Board of Deputies of British Jews: UKIP has “embraced” racists and extremists

For years now the whole thing with UKIP is that they weren’t obviously bigots and racists. I mean they were to a numbe rof us but the general perception thanks to the media was they were ‘having a go at the system’ and were ‘something different’. Although most people have no intention of voting UKIP, that’s not just because they have some dubious types in their party, but because their policies are either just the mantra of ‘Europe and immigration’, or utterly non-existent. It was however difficult to define UKIP as a far-right party, albeit a right wing party with far right support.

Now the perception of UKIP as a bit Tory-Max has to go. They are now clearly a far-right party with even less morals and principles that Le Pen’s party in France who wouldn’t stand with Holocaust deniers to get EU funding as UKIP have done.

Note that point too: they’re standing with the far-right to take money from the EU even though they’re supposed to be morally against it, yet are quite happy taking our money.

So here we go, we can safely say from now on UKIP are far-right and they should now be treated akin to the BNP.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

More strong reaction to Nigel Farage’s decision to ally with a far-right party in the EU.

This time the Board of Deputies of British Jews – no bleeding-heart lefties by any means – have issued a statement accusing UKIP of embracing racists and extremists.

Here’s the Board of Deputies’ full statement:

Board of Deputies of British Jews Statement on UKIP and the EFDD

Board Vice President Jonathan Arkush said: “The Board is gravely concerned by reports that UKIP may sit in the same parliamentary grouping as a far-right Polish MEP in a bid save its funding.  Robert Iwaszkiewicz belongs to an extremist party whose leader has a history of Holocaust denial, racist remarks and misogynistic comments.  He belongs to the far-right Polish JKM, led by Janusz Korwin-Mikke who has reportedly called into question the right of women to have the vote.

“Furthermore, we…

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