UKIP voters fight for the right to bum dogs

In a YouGov poll a quarter of UKIP voters support the idea of having sex with a dog. I’ll let you digest that for a second.

SNP and Lib Dems are the least inclined to look at an Alsation and think ‘hmm, sexy’. UKIP voters are the most likely to look at a pug and think ‘I want that slobbering on my hard Brexit’. Tory voters are only slightly less turned on by a Great Dane than a UKIP voter while overall a quarter of voters would like to lay into a Labrador which is terrifying. Next time you go to vote, have a look at everyone else there as a quarter of them would like to indulge in bestiality.

I guess they’ve gone to the dogs…

So why does the BBC let producer, Alison Pedley, support the far right?

The BBC’s Question Time is a programme that helps shape public political opinion in the UK and has been running since 1979. In recent times the programme has frankly, turned into a freakshow where intelligent, or informed political discussion has vanished into the ether. Endless appearances of people like Nigel Farage ( as of the time of writing this, 37 appearances) and audience members seemingly culled mainly from the right of the political spectrum gives the impression that the UK, as a whole, is skewed to the right. Even so, Question Time retains a place in British political discourse, as well as society, few programmes have and any of the criticisms of right wing bias can feel a tad overwrought at times. After all, surely the BBC wouldn’t be as stupid to has a clear political bias on a programme like Question Time as that’d be a public scandal?

In the last week or so news has broke about a producer on the programme, Alison Pedley. Specifically she invites people into the audience after screening applications. This Bella Caledonia article covers the basics of what was discovered which is that Pedley wasn’t just supporting far right, anti-immigrant racist groups like UKIP and Britain First,


Pedley’s been reprimanded by the BBC but the damage is done, and she’s still employed by the BBC on the programme, and til recently, her social media feed still displayed images like the one above. Her social media (her Linkedin still remains) has now been deleted but the damage is irreparable and very firmly done. The reaction to this from the left has been that of anger and wonderfully articulated by Jack Monroe.




And in those Tweets there’s a point. Imagine if Pedley had say, booked figures from the left from say, the SNP, Greens, those leftish Labour people left or Plaid Cymru on a regular basis on the panel rather than a cursory one, maybe two per week? Imagine if she’d booked more left wingers, or even centrists rather than loons like this later revealed to be a member of the hard to far right Orange Order to the surprise of nobody. Imagine the horror and outrage from the Daily Mail had Pedley worked to skew Question Time with left wing, even liberal idea?

Yet the damage Pedley’s done to the national discourse in putting her own far right politics into her job could not just be far reaching, but a look at her IMDB shows the potential scale of her influence, as people may have missed that she’s also worked on other programmes as Alison Fuller. Seeing that she started the job on Question Time in 2007 and it was around then audiences seemed to swing mainly to the right, and it was around then Nigel Farage started what seems like a residency on the programme.

So I agree with the likes of Jack Monroe. A bollocking isn’t good enough. There’s been a conflict of interest, and Pedley’s used her position to corrupt British political debate to make it seem the far right are more numerous in the general population than they actually are. The BBC need to not just sack Pedley, but launch an inquiry as well as apologise for what they’ve done or whatever trust the BBC has left is going to go sinking down the drain.

UKIP Fight Club

British politics flits currently between being a joke and utterly terrifying which is why today’s news that UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe was involved in a fight with another UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem (who as I write this is on the run from the police), is just fucking insane.

From the Guardian

“Steven Woolfe has then taken his jacket off, walked over and said, ‘Right, you outside now’ or words to that effect,” the source told the Guardian. “They went outside and Steven Woolfe got the brunt of it.”


I mean, what the living fuck??

You’re a party trying to convince people you’re not full of far right thugs, you’re trying to convince people you’re not a bunch of lying, untrustworthy arseholes and then you have this.

