Independence Day: My first day doing stuff myself after my stroke

Today was an immense day for me. Just over two weeks ago I suffered a minor stroke that the NHS has been amazing in helping me recover from. I managed today to get back to work for a bit, albeit only a half day initially for the days I’m in, and not just that, I managed to get myself round the Co-Op to get some shopping in for myself.

I never dropped my old man’s stick, and only nearly fell over once getting off a bus. Still working on that. Still, the recovery continues and today was my real independence day.

Tomorrow I’ve got my last session with the occupational therapist, then I’ve got some stuff to do in the city centre which promises to be fun if I can manage it, but every day I’m getting stronger. I’m also starting to have clothes not fit me anymore so the worst thing that nearly happened today was my trousers nearly fell down….

So, things are going well. This world isn’t shot of me yet!

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