Ghosts on the Underground

Many people over the years have pointed out how utterly scary being alone on the London Underground is, especially on one of the more remote stations or deep in the depths of one of the more labyrinthine stations. Even some of the entrances look like you’re about to enter some sort of entrance to something dark, mysterious and very, scary.


Once you’ve crossed into the underworld it’s quite literally another place. In fact it’s entirely possible to be in the centre of one of the busiest cities on the planet and not see anyone, or indeed, anything. Do you dare go deeper?


Once you’re finally at the right platform you can be all by yourself. In London. On a busy night. Think about that possibility for a second…


It’s entirely possible to believe ghosts exist walking round the tunnels of London’s Underground, and indeed, some of these stations have stories to tell which is where this documentary originally broadcast on Five in the UK tells an interesting set of stories from people that make their living underground..

Of course ghosts are total nonsense, but deep underground it’s a bit of a different matter….