I can imagine Farage cheering on the fight, fag in hand, ‘Come on Mike, he’s nearly a leftie, fucking knock him up! Smash his face, SMASH HIS FACE!!!!‘ with all of UKIP’s MEP’s in a circle around the pair like you used to get at school. UKIP fight club basically.

So, in the UK right now we have a Tory government dipping its feet into the water of not just fascism, but full on Nazi ideology, a Labour Party more intent in ignoring Brexit and fighting each other and UKIP smashing seven shades of shite out of themselves. What the hell did we do to deserve this?

New UKIP leader Diane James fights off Nigel Farage’s unwelcome kiss

UKIP elected a new leader today who is remarkably a woman. Astonishing for a party where casual misogyny is party etiquette, but she’s the new leader while Farage tours Europe whipping up hate or hanging from Donald Trump’s arse-hairs should that thing get elected in November.

So our Nige went to congratulate James and it seems he’s, well, a bit like creepy. Probably the smell of fags, booze and stale sweat. I imagine Farage sweats buckets even when it’s freezing.


Then there’s this…


Which is reminding people online of this image from Alien 3.


Personally that’s a bit harsh on the Alien. I mean it might be a brutal killing machine but at least it’s not a liar and a racist like Nigel Farage!

Why hasn’t one leader of the Brexit campaign condemned the rise in racist attacks?

Well? Why hasn’t Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith, Gisela Stuart, Michael Gove, Kate Hoey, Chris Grayling, Liam Fox or any of the leading Brexit voices we couldn’t scrape off our TV screens with a shitty stick for months now so coy about condemning incidents like this?

Oh that’s right, they’re either hiding, scrapping for the Tory leadership or standing up in the European Parliament making sure that bridges are well and truly burned between the UK and the EU.

Yet here we are on Tuesday only a few days after the Brexit vote and everything is falling apart. The Tories are in chaos with Boris Johnson now waiting to be elected by his party leader, and Prime Minister, and oh, all you people thinking they’ll be a general election after can forget it. Johnson isn’t going to call one, neither probably will any new PM. So Corbyn isn’t going to march into Number 10. Assuming he survives the week as right now there’s a stand off between Blairites who are worried that Labour are doomed in their former Northern English heartland so are shitting themselves about their formerly safe seats and Corbynites who seem to think the entire Labour Party lives online or in London.

Just when there’s a strong Westminster opposition needed we don’t have one. Our entire London based political class, not to mention the media, is falling apart and in swans Boris Johnson, himself a part of that class, to reshape reality in his image with Nigel Farage as his Puck causing carnage. Things are so huge in their implications that nobody can take them into account, but there are those gaining out of this and that man especially is Nigel Farage. It is as Naomi Klein would say, Shock and Awe.

Things are huge, so lets be clear on several things. Nigel Farage is a racist. Nigel Farage is borderline fascistic in his views. He’s an opportunist. He’s the very worst of British/English nationalism made flesh. I hold him personally accountable for things like this German woman who called into James O’Brien’s LBC show.

Think about the situation. This is a woman in her elder years living in a comfy middle class area whose husband has died so she’s been living with her neighbours probably quietly for years, and in four days she’s having dogshit stuck through her letter box and being told to ‘go home’. This is insane, yet here’s what Farage has done. He’s empowered people. That phrase, ‘I want my country back’ meant one thing to people, this is our chance to get rid of immigrants. Years and years of anti-immigrant rhetoric built up, so this woman had people who were nice to her face now they fucking hate her because of where she was born. Let that sink in. They’ve hated her for years but now feel vindicated to hate her. They won. They got their country back.They now think millions of people stand behind them so they’re now allowed to express their hate.

And it’s getting closer to home. I’ve heard cases of people having dogshit posted through their door (what is it with racists and dogshit?), not to mention an old boy from my local has been pushed into the road in front of traffic and told to ‘go home’. He’s 79 and his mother was Indian. He’s lived here most of his life. This is his home.

