What are the Scottish Family Party?

So I’m off work due to having a lengthy appointment at the doctor which means sitting around waiting rooms watching the telly which was showing Victoria Derbyshire’s morning news magazine programme. On it was an item about Scotland banning smacking children, and is often the case on news programmes they had someone to present an ‘opposing view’ which in this case is defending the right to commit violence upon children.The person presenting this point of view was Richard Lucas, the leader of the Scottish Family Party.

The Scottish Family Party stand against the Named Person scheme, and their opinions on LGBTI issues are well, prehistoric.

From high schools onward, open discussion should be facilitated about the correlations between homosexual relationships and physical and mental health problems, and relational instability. Young people should be aware of these facts, to help them make informed decisions.

And from their ”defending freedom’ policies.

The SFP fully supports measures to help disabled people, and commends the government for progress in the regard. However, we do not believe that the social model of disability is truthful or helpful. Some of the challenges that disabled people face do stem from their disability, and blaming “society” in every case is clearly misguided.

From the same page there’s a few lines that give away what this lot are.

Those who believe that changing sex is impossible and that changing gender is not the best way to respond to gender dysphoria should be free to articulate these beliefs.

The views that Same Sex Marriage is invalid and that homosexual sexual activity is immoral should be respected and those holding them should be free to express them and act on them without fear of discrimination.

In careers and businesses where matters of conscience arise, reasonable accommodation should one-sided where possible. The aim should be tolerance and understanding, not a desire to teach heretics a lesson.

Freedom of association should be protected. There is nothing wrong with, for example, golf clubs for men or societies for people with similar beliefs.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what demographic the SFP are fighting to protect as they’re the sort of people who go marching every summer and its leader defends jokes about Jo Cox while cheering on hard to far right politicians like Jacob Rees Mogg.

As you’d expect from a pro-life, anti-immigrant/feminist group (because that’s what the SFP is) there’s no facts to actually back any of their positions up. Instead there’s this bullshit about ‘tradition’ and ignoring hard facts in favour of their agenda, which makes Lucas’s appearance on Victoria Derbyshire’s show deeply problematic as in the actual segment he admits to not caring about studies or facts. Now at that point the piece is over as Lucas has no valid position to take & he’s had his say and their small handful of followers on their Facebook page may lap their nonsense up but they should in any society be a small fringe group of extremists scared by a liberal, progressive Scotland changed from what it was decades ago.

By giving the likes of Lucas an equal platform as people who’ve studied facts, or experts his opinion is given validation rather than the contempt it deserves. Now this isn’t ‘censorship’, this is making sure viewers are 100% aware of who they’re listening to and not just being presented by people as equal because Lucas’s opinion is not one that deserves national UK coverage because to quote Harlan Ellison…

And that, frankly, is the only way broadcasters should deal with people like Lucas rather than giving them platforms to promote violence on children.


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