Joshua Bonehill is in court for the Daily Bale’s attack on the Globe pub

This Friday, the seventh of February, Joshua Bonehill has his day in court to answer charges that he was responsible for the Daily Bale’s malicious attack on the Globe pub in Leicester. Bonehill stated in a Twitter conversation with me that he’s going to plead guilty, because I imagine the police have a cast iron case.


It’s worth checking out the conversations in two of my previous blogs which add more to the whole mess that Bonehill’s created for himself.

The Daily Bale’s attack on the Globe pub in Leicester-An arrest has been made

Joshua Bonehill of the Daily Bale speaks about his arrest

So on Friday in Yeovil in front of Somerset Magistrates Bonehill faces up to six months imprisonment for his attack online on the Globe. Hopefully this is the end of all this but I somehow doubt it.


It’s not just the attack on the Globe that Bonehill’s in court for. He’s also accused of sending malicious comments to UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

8 thoughts on “Joshua Bonehill is in court for the Daily Bale’s attack on the Globe pub

  1. Watch now, he`ll blame you for listening to me ;-)


  2. Judging by the way Joshua is carrying on, I’d say he’s not in the slightest bit worried about that possible prison visit. If anything being exposed has allowed the idiot to now use BALE to massage his ego


  3. I have a feeling that the second charge is in relation to Joshua impersonating me on FB, where he threatened to ‘shoot’ Nigel farage ‘in the head’. I reported this to the police and gave a statement. I’d say looking at the dickheads latest blog post that he has finally completely lost it!


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