Read Heavy Metal, Starlog, Warren Magazines and old Marvel magazines for free

I discovered a nice wee magazine archive site the other day. On it, it’s possible to read not only the entire run of SF magazine Starlog for free; Marvel Comics’ Mad ripoff, Crazy, (which I forgot used to reword old Marvel monster strips, not to mention it had Howard the Duck strips not written by Steve Gerber so are pretty rubbish) and even bizarrely enough, a run of Smash Hits.

For me though it’s the collection of old Warren Magazines and the run of Heavy Metal from the first issue that is going to keep me happy over the Christmas holidays.


There’s some amazing stuff buried in there and I’m going to wade through some of the crap the magazine has for the gems in there. I might even have a shufty at some of those old Smash Hits too…