Scottish independence is coming, slowly…

For a while now supporters of Scottish independence have been a tad frustrated with the lack of any progress during the increasingly chaotic, not to mention insane, period that is Brexit and all the frothingly mad xenophobic English/British nationalism which comes with it.

Well at last there’s some movement with Nicola Sturgeon making it clear the mandate her party & the Scottish Parliament has for a second referendum will be used in the lifetime of this parliament, so by 2021. For some that’s waaaay too vague a timeline, but for a vote to be held we need to know what the status quo of the UK is. Right now that’s a choice between a deeply racist and xenophobic Brexit favouring disaster capitalists favoured by the likes of Rees-Mogg and Farage, not to mention Theresa May and most Tories, or a slightly less racist but still xenophobic Brexit favoured by disaster socialists like Jeremy Corbyn or George Galloway. Both offer Scotland nothing, and both involve closing Scotland off from Europe and the planet as both plans are structured round accepting the referendum result, racism and all, rather than fighting against what was only an advisory referendum.

There’s a lot which also needs to happen. Neither a Tory or Labour government are going to grant a Section 30 order (essentially transferring power to Holyrood making the referendum legal and binding) easily if at all, and the full force of the British establishment will rain down upon Scotland as it did in 2014. But make no mistake, win this and Scotland can make all its own successes and failures without clinging onto the coattails of the British state. Lose it, and Scotland faces a generation at least denied any sort of respite because it’ll be punished and asset stripped to pay for the failed promises of Brexit and for being pro-EU/immigrant. We can argue about what type of independent nation we can be once we win the ability to make that decision, plus we’ve also got to remember we’re not in a fair fight so some on the harder left of the movement need to realise this.

So sign the official petition. Show support. Vote for pro-indy parties in the EU elections, so that’s the SNP, Greens and SSP. All others are a vote for the British establishment & (barring the Lib Dems to be fair) are a vote for a party strongly supporting Brexit.

Good luck. We’re all going to need it but at the end of this we could be getting something special indeed…


RIP Billy McNeill

Celtic and Scotland legend Billy McNeill sadly has passed away. It wasn’t a shock as he’d been ill for some time but this absolute giant of a man will be best remembered not just to be the first Scottish and British player to get his hands on the European Cup, but for being one of the very best players Scotland ever will produce.

I’m a Partick Thistle supporter but to not admire the man and there’s fans of many a Scottish club, Rangers included, who think the same. A giant who’ll be missed.

We need a Pike era Star Trek series

One of the best things about the vastly improved second season of Star Trek: Discovery has been the addition of the pre original series Enterprise crew of Captain Pike, Number One and a youthful Mr Spock. It’s helped transition the series into feeling more like Star Trek, and has also done some interesting stuff with a character who barring the original pilot episode and the 2009 film is pretty much a blank slate.

The final episode of Discovery can be seen to act in several ways. One is to give a complete reboot of the series, remove it from existing canon (keeping the uber-fanboys happy) and throwing it a millennium forward in the series timeline opening up a whole new set of possibilities. It also tidied up a few things regards the aforementioned canon and wrapped things up in a bow.

The other thing done is to have much of the last episode effectively act as a soft pilot for a Pike era Enterprise series. Anson Mount has been superb as Pike and this would make the logical prequel as the series builds up to the arrival of Kirk as captain and everything we know now.

In fact I think its impossible to look at the scene below and not think this is the plan.

But TV producers are fickle things so we’re as likely not to get this as we are to get it however it strikes me as missing a trick as fan reaction is overwhelmingly positive to the point where all the creepy wee MRA types  complaining have been shut up.

So, CBS, you have the power. You know it makes sense and it’d be fucking ace! Make it so!

A long Good Friday

It is Easter weekend and for the first time in several decades I’m working. for little point and I’m now seeing triple as I’ve been busy more often than doing nothing of I feel a bit like this…

So, junk food, Easter Eggs and Star Trek will reset things as I finally grab some time off to recharge.

Sky News are wankers, again.

