The jaw-dropping stupidity of Kay Burley: Part 3,491

Kay Burley is an employee of Sky News. A friend of human hunk of gammon, David Cameron, and is paid lots of money to read the news not to mention spout her inane observations upon the world like a child throwing shite at walls.

Today former BBC presenter Cliff Michelmore sadly died at the ripe old age of 96. This is Michelmore as most of us of a certain age remember him…

Today Burley expressed her sadness by Tweeting this.


Malcolm Muggeridge died in 1990.

So here’s the thing. Burley has either just went straight on Google Images for a picture of Muggeridge, (who as said, has been dead for 26 years) because ”Cliff Michelmore” sounds exactly like ”Malcolm Muggeridge”, or she’s such a stupefying fucking idiot that she can’t even do a basic check as a supposed ‘journalist’ would do.

Thankfully she’s having the piss ripped out of her yet again on Twitter, but there’s a serious point here. If this person can’t even do the most basic, simple fact-checking for a celebrity death, then why should we trust anything else she says?

Of course the answer is ‘we shouldn’t’.