As I write this, Nigel Farage is on Channel 4 News. He’s being asked about the racist attacks and the rise of extremism since Thursday’s vote. He’s batting it aside with his usual shite about how people are a bit rude to him. Well, here’s something rude about him, he’s a racist cunt. He’s also a smart bastard because in all this chaos he’s sitting there waiting for his chance because we’re in this state because David Cameron shat himself about losing his job and losing votes to UKIP. UKIP are gaining support in the North of England because an increasingly Londoncentric Labour Party (I heard Yvette Cooper talk about ‘the northern coalfields today as if it’s still the 70’s, and Corbyn probably gets a nosebleed if he passes Welwyn Garden City) forgot to respect, listen to or speak to their former heartlands. Farage knows he now has a substantial protest vote behind him and with both big Westminster parties in a mess who do we all think may benefit in the near future?

We stand at a dangerous crossroads. Farage has taken people’s real anger at the political class and used it for his own gain. He’s someone clearly and obviously uncaring about racist attacks otherwise he’d have reassured people when these reports started coming in on Friday morning but he was busy having meetings with Rupert Murdoch.

Any attempts to engage these people are pointless as the journalist Vonny Moyes found out.


This isn’t going away. This isn’t a bubble of racism like others we’ve seen in the past. This is a core of racists empowered like never before because they think at least 17 million people on these islands think like them.

Nicola Sturgeon said weeks ago this was a far right coup. I like Sturgeon and think she’s a smart cookie, but thought that was daft, well, I’m not laughing now. So when any of the Brexit leaders give a mealy mouthed ‘condemnation’ as Farage has done four days after this started and when the rest say nothing while your friends, neighbours and family are racially abused there’s only one group responsible and one man especially owns this racist violence and that’s Nigel Farage.

A few words about Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, was on Robert Peston’s programme this morning where he said he was a ‘victim of hatred’ because he’s challenging the establishment.. He also suggested that the death of MP Jo Cox would hold back the Remain camp in the EU Referendum.

Now forget about the bile rising in your throat a minute as you see a figure who has caused so much division say this while making the death of Cox out to be a benefit (because that’s what he’s doing) to his side in this referendum that seems to find new depths to sink to on a daily basis.This is Farage doing his usual shtick Everyone’s a liar, the other side are cheats, use you gut, think from the heart, make Britain GREAT again while speaking in a low sotto voice to impart a sense of gravitas in something that has the gravitas of a night out at your local Wetherspoons.

On Thursday Farage unveiled his latest attack poster.


There’s no defending that as part of a sensible debate on immigration. It’s given up even trying to have that debate because Farage has never, ever been interested in that. Instead we get this sub-BNP rhetoric that ’50 million Turks will come to the UK and they’ll bring their criminals’. It’s dehumanising. It’s abhorrent yet it plays on desperate people’s fears as well as people like the person that killed Jo Cox. It creates a level of debate where because you’re not dialling it back you can only accelerate it which is what Farage seems to want to do.

Yet Farage benefits from immigration. His wife is German. His children grow up sharing her culture but here’s Farage wanting to close off the shared European culture we’ve enjoyed for decades for the majority. Now I know the Leave campaign has said they won’t extradite EU immigrants living here, but they’ve also made it clear any new immigrants would have to jump through hoops, and anyhow, those from the EU living here have been disenfranchised, dismissed, and generally hated upon by a large section of the Leave campaign which is looking to drive down wages further by not drawing in labour from the EU, but the Commonwealth.

