Jonathan Jones is a sneering priggish snob shocka!

Jonathan Jones is the Guardian’s art critic. Today he’s written an article about Terry Pratchett where he manages to sneer at his final book but he lays his position out at the start.


At this point any respecting editor should tell Jones to fuck off, but this is the supa, soaraway all-clickbait Guardian and an article of Jones sneering at someone as amazingly popular as Pratchett is easy hits for the advertisers.

But this is one of those articles that wallows in it’s snobbishness but is so amazingly stupid it beggars belief. After all if you’re a critic, then you have to know what you’re actually talking about so you can dismiss it, even if you think it’s utterly fucking shite? For example, I know a Michael Bay film is going to be shite because I’ve endured a few of them. I know I’m going to hate Eastenders because I’ve seen enough of them. I know I don’t like Harry Potter because I forced myself to finish the first book, and I’m not a great fan of Pratchett’s work though I think it maybe more to do with my general contempt for fantasy than Pratchett’s work himself.

In all of this I gave it a chance. Then again this is Jonathan Jones, the man that ‘knew’ Rolf Harris was a pedophile by looking at his crap art and sneering at it.

Essentially all this article is doing is drawing clicks for advertisers to be happy. So here’s a wee tip. Go to the article using Firefox, but make sure you’ve downloaded an app called Lightbeam which will tell you what third party website the Guardian is mining your data for. I guarantee you’ll be shocked and you’ll also realise just ¬†why people like Jones are allowed to have crap articles where he’s not read something he’s criticising is allowed to be published by a paper like the Guardian.