Harlan Ellison’s words will guide us in fighting Trump and Brexit

Anyone concerned by Donald Trump’s election, Brexit and the empowering of the alt-right (or neo-Nazis as they’re better known) should take note of the American writer Harlan Ellison.

Yes, we should listen to people who have been abandoned by the political system and neoliberalism, but we don’t tolerate people like Milo Yiannopoulos (who was exposed as an uniformed arsehole by Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News this week) or Nigel Farage’s bigotry, racism and attempts at rabble-rousing or dogwhistle rhetoric. We push them as well as their supporters to give informed opinions or we’re fucked.

Of course the media could have done their job so that far right mouthpieces like Farage, Trump and Yiannopoulos were given the scrutiny they deserved rather than being treated as ”good telly’ or a bit of a joke.Ignore Trump or Farage’s cry for ‘unity’ because what they really want is unquestioning populations letting them do what the hell they want.

So, when a Trump supporter or Brexiter guffs off, ask them what their informed opinion is. These people shift likes the sands but pin them down and pin them down hard to explain themselves and like Yiannopoulos, they’ll sit there exposed. Every little chip in their persona hurts them and if we’re to oppose them we need to hurt them by outlining how uninformed they all are.

6 thoughts on “Harlan Ellison’s words will guide us in fighting Trump and Brexit

  1. LOL, Nazis were socialist, left wingers, you know, slave owners, KKK’ers, Democrats. Please stop with your propaganda, and your hate, and your evilness …

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  2. Hi Ron

    Don’t be a cunt. The Nazis were not socialist. Were you aware of anything you’d know socialists and communists were among the first the Nazis rounded up.

    But you just keep on wanking and fooling yourself Ron. I’m sure you’ll be a good footsoldier.


  3. Lol Harlan Ellison wasn’t some progressive ‘sjw’ shitbird as this wishful thinking so implies. He outright throws out ‘white guilt’ decades ago.

    Do stop desperately trying to use such writers to propagate the usual pathetic impotent ‘omg scary Trump scary Milo’ nonsense. Perhaps you should have an original thought aside from what SNL or the Daily Show tells you.

    Absolute weakness to be so scared, like little children scared of the whatever boogyman can be rummaged up.


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