Scotland V England

This Friday Scotland play England in the delayed Euro 2020 and if you watch ITV or BBC you’d get the impression that the only team people want to know about is the English team. IN fact even when other teams are playing at some point, England will be brought up and that fucking Gazza goal in Euro 96, but let’s remember the summer of 1977 and when an English goalkeeper was made to look stupid by a Scotland player.

England vs Scotland: Our favourite classic moments ahead of clash | England  football team, England football, Kenny dalglish

Now that should be shown every five minutes…

Come buy comics from me at the Rutherglen comic con

Next up in the new socially distanced world of comic conventions is Rutherglen, this Saturday the 19th at 10am, finishing at 4pm in the Rutherglen Exchange Shopping Centre.


After the last show I’ve decided a more trimmed down display works just as well as dragging 30 boxes around for a one-day show, plus the trimmed down display made me as much money for a small show. Just got to get the right stuff, so come along this Saturday and see just what I’ve got in store for you…

The fragility of life

Yesterday the Danish midfielder Christian Erikson passed out on the pitch during a game against Finland in the delayed Euro 2020 tournament. The official broadcast carried on showing live pictures of Erikson getting CPR not to mention concerned players in tears not to mention his girlfriend and there was no need to broadcast that but it was and it distressed thousands of people with their own mortality suddenly in the middle of a football game. Not the sort of thing one needs after the last 17 months however the positive to take from it was that it does remind us to make what we can of something we only get one chance at.

Unless you’re a Buddist. But that’s cheating.

As for Erikson he’s thankfully stable in hospital but there was one moment to life the soul afterwards which was this.

There’s an Evil Dead game coming out

I love the Evil Dead films and TV series. I even think the reboot from a few years back was pretty good. The first film played in cinemas in Glasgow almost continously throughout my teenage years and was my second 18 rated film I saw after John Carpenter’s The Thing. So anything that brings back the fun of the films is something I leap on like a starving man which is why news of a new video game makes me drool.

Previous games have been ok to fine, but this one looks like it could either be a fairly average gorefest or enormous fun, with me hoping obviously for the latter. Here’s the trailer for it, enjoy.

Scotland’s Euro 2020 campaign

It’s the delayed Euros and Glasgow is shaping up with the fanzone in George Square and the impending sense of doom as Scotland face our first tournament in 23 years (for the men, the women qualified a few years back) with some sense of optomism. Of course most people are prepared for things to fuck up because that would be the most Scottish thing our mens team can do.

But let us revel in this pre-tournament phase of joy and enjoy the fun of this before the usual glorious failure of a Scotland campaign…

Comic cons are back, sort of…

Last weekend I set up shop in sunny Cambuslang for the first comic con/mart since Feburary 2020, and in this case it was in the socially distanced spaces of the shopping centre which from my view over the weekend is set in 1985.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much though I had a minium amount I needed to take to make it worthwhile, and I couldn’t take watching mates hump 20 odd boxes up and down stairs so I trimmed down stock to a minimal amount (eight boxes and a couple of back ups) for the weekend.

Lo and behold things were busy, surprisingly so for what was a small town show, not to mention most of Scotland is in Level 2 Covid restrictions which meant a lot of people will still be inside, however the weather was splendid and people did turn out. One of the things I was worried about was how Covid had affected the market and in this outing, it seems that collectors are coming out of lockdown looking to spend money so I was selling some insane stuff, including stuff I’ve lugged around for years. The Sunday was excellent and that’s the worst day normally.

But the event was more about breaking myself back into the world not to mention learning how to stand again without feeling like jelly. Today I feel like I’ve been beaten up but in a good way.

So one down, Rutherglen is next up…

When comic book speculators get scammed…

I have an odd relationship with speculators in that I don’t mind them buying my stuff, but I do have issues with the larger speculators who are inflating a bubble so alike the 90s one that when it bursts will be the first ones crying they have tens of thousands of comics, many slabbed, worth vastly less than what they paid for them.

Take as an example Comictom on Youtube. In the video below be details how he was scammed because he was buying a slabbed copy of Wolverine #1 from 1988 for $1000. This is a book which sells for 40-50 quid. He says he paid this money to stop himself missing out when the boom hits (which I’ve done, and indeed, still do) but I don’t inflate the market by spending so much over the odds.

I should feel sorry for him but I can’t. This sort of rampant stupidity sees comics priced out of the range of the average collector and takes an artform meant to be read into just another rich person’s way to ‘invest’ their money by inflating the market. This means for most new collectors the idea of owning a decent run of silver let alone bronze age is next to nothing which means the actual next generation of fans could be put off the medium because it costs too fucking much just to buy what used to be average or low value comics.

We have a responsiblity to ensure the hobby and the medium continues and it won’t if people are daft enough to pay a grand for a comic worth 50 quid!

How low can Anti-Vaxxers stoop?


What sort of brainwashed arsehole so loses their moral centre that they think that restrictions during a pandemic which has killed nearly 130k people and left tens of thousands more suffering from the effects of Long Covid (which we have no idea will ever clear up) is the same as Jews being systematically slaughtered by the Nazis? What sort of utter cunt sits there going ‘hmmm, I need to wear a mask in a shop so that must be the same as being shot in the back of the head or turned into ashes in an industrial death camp?”.

Fuck Amazon for selling this, and fuck the anti-vaxxers who have helped prolong this lockdown with their demonstrations, and what sort of idiot protests in London when most things in London are actually opened up now as restrictions are easing there? Ripping off masks of people working in shops as well? I mean, this is scum level antics and looking at the sort of tin-hatted loonies involved it shouldn’t be a shock that a movement where David Icke and Piers Corbyn are two self-appointed leading voices are attracting these sort of people.

So fuck them, and fuck Amazon.

Wading through the comics market post Covid

As we slowly unravel after Covid it’s time to assess exactly how the comic market has changed in the last 17 or so months, and to say things have changed is a tad of an understatement. Comics which were barely worth 50p in February 2020 are now pulling in 50 quid plus on Ebay. Then there’s comics worth a few quid then now hitting 100-150 quid, so the story is the pandemic might not have killed off the back issue market though take also into account the work of speculators inflating the market artificially on the search for the perfect ‘key 9.8’.

Anyhow I’ve got a week or so to get my stuff together so this could end up being a lot more fun than expected…

How not to do a Glastonbury Festival livestream

May be an image of text

Thousands upon thousands of people sat down last night to enjoy a wee bit of Glastonbury Festival with a webcast featuring some major acts. This sort of thing has become common during the pandemic with various acts using livestreams as a way to reach out to fans and raise some sort of revenue at a time when there’s been no live concerts since March 2020. As there’s yet another year without a festival this livecast was a replacement.

And it was a complete technical disaster. People were unable to log in with the code give, so much so that 40 minutes into the broadcast people were complaining on social media and seeing as people had organised special nights only to be treated with error messages, so in this respect it did return the Glastonbury experience of trying to buy a ticket. It was a mess which ended up with a free link being given out so people watched it for free having thrown 20 quid down the toilet.

It shouldn’t be like this but mix Glastonbury and anything related to the internet and it fucks up. I’m so glad we don’t have to worry about tickets til April 2022, but nearly a quarter a way into the 21st century it strikes me still the entire festival would be better off selling tickets through ticket shops. As for webcasts maybe next time make sure the system can actually work instead of hoping it will when tens of thousands log on at the same time.