Pick your own Brexit meme

Someone once said there isn’t a Wile E.Coyote gif that doesn’t represent Brexit perfectly.

This seems to be the case.

After all, it’s clear the likes of Theresa May and David Davis are out of their depth.

And that we’re facing ignoble failure as the EU makes it clear the Brexiters plans have obvious barriers.

It really is remarkable that virtually every single Wile E. Coyote gif sums Brexit up for the pitiful failure it is.

But we’re on the road to hell now and the drivers are imperialistic, Unionist xenophobes with delusions of greatness.

Still, this is only the start. It’s going to get much worse.

Good luck everyone!



Next Wednesday the UK officially leaves the EU

Theresa May is going to invoke Article 50 (the process to start the UK leaving the EU) next Wednesday.

The shitstorm starts here. We’re going into negotiations with Scotland wanting a second independence referendum, Northern Ireland making it clear it opposes Brexit and indeed, Unionism there is in retreat and there’s going to be companies kicking their contingency plans into gear depending what May says next week. That would be hard for a skilled government but we don’t have one of those.

So good luck everyone. We’re going to need it.

Refusing to grant a Scottish independence referendum is undemocratic

Theresa May is saying that she’ll block any attempt to hold a second Scottish independence referendum before Brexit is done. May’s reason is she wants the ‘UK to work together’ and says it wouldn’t be fair to make an ‘informed choice’ while there’s so much uncertainty. Yes, that’s coming from the person who since taking over the job has said ”Brexit means Brexit” for months when asked for clarity.

So we’re in a fucked up situation. A democratically elected party (SNP) who forms the Scottish Government has been told it can’t hold a referendum when it wants (before the Brexit talks end to provide a lifeboat for Scotland) and Holyrood (which has a pro-independence majority with the SNP and Greens combined) has been told it doesn’t matter by a Tory PM who is running a set of policies nobody voted for and didn’t even have an election herself to become leader.

Next week Holyrood has a vote on whether to ask Westminster for the powers to hold a referendum. It seems that power will be refused. From there is anyone’s guess, but I hope May’s government is taken to court as I suspect this isn’t just about using Scotland and it’s assets as a bargaining chip in Brexit negotiations (especially with Spain who want at least joint sovereignty of Gibraltar) as well as ensuring that if Scotland does have a referendum after Brexit that she gets full control of it. As we should know by now, May is a harsh authoritarian and is listening to fuckwits like Liam Fox but this is such a hypocritically cloth-eared piece of politics that she clearly thinks she can hold the UK together via threats.

Of course  second referendum isn’t actually blocked by May yet. The vote in Holyrood isn’t til next week and we’ll find out then if May’s this much of an undemocratic authoritarian, or if she’s just a reboot of Margaret Thatcher.

If this clash brings about the end of the UK then bring it on.

Jeremy Corbyn says ‘The real fight starts now’

After Labour helped the Article 50 bill enabling Theresa May sole power to take the UK out the EU, and in the process hand her power over the direction of Brexit, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said this.


Corbyn’s position was to tell the government he’d force his MP’s to vote for the bill and then ask for concessions thus giving up any leverage he had, and any Tory MP thinking of voting against their party went back and cowered on the backbenches. Diane Abbott today talks of how Labour had to ”listen to the nation‘ while fighting for a ‘good deal’ but like many people she’s got the idea that the UK will be able to negotiate a ‘good deal’. We won’t.

As soon as May invokes Article 50 next month we’re on a rollercoaster with no brakes and at the end of it is a sheer drop into a pit of flesh-eating spiders or a pit with Donald Trump and Nigel Farage laughing at the fact they’ve gotten what they wanted; a UK out of EU legislation where any remaining public services can be picked apart, privatised or scrapped. If you’re vulnerable, poor, or disabled (which I am now) then you’ll be shitting yourself. There is no ‘soft’ Brexit. There’s only a relentlessly hard Brexit.The place to have started the ‘real fight’ was a year ago when all this was coming to pass, but it’s clear Corbyn was rooted in old Labour/socialist ideology that painted the EU as relentlessly evil and although flawed, it was a different organisation, not to mention situation to the 70’s and 80’s when Labour figures used to speak venom about the EU.

So like a general sending in the archers after the opposing tanks have started rolling, Corbyn appears ready for a fight he’s lost, and lost badly. Scotland has another option, and that seems like 2018 we’ll be deciding where to go. Northern Ireland may well have their own option. England and Wales however have sealed their fate. The writer J.J. Patrick put forth his vision of the future.



That’s one of the more optimistic predictions of the next few years too.So there is a fight to be had, but I think pointless rhetoric is over as when it becomes clear just what’s going on we may have to fight tooth and nail to stop what is essentially a far right coup that’s been helped along by well meaning, but stupid people who think a socialist nirvana will arise from the ashes of a post-Brexit UK.

It won’t. Far from it.

How Brexiters are dealing with Brexit

There’s a video circulating today of Theresa May standing alone looking lost during an EU summit, which is wonderful, apt and sums up where the UK is as it stands alone trying to work out what the hell it’s going to do next.

The reaction to Brexiters to the sheer mess we’re in, and the fact the Tory government hasn’t a blind clue what it can do, let alone what it could do, is summed up in one page of comics.


There’s still three months til Article 50 is invoked and negotiations begin proper, but essentially we’re fucked. Still, we can laugh at the deluded insanity of the hardcore Brexiter.

Brexiters are angry as their Brexit is at threat

The court case to see if the government can use the Royal Prerogative (a dusty old bit of undemocratic legislation in the UK) to invoke Article 50 (the procedure which kicks off the UK leaving the EU and officially start Brexit) has been lost by the government.

This has made Brexiters go apoplectic online.Yet again, the strip, The Male Online, captures that particular zeitgeist.maleonlinebrexit

Essentially the court ruling says that Westminster has to have a say, as all that’s passed through the UK parliament was the bill to make the EU referendum happen, it didn’t take the result as anything but advisory and certainly wasn’t anything to do with a hard Brexit. So after weeks of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage crying about how voting to leave would ‘bring back control’ they’re not crying about the UK courts, errr, taking back control.

I’ll be honest that I’m not the best person to listen to in regards what the legal implications are here, so here’s David Allen Green, a proper lawyer, writing in the FT laying out the implications of today’s ruling. If you’re a Brexiter it isn’t good and the blame lies firmly with one person…

The problems caused by Thursday’s defeat were entirely the prime minister’s creation. Mrs May determined that the notification had to be done by prerogative and she even set a deadline of March next year. Both were her decisions. No doubt she regarded any advice that it should be done by a parliamentary vote as unhelpful.

But there is only so much any prime minister can do, even with the British constitution, by putting one’s head down and charging. The rules of reality are always there.

What happens now is we wait to see if the government wins their appeal. However, it is worth diving into the open festering sewer that is the internet to see Brexiters react and it isn’t nice. Failed UKIP leadership candidate Raheem Kassam sets the tone by saying Brexiters will take to the street and that’s painting the vision of angry Daily Mail readers waddling onto the street, but it also paints the picture of the far right hitting the street.

See, Brexit was never about ‘taking back control’ or sovereignty. If it were then there’d not be this rage, no, it was about getting rid of a globalised economic system basically overnight and of course, getting rid of ‘foreigners’. For these people Brexit was about imposing a form of right wing identity politics on the UK, and all the spiel about ‘taking back control was basically, pish.

And with every glorious tear of a Brexiter the world becomes a lighter and better place.