Comics are for kids

The other day I was chatting with Mike Lake (of Titan and Forbidden Planet fame) about my blogs regarding Neptune Distribution for something that may, or may not happen in the future. In this chat the subject on Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics in the US who played a pivotal part in the great distribution battles in the UK in the mid to late 80’s

Chuck’s one of those people who has, til fairly recently, been under the radar of many a comic fan, and were it not for Morgan Spurlock’s film about the San Diego Comic Convention, the current ‘geek’ generation wouldn’t have a clue who he was even though he’s one of the most important figures in regards creation of the direct market. The direct market now is designed to cater to a core of fans, and far too many shops are designed to make kids especially uncomfortable and considering superhero comics are essentially children’s power fantasies, it is appalling for me to enter a shop that makes it clear it fucking hates having kids in it. It’s also stupid, because these kids are your next generation of potential long term customers who’ll be with you long after this current bubble bursts.

Thanks to the fact all of Google/Facebook/MI6 and the internet as a whole is ripping off your personal data and conversations, the below video popped up on my YouTube recommendations.  Have a look.

Chuck’s been in the industry longer than I’ve been alive and I’ve been in the industry a fair few decades now and if a figure like him can ensure he’s catering for kids, it strikes me that all comics retailers can too because it is the future of the business. Cosplay won’t preserve or advance the comics industry beyond this bubble we’re in, nor will  the medium improve, so without people reading comics we won’t have comic shops so well done to Chuck for putting his money where mouth is and actually doing something.

4 thoughts on “Comics are for kids

  1. What a great bloke and what a fantastic comic shop outlook. I think there are actually more comics there than there used to be in a few of the older UK conventions!


  2. Chuck used to say he wants to have a copy of every single American comic printed. I know at one point he used to even hoover up pence copies to make this stock/collection complete.


  3. Well, there’s a blast from the past. Haven’t chatted to or met Mike for ages. I do hope you weren’t getting a hard time for your making public the Neptune story – or your comic shop wars pieces.
    Apart from that, I’m impressed by the store. It’s so necessary to bring young readers into comics and MHC might just help a little bit. Thanks for drawing my attention to the video.
    I’ll be at the E/B con, and I imagine you’ll be gracing it with your presence. Just don’t expect many real, collectible comics there.

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  4. Actually no, but I’ll drop you an email to go into more detail Steve.

    And Chuck is one of those Great Unsung Heroes of Comics., and yes I’ll be at Edinburgh behind my table selling collectable comics as well as stuff kids can afford…


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