See, if you think pulling out the EU is going to make the UK a dream where everyone works and it’s houses for all think again. The EU immigrants living here pay taxes, contribute socially, financially and culturally, and yes, some claim benefits. They’re also here within the framework of the EU, so we share universal human rights, benefits, etc. Remove us from the EU and that shared culture, economy and social life goes as many EU immigrants living here feel fearful and scared of what the UK (or what’s left of it) is going to become. Once you start drawing labour from the Commonwealth, and lets be honest here, there’s many in the Brexit campaign who are looking to draw labour from Commonwealth countries who are still basically Third World countries. Cheaper labour, less human rights, alienated and scared immigrants working within the Sports Direct/Uber model, ‘British rights for British people’, greater intolerance. There’s the vision of the future Farage is really selling you, not of a Britain leaving the EU and going back in time to pick up where it left off in Farage’s mythical past.

Farage is a bigot, a racist and a hateful figure. Yes, he’s the subject of hate because he generates so much division, hatred and spite against not immigrants or refugees, but people. The same people we share our lives with, talk to, work with, sleep with, marry, have families with. That’s who Farage is spouting his daily three minute hate against and by ignoring the source of the hate that’s blossomed from Farage and his ilk, the media make it abstract, they hide the cause of the bile, hatred, spite and violence people face every single day thanks to Farage. Even worse, treating Farage as a ‘celebrity’ normalises that hate as after all, he can’t be a racist hatemonger if he’s on funny  programmes can he?

Now, I’m not saying every Brexiter is a racist but every racist will vote Brexit because that’s an inane sixth form piece of bullshit that also avoids dealing with the truth that there’s going to be racists and bigots voting to stay. There are people on both sides with very good sensible democratic reasons to do what they’re going to do.What I’m saying is that Farage is a racist, a bigot and a dangerous man who stands on the brink of having everything he’s fought for in his life validated. Whether he has a position in a post-Brexit government is another matter, but he’ll be empowered like never before and whatever happens post Brexit, he will be a force unless we make a choice to reject him on Thursday. Other Brexit campaigners like Michael Gove, a man I have no time for normally, are at least attempting to moderate their rhetoric and I applaud him for that. Farage doesn’t give a flying fuck.

Making a decision like this, based on the debate (and I use that term loosely) we’ve had isn’t going to make the UK a more progressive place. It gives power to the likes of Nigel Farage. It endorses his argument. It makes hate win. Look at Farage and think if you want to wake up on Friday with him having won and then think if you’re willing to live with the consequences of that?

The racist Brexit campaign exposed

The American comedian Jon Stewart once said that you should only call people acting like Nazis, Nazis. That it isn’t a word to throw around lightly and I agree, it isn’t which is why I never do it unless it is to point out that someone is being a a Nazi. After today, I think Nigel Farage is a fascist, a racist and with seriously Nazi tendencies. now, I always thought he was a racist, but I put him down as an opportunist. A sort of beige middle class English authoritatianism happy with imposing their ideas upon others or else, a form of fascism as it were, but not a Nazi.

Then today, he stands in front of this poster.


As many have pointed out, this resembles Nazi propaganda so much, it could be lifted directly from what they did. I also don’t think as some have suggested, that this is an accident. UKIP know what they’re trying to do and say here and that’s to degrade immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees to less than human, almost like cattle to be shunted around and denigrated. Less than human. Once you’ve made them ‘lesser’ than us, it’s easier to treat them badly. It’s designed to whip up hate and fear and who knows where this may lead?

Yet, this afternoon we might have an idea. Labour MP Jo Cox has been shot in her constituency. Details are understandably patchy but it appears she was shot three times and possibly stabbed and is in a critical condition in hospital but coming out are reports the attacker cried out ”Britain First‘ as he attacked her. At the minute there’s just a long distance picture of the suspect and all campaigning in the EU Referendum has been suspended for the rest of the day. Britain First are desperately trying to ensure nothing ends up back at them, but their bullying, thuggish behaviour has consequences

It’s hard to imagine the mentality of the 52 year old suspect but if this was a far-right terrorist attack, then it’ll be hard not to imagine that the rhetoric of the likes of Farage and various psychopaths on social media didn’t in some way contribute to this. If it is then this changes utterly everything.

