Why does Steve Bell hate Scotland and Scots so much?

Today in the Guardian, there was this cartoon from Steve Bell.

Steve Bell's If … 13.11.2014


That’s right. Steve Bell is suggesting Nicola Sturgeon is a Nazi in the last panel, or at least is suggesting the Independence movement/SNP are National Socialists. Now Bell was very firmly against the SNP during the Scottish referendum to a degree where he at times was just borderline prejudiced against Scotland, but that was the Guardian line during the referendum. This isn’t even satire. It’s just pushing a line used by Labour mainly, that the SNP are ‘fascist’ or of the right when in fact, that’s a load of nonsense as anyone who bothered to actually follow the referendum could see. I

Of course Bell is old Labour and this is about attacking the enemy. It’s tribal politics of the old kind splashed out against the new politics growing out of the referendum that many based in the closeted London media are missing out on. Now there are juicy things Bell could go for, like say Jim Murphy of  Labour bringing up their opposition to the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 in order to pander to the Orange Order and Green Brigade.

It’s sad to see a cartoonist I loved resort to calling a party full now of former Labour supporters fed up with a right wing Labour party pretending to be of the left, not to mention supporting the policies of austerity as bunch of Nazis like some spotty onanist trolling internet forums.  Ah well, it’s a shame when your heroes show their true side…

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