Orange Crush

Today in Glasgow saw the Orange Order walk the streets like it was 1717 not 2017 like some reminder of a historical cancer that took the form of bloated archaic attitudes made puffy, angry, bitter flesh. From an early age there were two things that guaranteed my bowels to tremble in fear; one was the John Williams theme to Jaws, and the second was the sound of some paunchy, balding playing a tin whistle while his comrades sing of ‘bathing in Fenian blood’.

Think that’s of the past? That that because in 2017 Glasgow is a progressive, enlightened city? Well, it is and a vastly different city to what it was in 1988 when I left to the one I returned to in 2016, but when I said ‘cancer’ I meant it. This form of Unionism sits like a tumour strangling your jugular vein and I have experience of just how that actually feels, and the only way to get rid of it is taking action to remove it and reject it as the harmful thing it is.

Does this seem normal in the 21st century?

I love being back in Glasgow. Once fitter and more established I can rebuild a life, but this hangs like a smell over the summer months, and although I hope the new SNP city council are less compliant than the previous Labour one (and Labour in Scotland are as infected by this hate group as the Tories are, and I find it extraordinarily hypocritical of Jeremy Corbyn to let this continue in his party) I can’t see these marches die out totally unless we as a city make clear we reject this.

It’s 2017 in Scotland’s largest city and people live in fear of racist, sectarian bigots who have roots in the Scottish establishment and who cling onto an identity that reflects the past, not the present or future. Irvine Welsh hit the nail on the head in this clip from Trainspotting 2.

So there you have it. Darkness is falling over Glasgow and pubs across the city will be full of Orange Order types pissed out their faces before they return home to take their anger and bitterness out on their families, but hey, it’s ‘their culture’ so our media and politicians brush this under the carpet because confronting the truth is the first step in trying to change things, and too many people don’t want to change things. Let’s try to make this the last summer where the Orange Order walk as they have done for too long…

Theresa May fights the War on Easter

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has taken her time out of her busy trip selling arms to Saudi Arabia to comment on the frankly astonishing story that the National Trust have axed the word ”Easter” from their annual egg hunt. Disgraceful you may say. ”Islamisation” you may drool. It’d certainly at least be odd.

If it was real of course. It isn’t.



On Cadbury’s website the word ‘Easter’ is everywhere. The campaign people are being offended by is just part of a larger campaign and anyone spending more than a second looking into this would find this out.

Now Theresa May could have said ‘no comment’. She could have laughed it off. She could have said ”I’ll look into it” and find out the truth. No, she said;

“I’m not just a vicar’s daughter, I’m a member of the National Trust as well,” she told ITV during a visit to Amman, Jordan. “I think the stance they have taken is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know what they are thinking about frankly.”

This is the Prime Minister getting outraged about a non-story in a country where human rights abuse are insanely numerous. This frankly is insane. She’s in a country where if you tried to celebrate Easter you’d be imprisoned or worse and she’s jumped blindly onto a argument generated by far right commentators who’d get offended at anything.

Consider this; if May jumps blindly into this fairly trivial piece of bullshit, imagine what else she blindly jumps into without thinking?

The Sheer Idiocy of the EDL

It’s a bank holiday weekend. The sun is out. So it’s time for the EDL to combat Muslamic Terror by marching through the streets of Newcastle in balaclavas scaring people which is of course how murder victim Lee Rigby would love to have his name to be associated with after his death. Thankfully a counter-demo scared the brave EDL off the streets and ended up hiding behind the police.

Last night here in Bristol an EDL march was planned to go from the outskirts of the city into the city centre as there’s a number of big events in the city this weekend and what better way to protest against the pointless murder of a soldier than trying to kick off riots in his name? Thankfully they got as far as a Wetherspoons pub which they smashed up before being nicked for criminal damage.

There’s also a number of people, including UKIP members distributing this piece of fascist filth as an idea to solve the Muslim ”problem”. We’re also back to the idea that it’s all Muslims fault for letting these people be radicalised and commit a brutal murder as Tory and Labour politicians try to outwanker each other.

There’s also no mention by the EDL of the women who sat with Rigby as he died, or confronted the murderers but seeing as one is mixed-race and unemployed that doesn’t fit a lot of the media’s narrative either, so that’s why that and the fact thousands of Muslims have been praying for peace aren’t featuring in the narrative because that makes things a bit too complex.

I’m sure Lee Rigby’s family don’t want his name used by the EDL in order to commit acts of violence and racism against people and property. I’m sure they’d rather be left in peace to deal with the trauma they’ve suffered and take whatever genuine help they’ve been offered rather than the support of a group of people who represent nothing good about the people they proclaim to protect.

The fact you hear so many EDL members chanting ‘no surrender’ gives the game away as to what many of these people are are, and we have to stand up to the thuggery, the violence and most of all the sheer stupidity of the EDL and what they stand for.


Taking aside the comedy value of that screenshot (and here’s the Facebook page of the joker in question), don’t let the ‘freedom of speech’ argument put you off standing up to them. They don’t believe in freedom of speech as they only want it running one way. So the more you push and prod the EDL, not to mention any bigot spouting shite, the more you’ll push them back. You might even get some to see sense. Hopefully.

And lastly, whoever did this is a bloody genius. If it actually was real then the EDL are thicker than I thought.