picture of Muggeridge, (who as said, has been dead for 26 years) because ”Cliff Michelmore” sounds exactly like ”Malcolm Muggeridge”, or she’s such a stupefying fucking idiot that she can’t even do a basic check as a supposed ‘journalist’ would do.

Thankfully she’s having the piss ripped out of her yet again on Twitter, but there’s a serious point here. If this person can’t even do the most basic, simple fact-checking for a celebrity death, then why should we trust anything else she says?

Of course the answer is ‘we shouldn’t’.

Today’s Events in Woolwich are Not An Excuse to be a Twat.

In a change to what I was going to write about  I’ve got to comment on the  violent and pointless murder of a man (at this point it’s not 100% confirmed if he was a serving soldier or not) in Woolwich in London.

The BBC are running a very good ongoing report on this on their site, while social media like Twitter and Facebook has exploded in a shower of petty ignorance, racism, fear and stupidity.

Here’s the thing; terrorism only works if you become terrorised by these acts. Yes, it’s bloody shocking to have someone run over, then hacked to death and beheaded on a London street in front of dozens of people who were standing around filming the thing and letting the murderers rant into their camera phones. 

Then there’s the frankly remarkable, insane and somewhat darkly comic Twitter feeds…


What sort of world do we live in where someone pops out for fruit and veg and sees the third most fucked up thing they’ve seen when they see this?

But this is all an aside to the bigotry, hate and fear this attack has caused. I’m not saying not to be repulsed, or even angry but take your repulsion and your anger out on the two miserable wee fuckers who did this, Not black people. Not Muslims. Not immigrants (it seems both were actually British anyhow). In fact, anyone who isn’t the people who did this because you make it a successful act of terror but playing it up more and more.

Yes, I’m aware I’m feeding the machine and of the irony but let me tell you a secret; I’ve dodged several terrorist attacks, including the IRA’s bombing of Manchester and the very first blog I wrote here detailed the IRA bombing in Leicester in 1990, and the reaction to it. I don’t think I allowed myself to be scared, which isn’t to say I wasn’t but if you do get scared and show it then terrorists, or lunatics like these pair win. Spreading bigotry and hate is letting them win. I’ve spent my entire adult life living with some form of terrorism and trust me, being scared is letting them win.

Don’t let them win. Don’t stand back looking at this looking through a lens at the horror of it all. Don’t let eager politicians use this. Don’t let the EDL use this. Don’t let Islamist groups use this. Make a point not to be scared. Don’t let Sky, or ITV, or the BBC or the Guardian, or The Sun scare you as they drool (the false morality as they warn us of the ‘shocking images’ as they show them over and over and over is depressing) over the sort of story that keeps them in a job for another week. Don’t let bloggers scare you. Don’t be a twat.

Do be shocked, do be repulsed and do put this into perspective as it seems the pair wanted the infamy. They wanted this. Don’t let them have it. Don’t be a twat.

And with that, I’m off to bed, It’s been an odd old day.