Today is the day of the EU Referendum and we need to remember one thing

Apart from the fact you should all vote, remember this…

Tomorrow, the cunts will still be in charge, we’ll be able to decide whether it’s cunts like Cameron and Osborne, or the utterly fucked up prospect of a further right, harder Tory leadership with Nigel Farage licking their arses for a glimpse of power.

One leaves us in the EU and Europe, not ostracised by the planet for being a bunch of closed minded, paranoid, racist arseholes, and the other leaves us totally at the mercy of free-market ideologists. The former at least leaves us a chance of forming an opposing argument as Scotland has shown, the latter leaves us fucked. Either way, tomorrow the cunts will still rule over us, but there’s two futures; one where we can get rid of them, one where it’ll be hard to and the damage done by removing us from the EU will be irreparable.

The latter leaves us totally fucked at the hands of cunts that makes the cunts that are Cameron, Osborne and all the other useless cases at the top of the Tories and Labour look like something from CBeebies. Choose wisely today and vote to Remain to fight the cunts while still being part of an EU and a Europe who we can stand with as opposed to against.

Don’t let the utter cunts win!

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