In the meantime, I hope Jo Cox pulls out of this. She’s one of the few decent Labour MP’s on their benches, but in the meantime its time to make a stand against the fascist rhetoric of Nigel Farage. I’m tired of letting him, or his cringing apologists have the last word, or attempt to get a moral high ground. As of now, call him and those like him what they are, xenophobic, racist and very probably harbouring tendencies a Nazi would be proud of.


Jo Cox is dead due to her injuries. Murdered it seems by a racist terrorist. From now on I want Farage to be treated less like a jolly English eccentric but what he is; a racist demagogue that with groups like Britain First, encourages.

The fallout from this is enormous. Before that though all sympathies go to the family and friends of Jo Cox.

The EU referendum campaign starts today

Today sees the official start of the EU referendum campaign even though it’s been spluttering on for a few months now. For UKIP and the hard/far right of the Tory Party this is what they’ve dreamed of for years, decades even, yet the fact is there’s not a single sensible informed vision of a post EU United Kingdom (or whatever is going to be left of it as both Scotland and Northern Ireland may head down different routes) to be had.

Instead we’re told to trust the likes of Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson.  So in the next couple of months remember, we can stay and deal with the many flaws of the EU while still enjoying the benefits from it, or go into I’m not quite sure what exactly. So remember the main reasons to remain..


If you trust this lot then vote to leave. Just don’t complain when you lose your right to holidays or you can’t get a visa to go to Spain….


How to hack an election

There’s a fantastic piece on Bloomberg about Andrés Sepúlveda, who is going to be utterly unknown to 99.9% of people because what Sepúlveda did was to use his computing skills to help rig elections in Mexico. The way he did so is a fascinating read, as well as being utterly terrifying in that anyone can do what Sepúlveda did if they’ve got the ability and the equipment.and there’s one part of this great article that should get the hairs prickling on the back of people’s necks here in the UK.

As for Sepúlveda, his insight was to understand that voters trusted what they thought were spontaneous expressions of real people on social media more than they did experts on television and in newspapers. He knew that accounts could be faked and social media trends fabricated, all relatively cheaply. He wrote a software program, now called Social Media Predator, to manage and direct a virtual army of fake Twitter accounts. The software let him quickly change names, profile pictures, and biographies to fit any need. Eventually, he discovered, he could manipulate the public debate as easily as moving pieces on a chessboard—or, as he puts it, “When I realized that people believe what the Internet says more than reality, I discovered that I had the power to make people believe almost anything.”

Anyone with experience of the Scottish independence referendum campaign with the horde of Better Together Twitter accounts that sounded the same, or have delved into the quagmire of UKIP/Britain First or the far right will recognise the scourge of the fake Twitter account. Of course there’s genuine people out there, but there’s also a number of obviously fake accounts any activist or protester has to deal with. It means you develop a bit of paranoia when dealing with political activism be it on social media on on message forums.

The fact is it’s getting harder to spot some of the online dark arts political parties and powerful groups engineer, and this isn’t the sort of thing you generally consider grassroots activists doing as this takes not just expertise, but serious money and resources.

So the lesson is, trust no one.


Whatever you do today just vote!

Today is election day in the UK general election after what seems like a campaign that has went on for decades. There’s a brutal choice in front of people: do they vote for one of the Tory parties (Conservative, UKIP, Lib Dems) or do they vote Labour, or for one of the more progressive anti-austerity parties (SNP, Plaid Cymru, Greens) that will support a minority Labour government to hopefully pull them from their current centre right pro-austerity position.

It’s a choice you have to make but what ever you decide just vote. Polling Places are open so go do the one thing the establishment is terrified (and David Cameron is clearly scared of the possible result) of which is the people using their democratic right. Even if you stand there in the polling booth and spoil your paper, just use your right that people fought so hard for.

Especially this year. There’s a real potential for change be you left or right so there’s hours left to vote. Don’t put it off and hopefully we get the right result in the morning…