Jon Ronson’s interview with Adam Curtis is essential reading

I consider Jon Ronson one of the finest journalists of the last two decades and Adam Curtis to be our best, and most original documentarians. Reading an interview between the pair then is one of the most fascinating things I’ve read in what has been a great year for current affairs for some good, but mainly awful reasons.

With the recession and austerity now entering it’s seventh year for most of us, reading Curtis and Ronson discuss democracy, and the way our societies have been reshaped, not to mention how debate on all sides of the political spectrum has turned into echo chambers thanks partly to social media and Twitter especially.

With the new Adam Curtis film/documentary, Bitter Lake, due to be available on the BBC’s iPlayer only from the 25th January, this is a taster for that and a reminder that we need voices like Curtis and Ronson in our media as there’s not a lot of intelligent thought in journalism left these days.

1 thought on “Jon Ronson’s interview with Adam Curtis is essential reading

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