Adam Boulton is one of the ‘stars’ of Sky News. He’s also incredibly pompous and just a bit less anger-inducing than Kay Burley. This is not praise. More of him in a bit.

The Extinction Rebellion are a direct action Green group  protesting climate change by doing so when Westminster is on holiday, people with money and time are on holiday and in fact, most people are on holiday or winding down for Easter so instead of making an important point what’s happening is poor wankers having to grind out a living are inconvenienced therefore failing to win over people who’d benefit the most from a radical restructuring of the economic system. In effect these are a return of the well meaning, but mainly useless, middle class Greens of the early 90’s. More on them in a bit.

So today there were protests in London and Adam Boulton, every the man to tackle the issues of the day, interviewed Robin Boardman, a spokesman for the Extinction Rebellion. The result was Boulton unleashing his full entitled pompousness as he did more for the cause of fighting climate change than protesting outside an empty parliament ever could.

Boulton really isn’t at this point a ‘journalist’, not that he ever was, but instead he’s an unsold pile of Daily Mail’s at a W.H Smith made flesh. Aye, the lad Boardman is the sort of comfortable middle class protester a group like this would throw out to speak for them, but by the end of the interview I found myself on his side even though I find him part of that annoying middle class protester type which rubs me the wrong way.

Boulton is an arse. A dinosaur. But he’s a prime example of just how fucked the British media landscape is that instead of sitting most afternoons in a Wetherspoons nursing a £1.50 pint of farty ale and smelling of someone else’s piss, he’s presenting a prime news programme.

And you folk outwith the UK wonder why Brexit won?

Giant Monsters Attack!

There’s a new Godzilla film next month. Fuck your Star Wars. Fuck your Avengers. Fuck your Harry Potter-esque Young Adult bollocks. I want giant monsters twatting the fuckity out of everything for over two hours.

But for many this isn’t an instant hit with folk, but perhaps some history would help. Here’s a nice wee documentary from the 90’s going into the Golden Age of giant monsters. Watch, enjoy and then learn to love the monster.


A few words for traders at Comic Cons

For the past few weekends my vision in front of me has been something like this.

From the front it looks something like this.

It’s old skool comic convention tables. Back issues and new stuff. No Funko Pop’s, no merchandise, no bubble tea. Just comics because even though I’ve been reading comics for five decades, and in and out of the industry for four of those and I have had days when I’ve had, or not wanted anything to do with the industry I’ll tell you a wee secret.

I fucking love comics. Not just for the characters but the entire medium and I love selling them. It isn’t easy. You need to know your stock, plus you’ve got to know what people want to buy as after all if you’re still dragging around a Thunderbolts section that nobody has asked about in years then you’re not just wasting limited space, but you’re putting strain into dead space.

Basically, it isn’t as easy as turning up, throwing open the boxes and sitting back watching the cash flow in. So one of the things I’ve seen a lot of are traders who are sat behind their tables at cons who do nothing to sell their products who then complain to the event organisers they had a terrible show as if to blame them. Yet I’ve seen over the years traders who don’t have great shows because their stock is poor, overpriced or they’re not doing enough to sell it. Here’s a vague example of what I mean. At a show last year I watched a trader spend all day on their phone while people were looking at their stock. No attempt to engage or interact with them meant people walked up interested, but were quickly put off because the trader was too busy on their phone to pull people in.

Another common example is of traders who spend their shows chatting with mates at the expense of potential customers. Worst of all are those traders who are just rude to potential customers, or sometimes you get the perfect storm where traders just so put off customers they don’t attract them.

It takes a lot of time and effort to put together a show. Good show organisers who give you a good few thousand people can’t be blamed for any lack of success however there’s one simple rule in becoming a trader who may end up being successful enough to make this game a full time job but you’ll never do that by sitting on your arse, staring at your phone as people walk by you. Engage people, chat with them. Talk about what they like. Draw them into your stock because you will do shows that are hard, and this is the difference between a bad show, or even an average show, or one that’s good or massively successful. This is a hard industry but it can be fun and of course, rewarding but only if you do a few things to engage people which should make things better for you.