A postscript about Glasgow’s comic shops

I’ve blogged about Glasgow’s comic shops in the 1980’s and the subsequent messy situation in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, and it’s a subject that people seem to like reading about which is why I’m working on something else soon about the subject. However this is to point out some sad news that Plan B comics is closing down.


It’s an end of an era to use that much abused cliche, but there’s been a comic shop on Parnie Street since AKA Books and Comics moved there in the 1990’s so this ends that run. Although I don’t know the exact reasons for the shop closing it’s clear that there won’t just be one reason for the shop closing so you can blame the recession, Comixology, Ebay, Forbidden Planet and any number of reasons but it’s probably a mix of all the above, not to mention Parnie Street is a central location, but a wee bit off the beaten path so you need to make the effort to go there.

There is a hint that it’ll return, but Glasgow already has a load of shops, and as mentioned, the ways to get comics now are many so it’s a tight market in cities like Glasgow. ¬†Hopefully it returns in some shape and form in the future.


2 thoughts on “A postscript about Glasgow’s comic shops

  1. i remember going to all the Comic shops in the late 90s early 2000s their was laods of them and all the owners knew each other and got to know you too also used to love visiting Scotsman models too getting the Beanie babies and collectors Barbie dolls also Decorcys arcade and old Auther and Big Neil at Future shock id call them up have a chat on the phone asking them to get thins in for me then going up to get them and spending nearly all day chatting to them but in time i moved on found Ebay and abandoned my old friends and their little shops even Forbidden planet and now i heard that Neil from Future shock died that was a shock as i have found memories of him lovely big guy but i hate saying this but i think in time even A1 and Forbidden planet will close their doors and trade on line and a lot of people prefare to shop from the comfort of their home to treak out in all weathers to go to the shop which is sad as you cant stand and chat to the sellers and see the goods and handle them but i think all the comic shops are in their last days


  2. Comic shops need to mutate and adjust. They’ll survive but they need to start bringing in new ideas. Page 45 in Nottingham or Gosh in London have been around for years because they’re different.

    FP is the Tesco’s of comic shops. They’ll go on but the days of the wee dingy shop run by sweaty old men is over.


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