Memoirs Of An Occasional Superheroine

I’m busy with a lot of stuff at the minute, and I really, really will get a blog out about last weekend’s Bristol Comics Expo out in the next few days, plus there’s another Glastonbury blog (I’m up to the year 2005) waiting to be finished.

I have however been distracted by work, the horrors of real life and readingĀ Valerie D’Orazio’s extraordinary book about her life and her time working at DC Comics.Memoirs Of An Occasional Superheroine is a painfully honest, painful and amazing read. It’s often hard to read as she recounts her abuse from her father and at school, but it’s when she delves into the world of comics that it hits it’s stride.

It’s a highly recommended read for anyone interested in comics, not to mention how women are seen in the mainstream superhero circle which dominates American comics. The book is available for free download at D’Orazio’s site here and I suggest taking an evening out to read this book as it’s wonderful.